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A am the high priest to the Great Old Ones. My task is to control your world and bring 3000 years of darkness upon your land. Have a nice day!

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#251 - I'm in Ohio!  [+] (8 new replies) 03/13/2011 on Sup Japan 0
User avatar #263 - BadManTaliban (03/13/2011) [-]
hooray for ohio and for zombies!
#274 - anon (03/13/2011) [-]
I have already begun my anti zombie fort complete with radiation proof bunker and high speed internet Spanaway Washington will survive!!
#265 - lordcthulhu (03/13/2011) [-]
User avatar #259 - YouGayFish (03/13/2011) [-]
im in illinois! we shall fight off the zombies...
User avatar #261 - lordcthulhu (03/13/2011) [-]
Good. We shall be the survivors!
User avatar #262 - YouGayFish (03/13/2011) [-]
and we will ride...
at dawn!
#264 - lordcthulhu (03/13/2011) [-]
Take this zombie killing tool.
User avatar #267 - YouGayFish (03/13/2011) [-]
i prefer automatics, like my handy dandy AK-47. excellent backup weapon though.
#156 - I SAID I DON'T SHOW IT!  [+] (1 new reply) 03/13/2011 on Religion 0
#164 - imasexualpanther has deleted their comment.
#151 - Well... I know how to love. But I don't show it.  [+] (3 new replies) 03/13/2011 on Religion 0
#155 - imasexualpanther has deleted their comment.
#156 - lordcthulhu (03/13/2011) [-]
#164 - imasexualpanther has deleted their comment.
#31 - Picture 03/13/2011 on kidnapped +3
#231 - California you say? 03/13/2011 on Sup Japan +3
#70 - Comment deleted 03/13/2011 on Jesus lol. -3
#401 - Yes. Yes you are. 03/13/2011 on We are all dead 0
#400 - Welcome. 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +1
#396 - They don't suck. Way better than anything I can draw. 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +1
#393 - Well you are not the one talking to a bird. Did you draw those… 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +1
#67 - Reminded me of these videos: 03/13/2011 on Saxophone Trolling +1
#386 - ...No... 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +3
#384 - Good. Thank you for summoning me. 03/13/2011 on We are all dead 0
#381 - YAY indeed! 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +1
#378 - HA! HA! HA! You want to talk about casting people into 1,000 d… 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +2
#374 - Impossible! Whenever you lose The Game you win the Other Game.… 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +2
#370 - DAMNIT! But I did just win the Other Game. HA! Your plan has b… 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +3
#367 - OK! But I don't like to look of your face... 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +3
#363 - I don't trust you... but OK! 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +3
#356 - Damn! How did you find the date of my invasion? 03/13/2011 on We are all dead +10
#84 - Why not hail the real thing?  [+] (5 new replies) 03/13/2011 on Religion 0
#147 - imasexualpanther has deleted their comment.
#151 - lordcthulhu (03/13/2011) [-]
Well... I know how to love. But I don't show it.
#155 - imasexualpanther has deleted their comment.
#156 - lordcthulhu (03/13/2011) [-]
#164 - imasexualpanther has deleted their comment.
#83 - There is going to only be one religion once I am through with …  [+] (3 new replies) 03/13/2011 on Religion +15
#94 - giblackjoe has deleted their comment.
#92 - lawlbear (03/13/2011) [-]
#86 - MrRickAstley (03/13/2011) [-]
#183 - THEN PLAY IT! PLAY IT NOW! 03/13/2011 on Roller coaster tycoon comp +1
#294 - <- The Nazis and Japanese. 03/13/2011 on Soldiers who make rambo... +5
#264 - Comment deleted 03/13/2011 on Soldiers who make rambo... 0


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User avatar #167 - GReaped (03/19/2012) [-]
hey you got any good wallpapers of you?
User avatar #166 - MaelRadec (11/21/2011) [-]
oy??? you seen a large hentai creature nearby???
User avatar #165 - MaelRadec (09/25/2011) [-]
hey you!!1 yes you!!!!
