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#52 - The thing about Alex Jones is that if you look back at a lot o…  [+] (2 replies) 16 hours ago on Korean Shadow Government +1
#53 - twixtor (16 hours ago) [-]
So if he's wrong half of the time how could anyone take him seriously.

Almost makes you think that 40-50% of his Audience is a fucking retard.
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#54 - marinepenguin (16 hours ago) [-]
When pretty much everything he says is some degree of insane, being right half the time is actually impressive. So I'm not sure why you wouldn't take him seriously, just take everything he says with a grain of doubt, but that it's likely rooted in some truth.
#50 - The ******* insane thing is that as more is leaked and time go…  [+] (2 replies) 16 hours ago on Korean Shadow Government +8
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#82 - ogomer (14 hours ago) [-]
Gay frogs will never be credible.
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#85 - marinepenguin (13 hours ago) [-]
6% of people trust mainstream media so at this point Infowars with like 3 million subscribers is probably better than CNN
#34 - As I've became "red-pilled" god I hate that ter…  [+] (7 replies) 16 hours ago on shill goes outside +9
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#38 - carlonord (15 hours ago) [-]
Will Texas Turn Blue I remember my grandpa telling me when I was young, stories about the world wars, why they were fought. He would tell me what the military meant, why it was important to be true to your word, why honour mattered. He told me that I was lucky to be born here, that many in the world would kill for what we have, and that if I wanted to keep it, I need to be willing to die for it, like the men of the world wars. I never told him, but at the time I thought he was crazy, and I grew older to be what would be called nowadays an SJW.

I remember sitting in his house, him screaming at the TV about a middle eastern man who managed to change our laws so that he could wear a special turban as part of his police uniform. My grandpa was livid, saying that it would just be the start. They would start to change things, just for the sake of not offending people, and we'd be stepped on to do it. He asked me if I thought it was a good thing for that man to wear a turban, and I said it didn't matter, its just a hat. He told me that's how it starts, and that its not a hat, its a symbol. A uniform shows the strength of a country, and when the uniform can be anything, a country is divided. And like an idiot, I didn't believe him, diversity is strength I thought.

Now, after a lot has happened to me, and I've seen a lot of things, I've done a total 180 on how I think. I don't straighten my hair, I don't dress like a fag, I take pride in who I am and where I came from.

Then, a couple of months ago, I was talking to my grandpa about the migrants, the people I've talked to and what I've seen. He was disappointed, but then I told him about the resistance, and how angry the people are over there. He talked for a bit, and told me he was glad people weren't putting up with it, but they needed to challenge the government or nothing would change, that's why they take your guns.

Then, at my aunt's anniversary, he talked some more. He told me the worst thing his generation ever did was let women vote, because its them who vote for communism, who vote for welfare, and all this degeneracy. He wife agrees, and his daughters too, my mom told me similar things that he did, guess the apple doesn't fall far. We sat down and he talked to me for a bit. He asked me if I see what's going on, are things going ok with me, what about the world? I told him what I've been learning, and I asked him what we could do? He told me he's not doing anything, he's over 80 years old now, the world belongs to me now, and I need to know what to do with it. He sat there and told me that he was proud of me, that he was worried about me when I was younger, but he's glad to have seen me step back on the path of becoming a strong and smart man.

He then told me that his generation had it easy, things were cheap, wars were far away, immigration was slower. And he used to worry as things got worse that it would be hard on me. But he told me that he's not worried anymore, and that I look like I will make a fine young man, he just hopes he will be gone when it all goes bad.

Like your grandpa, mine is normally very kind, always smiling. But its when he told me about these things, and that I need to be strong, that things really got intense. I remember him telling me that the white man had it all, and now he's giving it away, and there might not be any of us left if we don't toughen up. Asia is gunna be Asian in 200 years, will Europe be European? Will Canada? We have a place, just as anyone else, but its looking like we're gunna have to fight to keep it. Cause it aint just Europe in shit, Canada will be majority Chinese in 30-40 years. America will be majority Hispanic in the same time roughly. As edgy as it is, I'll say I'm alt-right, I'll say I'm red-pilled.
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#87 - borgcube (8 hours ago) [-]
wait, are you also against voting rights for women, or did i just read that part wrong?
#89 - carlonord (8 hours ago) [-]
I'm not against it, but I can't deny that they tend to vote for who ever is prettiest, sounds nicest, or is the most liberal/tolerant.

