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#51 - suckmyasssketche (03/05/2013) [-]
******* stop denying god piece of **** its not doing you any good youll pay in the end youll be sorry you denied him cus hes the only way to salvation and your too dumb to even accept his sacrifice instead your believing the universe started expanding out of nothing for no reason and then suddenly life appeared well i got news for you thats impossible you know it but you believe it anyways cus your too scared and hedonistic to accept the truth even tho the truth will set you free stupid as hell how could you not accpt it after all the proof instead your gonna accept a bunch of theories that dont have no proof that makes no sense you cant have sense without god none of your descisions will be rational because reason only exists because of god so how could u have reason without god you dont have anything without god you got nothing you wouldnt even exist if it werent for god and ur still gona deny him even tho hes the only reason you exist how dumb is that ill pray for you but it probably wont do any good cus uve abandoned reason cus you believe in evolution instead of god because you dont want god to be real cus you cant accept reality because atheism has polluted your mind and spirit made you hate the truth the truth is that jesus died for your sins its true whether you beleive or not cus its supported by all the evidence that you ignore because you accept evolution in its place you cant see the truth cus your blinded blind people cant even see the truth even when its right in front of them cus there blind and cant see anything but you can stop being blind if you accept jesus youll see for the first time and you trulybe enlightned cus the only to be enlightened is to accept the truth and the truth is jesus because everyone who accepts jesus sees the truth and becomes free you will no longer be a slave to sin and materialism cus god transcends all that because he exists outside space andtime cus he is all powerful and all good he will save you turn your life around
#53 to #51 - marinepenguin ONLINE (03/05/2013) [-]
Oh, and I'm not even atheist. So everything you just said was silly.
#52 to #51 - marinepenguin ONLINE (03/05/2013) [-]
Well alright.
#54 to #52 - suckmyasssketche (03/05/2013) [-]
ok well i am just warning you of the truth because the truth is the most important thing because if you dont accept the truth your not going to be going to heaven and being with god because you will in hell with satan where you will suffering all the time and it will be too late to change cus u let ur sins engulf you instead of resisting them and turning away from temptation which is what you would do if u accepted god instead of satan but instead you choose satan because you want to sin without consequeunces but the consequneces are coming regardless if wether u think they real or not cus the truth isnt based on your opinion it exists whether you like it or not and u will pay if u dont ackonwlege it cus ur too stubborn all you have to do is ask forgiveness jesus has made it so easy and you still wont even change your foolish cus youve been blinded by your sin and the lies of secular people they are not telling the truth to you evolution is not true fossils dont prove it fossils can be formed in less then 10000 years even though they telling you in school that it take million of year because they are lying and saying false things they dont want you to believe they want you to be like them they hate christ nd will do anyting to make it seem like christ isnt real but he is cus i can prove everything they saying is lies and what im saying right now is the truth