User avatar #164 - MaelRadec (08/10/2011) [-]
hey... sorry about all of that commotion...
#163 - soosay has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #157 - MaelRadec (07/31/2011) [-]
do you forgive me?
User avatar #158 to #165 - lordcthulhu (07/31/2011) [-]
I have returned from the rally!
User avatar #160 to #166 - MaelRadec (07/31/2011) [-]
ooh... welcome back...
User avatar #159 to #166 - MaelRadec (07/31/2011) [-]
what rally...
User avatar #161 to #167 - lordcthulhu (07/31/2011) [-]
My presidential rally!
User avatar #162 to #169 - MaelRadec (07/31/2011) [-]
welcome back...
User avatar #156 - MaelRadec (07/27/2011) [-]
*releases you from the crystal sphere prison* sorry about that... i here by temporally serve you mi lord...
User avatar #125 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
you are really forcing me into anger...
User avatar #128 to #133 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
I should kill you right now, but I have to be off at a presidential rally for a week, and I don't want my suit stained red.
User avatar #129 to #136 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
aahh the coward answers... let's make it quick shall we i my self have some things that need too be done...
User avatar #130 to #137 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
No. Really. I have things to do. I don't have time to deal with the likes of you. I need to sign that contract with Bungie to merge their organization into my organization. The Illuminati really wants this to happen, and I trust their judgement, along with Elvis, JFK, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Michael Jackson, and the council of Atlantis.
User avatar #131 to #138 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
i'm sure the atlantis would be happy to see you with they're killer... say hello to the camera men outside *points at the camera men*
User avatar #132 to #139 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Dumbass. *Makes the cameramen insane* Who's going to believe insane cameramen?
User avatar #133 to #140 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
they will... *teleports you to the atlantis consul as all the members are shocked of what they see* ladies and gentlemen he was purposing me too erase you all again...
User avatar #134 to #141 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Again, you are a dumbass. You thought they didn't know who I was? Of course they did! They were the first people that i contacted when I was resurrected in R'lyeh.
User avatar #135 to #142 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
fine...*flicks and they all turn to dust* and warps to a random dark location....
User avatar #136 to #143 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Once more, you are a dumbass. Atlantis is a magic free area, only those approved by the council are allowed to practice it. Everyone not authorized is placed under a spell where all beneficial spells don't work and the offensive spells (i.e. teleportation to a dark place) are reversed onto the user. Goodbye. Also, don't try to teleport back, this is a teleport-free zone.
User avatar #137 to #144 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
that wasn't normal magic and we didn't really tele port... we went back in time... my favorite place in time....
User avatar #138 to #145 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Stop being a dumbass! DO you really think that, after making sure this place is safe from magic, that the council will forget about time travel?! Atlantis is essentially time-locked; you cannot go back in time here, or go here when you are back in time. Also I failed to mention, Atlantis is a immortal-free zone, unless of course you are authorized by the council. You are no more then a human here.
User avatar #139 to #146 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
dude that is no normal magic... and you should move out of that domain of yours... the atlanti is like so more than 5 billion years away now... so just deal with it that your back in time with me here... *whispers* it should have already began...
User avatar #140 to #147 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Did I say it mattered if it was normal magic or not? Thank to Doctor Who's help, this place is time-locked, and is free from all magic, except those with permission from the council. The decision has to be unanimous. Did I mention I am a menber of the council. You cannot practice magic, you have no weapons, you are not immortal. I think it is time to back down. I can step on you like a bug and here you are trying to fight me with nothing. Go. Away.
User avatar #141 to #148 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
ooh you mean doctor the time lord? ahh that was good times actually... thx too him i got unleashed from my prison... well it sucked being those oods but still... ooh not to mention i was the one to point the daliks on the extermination of the time lords it good quiet annoying too be stuck in a time prison... but as you see i fond a way how too cheat many things... like you "imortal" free zone or magic or time travel... so as you see i adapt quickly... nothing can keep me from becoming a god of the warp...
