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#19 - Dude they give these cool shields too. GREEN KNIGHT FTW!!  [+] (1 new reply) 08/24/2016 on Sad Genji +10
#80 - ssjkirbylols (08/24/2016) [-]
I knew that looked familiar, my ma brought this home for me when I was a kid, nice to know where its from I guess.
#46 - Picture 08/19/2016 on Equal rights for all +1
#45 - As a WVU Student I'd have to say our girls did it better....  [+] (7 new replies) 08/19/2016 on Equal rights for all +1
#53 - comradewinter (08/19/2016) [-]
>Bunch of guys have a good time joking around with signs
Cosmopolitan: SEXIST!
>Bunch of girls think it's funny and do the same
Cosmopolitan: You go, girl!

Is there anything more cancerous than SJWs, just trying to create a wedge between men and women having fun?
#51 - dungledoo (08/19/2016) [-]
I clicked that link. After looking at the article for a bit and about to click away, an ad for their site took over the screen with a picture and a label that read "31 Things That Men Do That Are Sexist."
#57 - anon (08/19/2016) [-]
Yeah I went there, it was 31 sexiEst moves dude
dont get triggered so easily
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#58 - dungledoo (08/19/2016) [-]
Judging by the juxtaposition of letters formulating the words in your comment I would take a gander that the words that were displayed on the ad you saw were not the same words on the ad I saw. Furthermore, I could make the assumption, perhaps, using this information, to formulate the conclusion that the aforementioned ad you had come across was not the same as the one I witnessed.
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#55 - mutterpollo (08/19/2016) [-]
Sexist, like their post about the best Olympic bulges?
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#56 - dungledoo (08/19/2016) [-]
I'll never know. For seeing that they owe me my first precious click back.
#46 - marleybob (08/19/2016) [-]
#15 - How bout that dude whose ability is to climb real good? Like s…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/06/2016 on Suicide Squad 0
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#38 - thepunchedface (08/06/2016) [-]
"OK, we need to show the audience that the explosives are real. So who do we kill?"
"What if we introduce that rope guy and kill him instead?"
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#18 - misticalz (08/06/2016) [-]
Yeah no shit aye
so glad he died within 3 seconds
#17 - I really don't see why this is down voted the prequels were **…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/04/2016 on rip -3
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#50 - stifflimb (08/04/2016) [-]
The originals are neither masterworks, they were filled with enough plotholes just like the prequels.
#1532 - **marleybob used "*roll picture*"** **marleybob rolled ima… 08/03/2016 on Get reborn TURBO edition 0
#10 - Welp I stand corrected 07/19/2016 on rey 0
#7 - "Fly better than Han Solo" - That is highly doubtful…  [+] (3 new replies) 07/18/2016 on rey 0
#9 - anon (07/19/2016) [-]
Dipshit, Lando flew through the half built Death Star.
User avatar
#10 - marleybob (07/19/2016) [-]
Welp I stand corrected
#8 - mossjesus (07/18/2016) [-]
In addition it's canon that rey spent a LOT of time on a flight simulator
so much time in fact that she had to make it more difficult as it was far too easy, clearly had a ton of prehand combat experience by the way she wrecked those goons on jaku

but hey the kid who was a virgin birth took down a droid command center as a child he was what 9? having never seen a star ship up close let alone fly one before was arguably one of the strongest force users in his life time almost certainly in the top 5 was an incredibly prominent in the clone wars then fell to the dark side and remained one of the most powerful force users alive and a warrior with tons of experience He'd have what 35-40+ years of combat experience when Episode 4 starts?

and Luke "I've known nothing but sand my whole life but was still able to blow up a super weapon via a tiny hole deemed impossible to hit by people with way more flight experience" skywalker comes along and holds his own against Darth "sand is coarse and gets everywhere" Vader for a decent amount of time in 5/6

but hey Rey "I have hundreds of hundreds of hours in a flight sim and grew up on a shitty desert planet buy myself scavanging parts on a speeder i built myself with what's pretty much a big stick as my only means of self defence, swings a lightsaber like a pole" last name unkown she's the Mary Sue
#3 - No and this isn't a very good argument, Doomsday has been sent… 04/19/2016 on Shazam... +7
#2022 - **marleybob used "*roll picture*"** **marleybob rolled ima… 04/11/2016 on Roll for what arrives to... 0
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