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#191 - So none of you people have ever tried to pull these out before…  [+] (2 replies) 02/24/2013 on It´s all lies +4
#266 - srhkid (02/25/2013) [-]
Okay .jpg
#205 - anon (02/24/2013) [-]
ummm it says "simple" not "sample"
#40 - I own a musket and you fire them at the shoulder anyway it's n…  [+] (2 replies) 02/23/2013 on assault musket 0
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#44 - rangerofthesea (02/23/2013) [-]
you own a modern musket, the type that they used during the civil war was a flint lock type of musket. therefore there is a grouping of powder on a pan that the spark strikes that violently erupts in flames to fire the musket, that throws smoke and unburnt power up into the air. which can cause a lot of issues if it gets into your eyes and nose...the small skin burns are superficial but burns on your eye and sinuses can easily cause you to become incapacitated. imagine a powder burn on your eye or some dirty smoke in your eye or some other shit in your eye... go ahead and shoot an old fashioned black powder the way you would shoot a new black powder with a scope...have fun
#88 - lostwoodskid (02/24/2013) [-]
I own an 1865 Springfield you fucking retard.
I know how muskets work
If you're a complaining about powder hitting you, you should probably consider yourself a grade A little bitch who can't handle a bee sting let alone a musket.
#57 - I'm sorry 02/10/2013 on Message +3
#17 - Picture 02/04/2013 on aving's profile 0
#219 - That's just false.  [+] (1 reply) 01/31/2013 on Just thought you guys... -1
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#223 - piobaireachd (01/31/2013) [-]
go look up the Council of Jerusalem. Around 50 AD
"The council decided that Gentile converts to Christianity were not obligated to keep most of the Mosaic law"
#58 - I was worried you weren't going to show up Captain Obvious tha…  [+] (1 reply) 01/30/2013 on Learning Constellations -5
#70 - ragingflamingos (01/30/2013) [-]
Just doing my duty fair citizen.

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