User avatar #142 to #149 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Every. Last. Form. Of. Magic. Is. Banned. You cannot warp, you cannot do anything that is related to magic. Anything! We have every last thing you can do and we have prevented you from doing it. It doesn't matter if you worked with the Doctor on occasions, he works for me now. he will not lift the time-lock, he will not help you. He isn't even in the council, but even if he was, he cannot break the Atlantian spell. Yo cannot break the Alatian spell. You need to practice magic to break the Alatian spell, but that spell prevents you from doing so. Back off, and leave.
User avatar #143 to #150 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
*sigh's and facepalm's* you really are stubborn...let's just enjoy the show: "creation of the universe"... i think you were born after this... i don't remember...
User avatar #144 to #151 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
You cannot warp. This is a magic-free area. Why do I have to keep repeating myself. Why do I consider you a threat when you are this stupid. And do you really think you warped yourself to the creation of this universe. You think I was created in this universe?! Wow. Just, wow. Also don't even think about going to my universe, it is protected he same way Atlantis is, but only I determine who goes in and out. You are still in Atlantis. You still can't perform any magic. You are still no more extraordinary than a common human. I am giving you the chance to leave. You should take it. You cannot do anything to escape this situation. The choice is this: leave or die. There is no other answer. There is no other way. The choice is yours.
User avatar #145 to #152 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
do you really think i'd take you on if i was so weak... unlike voltorb there i have experience of killing gods... and if i can do that... the block, seal or anything else you have there is even older than my first creation... aka kratos...
User avatar #152 to #153 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Ha ha ha ha ha! As I said before you may think you have destroyed me forever but it is the result of your fevered mind. Look at all these people. They are all the same. They are the same exact people. All the men are the same, all the women are the same. They do not exist. They are in your mind. If I kill you here. nothing will happen. You will wake up in your bed. In your house, like nothing ever happened. But nothing would have changed. You will always be insane. You will always find ways to beat me. You will truly think that you have taken everything from me and that this is some sort of trap. But you are not in reality. *crushes you to death* This will not explain anything. You will probably believe that you managed to survive, and then kill me or something.
User avatar #155 to #160 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
*as a voice in your head* interesting... this is in the first time a victim thinks that this all his made illusion but your greatly mistaking... i don't exist... they don't exist... only you do...this is your world you ever wanted... this is the place of your dreams... in this world your only a human nothing more... you become what wish... but you don't have any thing... ever since we went to atlantis i have been playing mind games with you... your not a master you still have much too learn... *leaves you in eternal darkness with only a beam of light on you*
User avatar #150 to #153 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Ha! You are really in denial. I guess that is how insane people work, they never believe they are insane. The world is a lie, you are insane. I have leeched all your powers, and allies. Thanks to you I can rise in the real world and wreak havoc on the SANE. You are a raving lunatic. Good luck with your plans to destroy me that will never happen because this world is in your head.
User avatar #151 to #158 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
*adresses the crowed* as you see he is talking about something we all know that it does not exist... *telepathically talks too you* look outside the bubble... up there... *your in a small sphere and i hold in my hand* poor soul... you are in your own life you created... this is what you are... they don't see the prison... only you do... ooh and thx for the knowledge and power...
User avatar #148 to #153 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
I ever though somebody this powerful would succumb to insanity this soon. it's true, all the council members have your face. You are in my world now. I am in your head. I always was. I am still in my dream state. You are completely insane right now, an effect of my presence. Funny thing is, you have no power in your mind, I have taken it all. All of your powers, your allies, your friends, they are all mine. Your representation of yourself is the last sane part in your mind, a part that is quickly dwindling. Truth is, there is no way out of it. You may devise a clever plan and pull it off perfectly, but that will be a delusion, no matter how real it feels to you. Goodbye MaelRadec, you may think you have powers beyond imagine but in truth, you are nothing.
