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latest user's comments

#68 - yet you didn't mention your job title  [+] (3 replies) 09/23/2016 on milli +3
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#124 - SilverBullet (09/24/2016) [-]
Well, I just recently became a locomotive engineer. I started out as a freight conductor making $15.50. I've only been doing this stuff for 2 1/2 years now.
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#82 - shanksjr (09/23/2016) [-]
They give hand jobs.
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#99 - hokeymon (09/23/2016) [-]
With both hands.
#76 - 1200 isn't even that hard though. I did it for over a year whi…  [+] (3 replies) 09/11/2016 on Weight loss 0
#78 - victoriscool (09/11/2016) [-]
I eat 2500 calories a day and i'm skinny as fuck
#77 - victoriscool (09/11/2016) [-]
Are you sure you didn't cheat at all or measured inaccurately?
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#155 - makomirocket (09/12/2016) [-]
Nope. That's pretty much what it says on all of the packets. Recently I'm switching the sandwiches for ~180g / ~200kcal roasted chicken / roasted ham / chicken w/ sauce packets from tesco which I think are more filling and drop the calories further. I've lost about 10lbs over the past couple months and that's without any real increase in excercise so far. Need to start working it in soon.
#63 - serving sizes need to be reformed. 250ml of coke is not one serving,  [+] (9 replies) 09/07/2016 on 400 lb redditor maintain... -13
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#163 - Twithyiguess (09/08/2016) [-]
250ml Is fine, you're not supposed to fill up on things that aren't healthy. You can drink a can of soda each day and be fine, though you should be hydrating the rest of the day with water. A serving size isn't supposed to mean that's all you need 1/3rd of the day to drink if that's what you're getting at
#138 - iseeyoufapping (09/08/2016) [-]
In general, a serving size is just a tool to help you calculate your calories, not a portion guide.
#171 - anon (09/08/2016) [-]

The problem is that people don't know that.
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#145 - etfhan (09/08/2016) [-]
Ya, the nutrition facts percentages are based off of a 2000 calorie diet per day. That's just a general rule of thumb kind of thing, but it can be off. A non-sedentary person who exercises should eat more to maintain weight, and even their weight can impact the number tho 1) still doesn't mean you can eat tons of fatty foods, 2) the % body fat is underrated when measuring oneself. By bmi, a muscle monster can be as unhealthy as a fat lard. .
#199 - iseeyoufapping (09/08/2016) [-]
Tru dat. I eat about 2800 calories a day to maintain my current weight, and about 3200 to bulk and I'd like to think I eat pretty healthy. If I only ate "serving sizes" getting enough would be a real pain in the ass.
#97 - scorcho (09/07/2016) [-]
250 ml.
i'd call that one serving.
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#65 - lolollo (09/07/2016) [-]
companies also do that shit as a business essential ploy to make their food look better as opposed to a serious report on nutrition. You can sell a can that says "5g sugar" to a health nut easier than a can that says "10g sugar". They're not lying, they're just playing on the fact that not everyone's gonna know to look at the number of servings in what they're consuming.
#147 - TehRap (09/08/2016) [-]
The biggest reason serving sizes are what they are is because it's the smallest multiple of the different sizes they sell. Let's say you sell soda, but you only sell 2 liters and 3 liters. Would you rather calculate the nutritional value of a 2L and 3L separately, or just calculate it out for a 1L and adjust the number of total servings depending on the size of the bottle?
#170 - anon (09/08/2016) [-]
Not really. Many containers have serving sizes far smaller than even the smallest unit they have, and they are deliberately manipulated to change how their product is represented. There are regulations in some areas, but not all.

Besides that, do you really think it's that hard to adjust for volume? Either you know what's in your shit or you don't, that's simple math that a 10-year-old could do, much less a multi-billion dollar food producer.
#22 - The whole point of the show is that they are already scraping …  [+] (4 replies) 08/31/2016 on Downside to Home Renovation... 0
#23 - kyusha (08/31/2016) [-]
This, heating and cooling a large home isn't cheap. Downright expensive for a family that it already scraping by.

Property Taxes are based off of a lot of different things, primarily the value of the home and the square footage of it. They also take into account the neighborhood and plot the house it on. But still, taxes on some of these houses are probably more than the yearly mortgage on what was there before.
User avatar
#25 - animesource (08/31/2016) [-]
I was more concerned about their design choices. Little girl says she likes horses and suddenly half of house is horse themed.
#26 - kyusha (08/31/2016) [-]
Pimp my ride, house edition.

She said her husband died of lung cancer so we made her house an ashtray
User avatar
#45 - captchakid (08/31/2016) [-]
Heard they did the same the Auschwitz survivor.