I personally think that we'd be better off as a society if they could never vote, and if feminism never existed, but I still value personal freedom so ya. Besides, if I was a woman, I'd want to be able to vote, and its pretty dumb to silence half the population if you value liberty.
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#92 - borgcube (1 hour ago) [-]
well, i dont know what kind of women you meet, but i can assure you that the women i know arent as stupid as you say they are. You are also big time contradicting yourself.
#50 - anon (14 hours ago) [-]
Sorry that me simply being hispanic is ruining america.
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#60 - battletechmech (13 hours ago) [-]
not how you were born, how you were raised
#54 - carlonord (14 hours ago) [-]
Who said you're ruining america? I said that there's too many of you in America, which according to the email leaks, is exactly what the government wants.


I don't go to mexico and demand they flood it with Africans, I don't go to China and demand they flood it with Europeans, and I don't go to Israel and demand that you flood it with muslims. Because you want to know what that's called? Genocide.
#69 - I ranked at high platinum for maining as Zenyatta/Mercy every …  [+] (6 replies) 16 hours ago on Placement Matches -1
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#94 - Tyranitar (14 hours ago) [-]
git gud is very subjective for a support. You can be the best support in the world, and shit tanks and damage gets you a shit rank.
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#102 - marinepenguin (14 hours ago) [-]
Or. You know. Just maybe. They're a shit support

A good support can't carry shit teammates. But they can make an average team beat a good one.
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#115 - Tyranitar (13 hours ago) [-]
How do you even be a shit Lucio. As long as you're standing there you're doing your job.
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#117 - marinepenguin (12 hours ago) [-]
You aren't helping your case here breh
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#118 - Tyranitar (12 hours ago) [-]
I don't have a case. I'm not trying to prove anything, I'm complaining about a broken ranking system (that Blizzard has confirmed is broken) and a bunch of idiots are coming in saying "lul ur just bad" cause they were a bit luckier.
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#119 - marinepenguin (12 hours ago) [-]
Honestly man I'm just 75% giving you shit. I only ranked in platinum because Zenyatta is more of a DPS than a healer and I get 20+ kills a match.
#131944 - I'm not claiming it's a good metric. But you can't deny that s…  [+] (14 replies) 18 hours ago on Politics - politics news,... 0
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#131945 - theism (18 hours ago) [-]
I think poor attendance at clinton events is exaggerated based on a few notable examples however I think it's important to note the different approaches. The Trump campaign invests heavily in drawing people in and generating hype for events. Clinton doesn't really do the same.
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#131949 - whoozy (17 hours ago) [-]
Just to get it out in the open. What candidate do ypu support?
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#131951 - theism (17 hours ago) [-]
I don't plan on voting honestly but between the two I'd rather not see a trump presidency.
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#131964 - whoozy (13 hours ago) [-]
#I'mwithher confirmed

In all honesty though. It dissapoints me that you're willing to choose systematic evil
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#131965 - theism (13 hours ago) [-]
I think you've got that backwards.
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#131966 - whoozy (13 hours ago) [-]
Trump is anything but systematic
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#131967 - theism (13 hours ago) [-]
It's a little closer to chaotic evil.
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#131968 - whoozy (13 hours ago) [-]
A narcissistic maniac or a systematic psychopath

I'm willing to do anything to avoid nuclear war
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#131969 - theism (13 hours ago) [-]
I see you've drunk the Kool aid too.
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#131970 - whoozy (13 hours ago) [-]

I looked a bit deeper

I don't want Hillary for president. I'm surprised you do.
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#131971 - theism (13 hours ago) [-]
No you're buying into the dominant narrative presented to you. Lots of people do that though.
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#131972 - whoozy (13 hours ago) [-]
The dominant narrative? The media is in Hillarys pocket and I rarely visit this place.
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#131973 - theism (13 hours ago) [-]
I see you here pretty often, you're not American and I presume you browse funnyjunk with some regularity.
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#131974 - whoozy (13 hours ago) [-]
Two times a week
Most of my coverage comes from liberal media
#131937 - You hope I can do what?  [+] (2 replies) 19 hours ago on Politics - politics news,... 0
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#131938 - whoozy (19 hours ago) [-]
Get Trump elected
I say "you" because I'm not American
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#131939 - marinepenguin (19 hours ago) [-]
Ahh. I understand now.