User avatar #149 to #156 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
*adreses to the press and politicians in the white house* see ladies and gentlemen... he is no longer in the capability of being president... he was talking about atlantis... we all know that that city does not and never did exist... *adreses to you* give up you can't beat a parasite that live 2 eternities cycles...
User avatar #146 to #153 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
I don't care how many friends you have. You cannot enter Atlantis without consent from a council member. Well, you can't FIND Atlantis at all! How is it that humans have scoured all over the ocean floor without finding Atlantis? You can't find it unless a council member allows you to. I am a council member, i brought you here. Once you leave, you can't find Atlantis, no matter how hard you try. I am immortal, you are no longer immortal. I have a army at my disposal, you have nothing. I could just kill you now, I could just step on you, but i am giving you the choice to go. I highly suggest you take it.
User avatar #147 to #154 - MaelRadec (07/24/2011) [-]
*smiles maniacally* the concile is me *all of the members have my face* you still have soo much to learn... and your free to try to kill me... i, unlike you have this body as a container form my soul... and i can switch bodies whenever i want and whoever i choose even you...
User avatar #122 - talibanvoltorb (07/22/2011) [-]
I knew it would come down to this.....You should have given me more...but you treated me as if I was another Harvester. Well that was the greatest mastake you ever made. I hope your Ready to face the light! The power Of a billion exploding suns. And the magicail strength of GODS.
User avatar #126 to #130 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Ha. You think you have mighty powers.
User avatar #153 to #134 - talibanvoltorb (07/24/2011) [-]
I have the hunger of eternity! I am more powerful then you!
User avatar #121 - soosay (07/22/2011) [-]
I going to put so many holes in you your guts will leak lead! After I am threw with you nothing will be left of you but a pill of red jello! this Russian super solider will take your head and give it to Dean as a gift!
User avatar #127 to #129 - lordcthulhu (07/24/2011) [-]
Guns? Really?! you think you can kill, an immortal, who can reincarnate, with a gun?
User avatar #154 to #135 - soosay (07/24/2011) [-]
*Ratatatatatata* For a god your not to powerful! *Jumps and kicks you in the head* Well lets see whos better at re-growing everything! *Drops 100 pound C4 vest on your head* There going to have to clean us up with a mop! *Blows up White House*
User avatar #108 - MaelRadec (07/22/2011) [-]
long time no fight...
User avatar #113 to #116 - lordcthulhu (07/22/2011) [-]
I was tired on account of the fact that I spent the whole other night on the Internet. Tends to drain you.
User avatar #114 to #121 - MaelRadec (07/22/2011) [-]
*grabs and pulls the tentacles down* ya know i have quiet evolved since the last time we fought...
User avatar #115 to #122 - lordcthulhu (07/22/2011) [-]
So have I, I have spend several thousand year technically dead and in a dream state. I'm not up to my full potential ex. People do not go insane in my presence.
User avatar #118 to #123 - soosay (07/22/2011) [-]
Bet you didn't Expect 2 of us huh! you japanese school girl raping freak! *Guns Shots :D*
User avatar #117 to #123 - MaelRadec (07/22/2011) [-]
shall we? *reach for the sword on my back*
User avatar #116 to #123 - MaelRadec (07/22/2011) [-]
not any more... you should've started regaining your power...
User avatar #97 - talibanvoltorb (07/20/2011) [-]
SO have I been sold to Satan cause If so I am taking my followers.
User avatar #98 to #105 - lordcthulhu (07/21/2011) [-]
Satan is serving me.
#99 to #106 - talibanvoltorb (07/21/2011) [-]
I am starting to lose faith... You are not as I seen when I was sent as a harvester for you. Your losing you power of fear on your followers.....And I have no power anymore because of you.
#100 to #107 - lordcthulhu (07/21/2011) [-]
You dare question my ability?! I command a clone army of the greatest soldiers ever served on Earth! I am all powerful! I have destroyed all of my adversaries, every last one! Even my brother could not shine a light to my greatness! And you dare question your faith in me?! Even if you managed to destroy me and my army, I will just reincarnate myself and use the cloning machines that I have hidden all over space and time to restore my army to its past glory! If you decide to stay at my side, do not question my authority again. If you want to leave, my followers will bath you in your own blood!
