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An awesome guy that does awesome things with awesome people. A brony, A space marine, And a spartan.

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#63 - Picture 07/07/2014 on masterchiefawesome's profile 0
#63 - >sword collection >knife collection >steam pu…  [+] (20 replies) 07/03/2014 on Cool Swords +630
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#344 - topoftherock (07/03/2014) [-]
i think he's just a professional smith. his workshop looks pretty professional
#332 - Lewx (07/03/2014) [-]

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#115 - amonlavtar (07/03/2014) [-]
What seperates cool from neckbeard,
seems to be about 20 kilos of fat
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#64 - amuzen (07/03/2014) [-]
to some extent, but he's in a completely different category from the MLP, fedora, swag, edgy, fat, living in their moms basement neckbeards that have come to be associated with the word though.
he's just like a classic blacksmith (stocky build you can see on his arms that his muscles bulge upwards from the bone rather flopping downwards so he has more muscle than fat , unkempt beard, pale complexion) combined with a fantasy/VG enthusiast.
Plus you should take into account that the only real market for hand crafted blacksmith goods these days are convention goers so if you choose to be a blacksmith (an art in and of itself) you either have to decide whether you're going to be a historical renaissance buff selling goods at renaissance fairs/online, a film buff selling props/online, or a fantasy buff selling at conventions/online.
#342 - simonjiha (07/03/2014) [-]
jokes on you, i dont even have a basement
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#72 - sonicsyndicate (07/03/2014) [-]
im a blacksmith and i sell to everyone pretty often too
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#328 - kinginyellow (07/03/2014) [-]
How much would it cost for something like a Gladius?
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#329 - sonicsyndicate (07/03/2014) [-]
depends how durable do you want it and what kind of steel do you want
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#245 - imnotkickthecat (07/03/2014) [-]
What can I get for a dollar?
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#260 - sonicsyndicate (07/03/2014) [-]
a unshaped piece of scrap
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#77 - epicalania (07/03/2014) [-]
My experience with blacksmithing is about 3 swords so I'm never going to call myself a blacksmith but I will say that I'm experienced enough to have an opinion.
My swords were fairly plain, (2 gladius', an attempt at a broad sword and about 5-6 'trials' that I wouldn't count as swords) but from those I can definately say that they get easier as they go, as per obviousness, but I imagine that styles would work much the same way, so doing alot of fantasy swords would make you ab etter blacksmith allround but would make you much better at fantasy swords than historical swords.
So some people might specialise and would be able to charge more for the signifigantly higher quality of their makes in their own niche but someone who doesn't specialise would get all sorts of jons, so it evens ,out.
Of course he may not specialise this might just be a collection of his works of this style.
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#230 - kinginyellow (07/03/2014) [-]
How much would a gladius go for? Not a prop but a real one made off of the Roman sword.
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#357 - epicalania (07/04/2014) [-]
I don't sell 'swords, my quality would never be enough anyway.
But if you want to make your own then it's suprisingly cheap to set up a backyard forge, I used the cut-and-remove method for the basic shaping of the sword then used the forge to make the shape more precise as well as placing the fuller, then I finished it by hand.
It cost me next to nothing but I already had alot of the things I needed, it will almost definitely cost you less then you think if you consider that alot of it can be re-used to make more without paying for them again.
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#78 - sonicsyndicate (07/03/2014) [-]
i just make knives for people who need knives that wont break when you hit them with a hammer but every now and again someone wil ask for a sword like once a guy asked for a red damscus katana it took me a month to get it just right but i did it and it passed the strength and hardness test and the sharpness test didnt even register becuase the tatami mat never fell but it was in two i just never stop until i get it perfect inside and out
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#184 - newforomador (07/03/2014) [-]
How much did you sell that sword for?
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#258 - sonicsyndicate (07/03/2014) [-]
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#84 - epicalania (07/03/2014) [-]
Allright, so your 'specialty' would be knives, you, as you just said, do all sorts of requests, I imagine most blacksmiths will take most requests, but I also feel safe to say that you are alot better at knives then with swords, although knives may be intrinsically easier than swords, I don't really know.
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#85 - sonicsyndicate (07/03/2014) [-]
i mean im pretty good with swords because i get a lot of machete requests and thats pretty much a sword
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#89 - epicalania (07/03/2014) [-]
Alright, but if you want a sort of proof, try making two copies of something, make one in a style you've done before and one in a style you haven't, the style you've done before should be easier
My points seem pretty obvious to me but tell me if you want me to explain it further.
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#90 - sonicsyndicate (07/03/2014) [-]
ok im done
#10 - Ray from achievement hunter. He said in an early video that he…  [+] (5 replies) 07/03/2014 on When Im full, but there's... 0
#32 - anon (07/03/2014) [-]
That's dumb.
#11 - skittlesinexcess (07/03/2014) [-]
I don't know how to reply to this, so here, I drew this.
Tell me if I'm crap.
#15 - jubajubejiblets (07/03/2014) [-]
#12 - masterchiefawesome (07/03/2014) [-]
I will love it and cherish it and name it george
#13 - skittlesinexcess (07/03/2014) [-]
#59 - ohhh i knew i was in for it before i finished the first sentence...  [+] (2 replies) 07/03/2014 on Ow right in the feels 0
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#75 - ohhh (07/03/2014) [-]
Oh, well now i'm sad...
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#74 - ohhh (07/03/2014) [-]
Damn, what could of made the big 117 himself cry.