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latest user's comments

#5 - are the stars supposed to just be in his head?  [+] (1 reply) 09/25/2016 on what a time to be alive 0
User avatar
#6 - badmonkey (09/25/2016) [-]
They're reflections
#106 - multiplayer in games is overrated peoples obsession with i…  [+] (32 replies) 08/14/2016 on Lost in space 0
#130 - maxixam (08/14/2016) [-]
Yeah, keep telling yourself.
User avatar
#118 - babysared (08/14/2016) [-]
Co op games.

It's okay for people to enjoy things differently than you do. Doesn't make it "sad".
User avatar
#114 - improbable (08/14/2016) [-]
sandbox games are funner with friends though
User avatar
#131 - mastercolossus (08/14/2016) [-]
what sandbox games have multiplayer besides mmo games?
#168 - anon (08/26/2016) [-]

Sorry. I kinda forgot we were having this discussion.

It was a quite powerful refutation you had there. Very similar to every other time you called me a retard. Would you rather have me stick to reason or sink to your level? The default is former, in case you decide to call me a retard again rather than giving an answer.
User avatar
#169 - mastercolossus (08/26/2016) [-]
you have the downs, dont you?
#170 - anon (08/27/2016) [-]
Nope, I just like pissing you off. Good one by the way; Certainly a change from "retard".
User avatar
#171 - mastercolossus (08/28/2016) [-]
so you dont actually believe the retarded things you are saying?
thats retarded.
#172 - anon (08/28/2016) [-]
Tssk... back to square one.

Try this site. There's even a slider for how smart you want to make yourself sound (Complexity).

You know, I'll tell you this as a fellow human being:
If you only have two parties and at least one of them is biased against reason, you could argue day and night about reason and the person would still be up his own ass, so to speak. Basically, this can't be done without a neutral party. So I'll just keep making you reply cause that's how I get my sick kicks
User avatar
#173 - mastercolossus (08/28/2016) [-]
i can throw in more adjectives but they would be wasted on you since they would all be synonymous.
#174 - anon (08/28/2016) [-]
You know, I don't think a stupid person can even be this far up his own ass. A stupid person can't drive this sort of discussion like this.

You have to be pretty smart.
#135 - anon (08/14/2016) [-]
Minecraft, Terraria, Rust...
User avatar
#138 - mastercolossus (08/14/2016) [-]
i said besides mmo.
#142 - anon (08/14/2016) [-]
Define "Massive" then, because even Counter Strike is Online and Multiplayer.
User avatar
#143 - mastercolossus (08/14/2016) [-]
minecraft has servers where hundreds of people play.
terraria has public servers.
rust is an mmo too.
#146 - hgoldhero (08/14/2016) [-]
Wow. None of those games he listed are MMO's. How about GTAV then.
#145 - anon (08/14/2016) [-]
Actually, add any game where there's a public server list to the "Is this an MMO too?" question.


The keyword is "simultaneously", and the difference between an MMOG and a multiplayer online game is what you consider "massive". I can accept Minecraft being an MMO sandbox because the amount of players is limited by Java.

Honestly, it's a debate of semantics at this point.

Which reminds me; Why did you ask the question in >>#131 in the first place? How is the "MMO" title in any way relevant to whether or not sandbox games are more fun with friends or not?
User avatar
#148 - mastercolossus (08/15/2016) [-]
i was alluding to a lack of multiplayer sandboxes.
#155 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
You seemed to refute my suggestions on the basis that they are "mmo", i.e. "they don't count as multiplayer because the amount of people who can play simultaneously is massive". If you didn't, please do justify your response in >>#138
User avatar
#156 - mastercolossus (08/17/2016) [-]
"what sandbox games have multiplayer besides mmo games?"
from comment #131
#157 - anon (08/17/2016) [-]
You don't get the issue, do you?

Massive: Arbitrary high bracket.
Multiplayer: Low bracket of 2.
Online: Implied by being multiplayer in the first place.

Do you have any point you want to prove, are you looking for information on games, or are you just shitposting?
User avatar
#158 - mastercolossus (08/17/2016) [-]
i was making a point about the lack of sandbox games that are not mmo's. i cant believe you still cant comprehend that...
#159 - afaik (08/18/2016) [-]
List criterias you would want a hypothetical game to meet to be a sandbox that isn't an MMO then, or try explaining how the games I listed are MMOs.

How is Minecraft an MMO as opposed to just Multiplayer?
How is Terraria an MMO as opposed to just Multiplayer?
What do you consider as "Massive" in this context?

Honestly, this is like trying to tell a... heavily biased person that an act wasn't racist/sexist with logic while facing counter-arguments "but it is", "nu-uh, it is", and "ye, it is".

-But it's MMO.
-How is it MMO?
-It's MMO.
-No it's not. "MMO" means >>#157, and >>#135 don't meet that criteria
-It's MMO though. >>#155, >>#157, >>#138, >>#131

i cant believe you still cant comprehend that... [sic]
inb4 arseblasted over watermark

You're by all means free to utilize poorly-defined terminology as basis for your arguments, but I won't stop thinking you're not shitposting until you go full potato.

For the record, I'm enjoying this conversation. No hard feelings, aight?
User avatar
#161 - mastercolossus (08/18/2016) [-]
you are fucking retarded., minecraft is an mmo. terraria has public servers you can joiin just like minecraft. you keep acting like you know what anything means when the truth is your friends and family take pity on you and act like you are saying things that make sense.

"poorly defined terminology" mmo is an actual genre you retard. im done dealing with your shite.
#162 - anon (08/19/2016) [-]
Oh, sorry. Are you sure you're refering to MMO and not MMORPG?

>"MMO is an acronym for 'Massive Multiplayer Online'"
>"Nu-uh you retard, 'MMO' is a genre"

Once again, please give an example of a game that is online multiplayer but not an MMO
User avatar
#163 - mastercolossus (08/19/2016) [-]
that is what i asked, retard.
#164 - anon (08/19/2016) [-]
Hypothetically, how would a game meet your conditions? This has been my question for a while noe.
User avatar
#165 - mastercolossus (08/19/2016) [-]
online, multiplayer sandbox game thats not an mmo. like i said.
cod isnt mmo but not sandbox.
wow is an mmo and sandbox.
minecraft is a sandbox and mmo.
gauntlet is multiplayer.
castle crashers is multiplayer.
gow is multiplayer.
#166 - anon (08/19/2016) [-]
>wow is an mmo and sandbox
Wow is an mmo themepark
Nothing is going to make WoW into a sandbox because you don't create anything. You partake in activities.

>cod isn't MMO
You said yourself that if it has public server lists, it's an MMO
You did that in >>#143

You called me retarded, yet you refer to anything without a hard player limit as "MMO", and utterly misuse the term "sandbox". Hell, EVE Online isn't even a full sandbox, and it's environment is far more player-influenced than WoW

p.s. If you want me to prove any of my prior arguments, let me know. Your strongest rebuttal so far has been "you are fucking retarded". I could post a strawpoll if you want the opinions of unbiased parties.
User avatar
#167 - mastercolossus (08/19/2016) [-]
dude you are fucking retarded. all you are doing is being an ass and pushing the argument forward because your family didnt accept you when you finally came out of the closet to them. stop being so self destructive and fix that shit personality of yours.
User avatar
#160 - afaik (08/18/2016) [-]
List criterias you would want a hypothetical game to meet to be a multiplayer sandbox that isn't an MMO then, or try explaining how the games I listed are MMOs.
#144 - anon (08/14/2016) [-]
Is TF2 an MMO?
#4 - Picture 07/26/2016 on shoot +27