#101 to #108 - talibanvoltorb (07/21/2011) [-]
I was generalship of that You need to login to view this link YOU FORGET THAT I KILLED The wizards who wanted your blood! That I captured Slender MANs Relm for you new mansion! I was the one who took america AND hooked you up with GAGA! I WAS THE ONE TO GAIN THE HUMAN TRUST! I was the one who gained you free! ME and now that you have everything I AM NOTHING! Nothing but a Harvester! You know your self I AM More Powerful then a Harvester! I am more powerful then all you Heralds. AND STILL I am nothing! NOTHING!
#102 to #109 - lordcthulhu (07/21/2011) [-]
After the world was mine I promised to give you everything that you ever desired. You would get power, money, and women that would fulfill all of your desires. You are throwing that away now. If you turn against me I will hunt you down to the ends of the universe. Where will you go after that? I will destroy you if you turn away now. But if you decide to stay, I will still reward you by letting you live out every sick desire you ever wanted. If you run away now, I promise that I will make it my life's mission to destroy you, and I will succeed. So, rethink your position.
User avatar #120 to #110 - soosay (07/22/2011) [-]
Yeah little did you know, That Dean is waaaay Greedy!
User avatar #109 to #110 - MaelRadec (07/22/2011) [-]
how pathetic... i expected more...
#103 to #110 - talibanvoltorb (07/21/2011) [-]
I don't care about human desires I want more...I am hungry for the power you command I will not stay in this universe and love its pleasures I WANT MORE. I want the power you have, It should be MINE! Not yours MINE! I fought for it! I WANT IT! I don't fear your Hentai like powers! I have gained followers who also see as I See! He promised you any. And all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. Well I want more I WANT to have the power you command and so do many others, We are hungry and human pleasure doesn't fill our belly's. I WANT More POWER Give Me The Power I Deserve!
#104 to #111 - lordcthulhu (07/21/2011) [-]
You know damn well I don't have "hentai" like powers! I am interested in your followers. Are they as smart as Albert Einstein and Nikolai Tesla? Are they brilliant military tacticians like George S. Patton and Erwin Rommel? Do they have the patience and skill of Simo Hayha and Vasily Zaytsev? Do they have the bravery of Alvin York and Yogendra Singh Yadav? Do they have the loyalty of the Brotherhood of Steel? Do they have the technology that most beings will not have in millions of years? If they do, then you might be able to shine a light to us. My best men will never abandon me, and that is all I need. I have cloning machings scattered all over, so in the event of a hostile situation which manages to decimate my entire army, which is a long shot, I will be able to restore it to its former glory in a few minutes. You may destroy my resources; slaves, materials, etc, but that problem is being solved just this second, my greatest scientists are researching cold fusion, turning water into pure energy. I'm sorry, but even if you somehow destroy my entire regime, I will reincarnate, I will be patient, clone more troops, create a grand army, until the world is once again mine. I hold all the cards.
User avatar #110 to #112 - MaelRadec (07/22/2011) [-]
so many servants point to the fact that your weak...
User avatar #112 to #118 - lordcthulhu (07/22/2011) [-]
Ha! I just need to gain some more power. I was dead thousands of years in the Sunken city! I am just not up to my full potential. And it is always good to have insurance, and a pest exterminator.
