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#61 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Its a back ground! When I saw it in the store made me think of you...
#83 to #69 - HighPriestCthulhu (07/19/2011) [-]
That was a ******** RP
#63 to #69 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
This is why I need to be elected president. Let's see THIS happen.
#64 to #71 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
I would get you in but the Republicans are really showing aggression to our flesh eating man-apes sir. And you can't peek your head up until December.

(Nother Background)
#65 to #72 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Looks like 2016 then.
#66 to #73 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Hopefully, At best the face eating thing will get votes. People like there faces. And to boot I already got you the perfect public vice president.

Meet Mister Slender Man. he is a big fan of your work and you could use all the help you can get, Your running against the daughter of Satan.
#67 to #74 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Damn Satan. Always trying to outdo me ever since I cleaned him out in Vegas.
#68 to #75 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Don't worry we already got you started in the press. Now we just need Slender Man to make a few politics go missing and your a show in. Just try to act hotter then Satan's Daughter.

Now hold still for the Pic.
#69 to #76 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Let's just hope the opposing party doesn't dig into my past. It would be a PR nightmare.
#70 to #77 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Slender Man has all media at bay.We just need to to posses a human avatar or 2 and pretend to be one of them. Then all the pieces fall into your favor Then we win! You can be evil as a human and as your self. Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young up-and-coming politician. He's a deeply religious man and a member of the conservative party. He's completely single-minded and has no regard for the political process. The more power he attains, the more obvious his zealotry and the more aggressive his supporters become. Eventually, his party launches a special project in the name of national security. At first, it's believed to be a search for biological weapons and is pursued without regard to its cost. However, the true goal of this project is power. Complete and total hegemonic domination. The project, however, ends violently. But the efforts of those involved are not in vain, for a new ability to wage war is born from the blood of the victims. Imagine a virus, the most terrifying virus you can, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure. But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon?

<----Me in the picture
#71 to #78 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Well we can't kill everyone. We must destroy a few nations to spark fear in the rest. We will use that fear to our advantage, to dominate them. Then all of Earth will be under my control. The Eternity of Darkness shall begin.
#72 to #79 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
That the best part sir. We kill people in our country as a "Terrorism attempt" Much like Satan did with You need to login to view this link is at this point in our story that along comes a spider: He is a man seemingly without a conscience for whom the ends always justify the means, and it is he who suggests that their target should not be an enemy of the country, but rather the country itself. Three targets are chosen to maximize the effect of the attack: a school, a tube station, and a water treatment plant. Several hundred die within the first few weeks.Fueled by the media, fear and panic spread quickly, fracturing and dividing the country until at last the true goal comes into view. Before the Saint Mary's crisis, no one would have predicted the results of the election that year, no one. And then not long after the election, lo and behold, a miracle! Some believed it was the work of God Himself, but it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members that made them all obscenely rich. A year later, several extremists are tried, found guilty and executed while a memorial is built to canonize their victims. But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the fear. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government, and through it our politician was ultimately appointed to the newly created position of High Chancellor.
#73 to #80 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
When the rest of the world is under our control, the mission begins. We will spread our influence all over this galaxy. When it is under our control, we will repeat this again, and again, until the whole universe is under our control. We will then begin again in the next universe, and the next.
#74 to #81 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
This is Satan's youngest daughter. Kyra Jones is her human name,This is her. She is the only thing standing in your way. Now before I ask Slender Man to take anymore heads may I ask what is in it for me? What am I after this or will you kill me off?

<---(Kyra Wall Paper)
#75 to #82 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
You will survive to see the fruits of your labor. You will not become a slave like the rest. I will leave a bit of earth wherever you want. And, of course, any human female or male of your liking to live with you and satisfy any of your human fantasies. I take good care of those who help me.
#76 to #83 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
I am sorry for doubting you Lord.

And We will destroy all the opposing sides,We turn them on each other like the animals they are. Cruelty and injustice...intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told...if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. We give them anarchy, And then they will need someone to bring order, Then you take over your avatar and become the needed hero the knight in shining armor.
#77 to #84 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
This is the greatest plan ever created. I am feeling more charitable then usual. You can have 10 human females or males that you desire. We will triumph.
#78 to #85 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Lord Thank YOU Thank YOU! Me and the Slender Man will not fail you sir! We will not! People will want you! He promised you order. He promised you peace. And all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. I will serve you well sir! Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villian by the vicissitudes of Fate.

May I ask you... I want the heart of Sunflower the earth goddess!
#79 to #86 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
I believe I have never heard of her. Nevertheless, she shall be yours. There is no doubt that we will succeed.
#80 to #87 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Slender MAN. Take us away we will burn the American Land like a hellish wild fire! And Kyra's Head will be yours. We will meet on December Lord all mighty!
#81 to #88 - lordcthulhu (07/17/2011) [-]
Victory is mine.
#62 to #69 - talibanvoltorb (07/17/2011) [-]
Please don't Kill me.... its in your image oh great one..