#105 to #112 - talibanvoltorb (07/21/2011) [-]
Uhhhh Yeah! We have...That Stuff. (Cough). All the cards? I am the greatest mind you had! You may have all the evolutionary weapons you may need but I have created the greatest weapon known to this universe! I am now a human Sun! my source of power is the energy released from anti-matter. Anti-matter is is the same as normal matter except that the sub-atomic particles are the opposite charge. Therefore, anti-matter and normal matter cannot coexist without exploding. CERN recently made the first particles of anti-matter...apparently kept in in a magnetically charged vacuum to keep it from coming in contact with normal matter. Nuclear fission releases energy with 1.5% efficiency; anti-matter releases energy with 100% efficiency. One gram of anti-matter contains the same energy as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. One droplet could power New York City for a full day. I am the first human anti-matter generator and reactor.I am a human A-Bomb I hold the Power of a billion imploding suns in my hands, I could easily stopped a meteorite the size of Arkansas from striking Earth using my great strength, I have enough strength to split the moon in two with one blow.I survived a 1 megaton atomic bomb exploding in his hands without suffering any type of damage. I have energy manipulation powers using anti-matter.And with all the magic I have gained in Hell I am as powerful as the god I served! and one of my follower so should fear, he has a army at the ready to take your head, MaelRadec sees as I do! MaelRadec is a Master of the Mystic Arts, He is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world.He uses mystical energy invoked upon by spells/incantations or by the power of divine beings to manipulate forces of the universe. And his band of demons are as powerful! We have gained all the power we need!
#106 to #113 - lordcthulhu (07/21/2011) [-]
And yet I have defeated him before. You may be powerful, but you can still die. I have the power of reincarnation, I have the most powerful minds working for me, I have the most powerful military that doubles by the minute. Our technology is getting more advanced by the minute, technology that is millions, perhaps billions, of years ahead of you. There is nothing stopping me from killing you. You may have the power of a star but we have the technology to shield ourselves, and destroy even the strongest star. you cannot even fathom the advances we made. You cannot kill me, nothing can kill me now. I can reincarnate even with the most grievous of wounds. I gave you everything, but you decided to throw it away. You have made the worst, and last, mistake of your life. Nothing can stop me now. Nothing! If I die, I am reborn, more powerful. If my army dies, they are reborn, stronger. I have the technology to protect my men from the worst explosions, and to put out stars. I have already defeated MaelRadec and his army of demons, I have even turned him and his demons to my side. You think a Human-star can stop me now? Think again. Also, we did quite a bit of research on anti-matter. Did you forget about our team of scientists? The greatest minds of this dimension and mine? Well it just so happens that we have developed armor and weaponry that is invulnerable to anti-matter. It appears that your powers are useless against my forces.
User avatar #119 to #114 - soosay (07/22/2011) [-]
I bet you don't got the greatest Russian Super Solider in Existence in your list of killers! I am the greatest solider on this planet! Armor and not I will rip threw your armies like they were retarded school children!
#107 to #114 - talibanvoltorb (07/21/2011) [-]
I never said I was going to Kill you. I have gained the powers of hell. You can not forget my vast mental powers summoning supernatural beings, or using the powers of supernatural items. powers are a function of his ability to manipulate the ambient mystical energy of the Universe. I can channel the virtually unlimited energy of nigh-omnipotent mystical and non-mystical beings--known as Principalities--to empower his spells. This can take the form of stating what he wants to occur. This ability to be a conduit to multi-versal power sources .I am quite capable of utilizing power that is considered "black magic", I can absorb the power of even a cosmic or semi-deity entity. I also have a pact with Eternity allowing me to live as long as the Ancient One and others before him have. With all this I am not going to kill you. I am going to be known as a god! you can guess what I am planning to do with all my cosmic magical energy what I am capable of. Mortal science VS Cosmic Powers. You will see, I will kill you. and Become a god! Be prepared of one hell of a night.
#111 to #115 - lordcthulhu (07/22/2011) [-]
I thank you for having these powers. I will just move all of my demons and I to my realm, close off the realm, have my army wage war with you, you can't get any power from me or my demons, you may gain some power, but that was going to happen anyway. Most of my army in this world were people in this world with exponential fighting ability. They are not supernatural, not even Doctor Who, who is an alien. My army can crush you will I feed it reinforcements from the cloning machines. It may take a while but I am certain we will kill you.
#123 to #119 - talibanvoltorb (07/23/2011) [-]
How do you think to destroy the light? I am far beyond any school girl raping squid. I AM THE Light of this universe! I cannot be killed! I am as powerful as the maker of this universe!
User avatar #124 to #131 - lordcthulhu (07/23/2011) [-]
I. DO. NOT. **** . SCHOOL. GIRLS! So you are essentially part of this universe, yes? You cannot survive without this universe, yes? Well what if I can destroy this universe in one strike, how would you respond to that?
#96 - talibanvoltorb has deleted their comment [-]
#93 - talibanvoltorb (07/20/2011) [-]
Your a Runner UP! Lets crack open some skulls of the innocent to celebrate! It took 40,000 Human avatars and 300,000 Children test subjects but we have your "Weapon of freedom" Ready for america. And I think Gaga is seriously thinking about being your first lady.... Slender Man Left thou. But he did his part! Congrats.Oh and those gas mask comandos are here.

You wanna slit a child face with me? kinda trying to watch my sin intake.
#94 to #101 - lordcthulhu (07/20/2011) [-]
I'm always one to slit a child's face! Oh and I worked out a deal with Satan, all of my associates are going to work for him in Hell. This is fantastic news about the weapon! Gaga will be a fine addition to the team. It's too bad Slender Man left, I hope I can work with him again. Maybe our paths will once again cross. Oh, and good thing those commandos have arrived, I was wondering how long it took for them to get here.
#95 to #102 - talibanvoltorb (07/20/2011) [-]
Like All? Even? Me Why was I not told?
#84 to #90 - lordcthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
I know. I am locked in epic battle right now with him.
User avatar #85 to #92 - HighPriestCthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
This **** is getting like highlander
User avatar #87 to #94 - HighPriestCthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
Already saw that ****
User avatar #88 to #95 - lordcthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
Nice. You can jump in anytime you want, you can be my secret weapon. But you don't have to, I got this.
User avatar #89 to #96 - HighPriestCthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
They are going to start calling us samefags. I'm not helping either of you.
#90 to #97 - lordcthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
At least you aren't helping him. And I understand. Have a cheeseburger.
User avatar #91 to #98 - HighPriestCthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
I have piss still.
User avatar #92 to #99 - HighPriestCthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
To piss*
#61 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Its a back ground! When I saw it in the store made me think of you...
User avatar #83 to #69 - HighPriestCthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
That was a ******** RP
#63 to #69 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
This is why I need to be elected president. Let's see THIS happen.
#64 to #71 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
I would get you in but the Republicans are really showing aggression to our flesh eating man-apes sir. And you can't peek your head up until December.

(Nother Background)
#65 to #72 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Looks like 2016 then.
#66 to #73 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Hopefully, At best the face eating thing will get votes. People like there faces. And to boot I already got you the perfect public vice president.

Meet Mister Slender Man. he is a big fan of your work and you could use all the help you can get, Your running against the daughter of Satan.
#67 to #74 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Damn Satan. Always trying to outdo me ever since I cleaned him out in Vegas.
#68 to #75 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Don't worry we already got you started in the press. Now we just need Slender Man to make a few politics go missing and your a show in. Just try to act hotter then Satan's Daughter.

Now hold still for the Pic.
User avatar #69 to #76 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Let's just hope the opposing party doesn't dig into my past. It would be a PR nightmare.
#70 to #77 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Slender Man has all media at bay.We just need to to posses a human avatar or 2 and pretend to be one of them. Then all the pieces fall into your favor Then we win! You can be evil as a human and as your self. Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young up-and-coming politician. He's a deeply religious man and a member of the conservative party. He's completely single-minded and has no regard for the political process. The more power he attains, the more obvious his zealotry and the more aggressive his supporters become. Eventually, his party launches a special project in the name of national security. At first, it's believed to be a search for biological weapons and is pursued without regard to its cost. However, the true goal of this project is power. Complete and total hegemonic domination. The project, however, ends violently. But the efforts of those involved are not in vain, for a new ability to wage war is born from the blood of the victims. Imagine a virus, the most terrifying virus you can, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure. But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon?

<----Me in the picture
#71 to #78 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Well we can't kill everyone. We must destroy a few nations to spark fear in the rest. We will use that fear to our advantage, to dominate them. Then all of Earth will be under my control. The Eternity of Darkness shall begin.
#72 to #79 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
That the best part sir. We kill people in our country as a "Terrorism attempt" Much like Satan did with You need to login to view this link is at this point in our story that along comes a spider: He is a man seemingly without a conscience for whom the ends always justify the means, and it is he who suggests that their target should not be an enemy of the country, but rather the country itself. Three targets are chosen to maximize the effect of the attack: a school, a tube station, and a water treatment plant. Several hundred die within the first few weeks.Fueled by the media, fear and panic spread quickly, fracturing and dividing the country until at last the true goal comes into view. Before the Saint Mary's crisis, no one would have predicted the results of the election that year, no one. And then not long after the election, lo and behold, a miracle! Some believed it was the work of God Himself, but it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members that made them all obscenely rich. A year later, several extremists are tried, found guilty and executed while a memorial is built to canonize their victims. But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the fear. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government, and through it our politician was ultimately appointed to the newly created position of High Chancellor.
User avatar #73 to #80 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
When the rest of the world is under our control, the mission begins. We will spread our influence all over this galaxy. When it is under our control, we will repeat this again, and again, until the whole universe is under our control. We will then begin again in the next universe, and the next.
#74 to #81 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
This is Satan's youngest daughter. Kyra Jones is her human name,This is her. She is the only thing standing in your way. Now before I ask Slender Man to take anymore heads may I ask what is in it for me? What am I after this or will you kill me off?

<---(Kyra Wall Paper)
#75 to #82 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
You will survive to see the fruits of your labor. You will not become a slave like the rest. I will leave a bit of earth wherever you want. And, of course, any human female or male of your liking to live with you and satisfy any of your human fantasies. I take good care of those who help me.
#76 to #83 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
I am sorry for doubting you Lord.

And We will destroy all the opposing sides,We turn them on each other like the animals they are. Cruelty and injustice...intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told...if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. We give them anarchy, And then they will need someone to bring order, Then you take over your avatar and become the needed hero the knight in shining armor.
User avatar #77 to #84 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
This is the greatest plan ever created. I am feeling more charitable then usual. You can have 10 human females or males that you desire. We will triumph.
#78 to #85 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Lord Thank YOU Thank YOU! Me and the Slender Man will not fail you sir! We will not! People will want you! He promised you order. He promised you peace. And all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. I will serve you well sir! VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villian by the vicissitudes of Fate.

May I ask you... I want the heart of Sunflower the earth goddess!
#79 to #86 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
I believe I have never heard of her. Nevertheless, she shall be yours. There is no doubt that we will succeed.
#80 to #87 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Slender MAN. Take us away we will burn the American Land like a hellish wild fire! And Kyra's Head will be yours. We will meet on December Lord all mighty!
#81 to #88 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Victory is mine.
#62 to #69 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Please don't Kill me.... its in your image oh great one..
User avatar #60 - MaelRadec (06/11/2011) [-]
hey you alright?
User avatar #59 - MaelRadec (06/10/2011) [-]
hey cuthuluhu (i guess) long time no talk...
#52 - talibanvoltorb (04/27/2011) [-]
#53 to #60 - lordcthulhu (04/27/2011) [-]
No thanks. I'm good.
#54 to #61 - talibanvoltorb (04/27/2011) [-]
It wasn't a request!
User avatar #55 to #62 - lordcthulhu (04/27/2011) [-]
was it an invitation? If it was, then no.
User avatar #57 to #63 - MaelRadec (04/27/2011) [-]
need help?
User avatar #58 to #65 - lordcthulhu (04/27/2011) [-]
Nope. It's all good.
#56 to #63 - talibanvoltorb (04/27/2011) [-]
It was a order!
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