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#9 - Psychopathy is when there are emotions for which you have no s… 27 minutes ago on Psychopaths [Yang-do Artwork] 0
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#4 - dislikinator (3 hours ago) [-]

If you were to make a difference (and for psychology, there isn't. They're both 'anti-social personality disorder), the psychopath uses their apathy to distance themselves from the victim while the sociopath uses the apathy to use their victims without remorse.
Jinx is a psychopath
Harley is both
And in psychiatry it doesn't matter, it's the same (APD).
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#9 - lolollo (27 minutes ago) [-]
Psychopathy is when there are emotions for which you have no subjective experience for. The typical ones are guilt, empathy, and sorrow, though they're discovering that psychopathy is more like a spectrum, with certain people being more "psychopathic" than others.

Sociopathy is where you glean reinforcement and the subjective feeling of joy and accomplishment from what is known to be socially unacceptable actions like murder, bullying, and calling off from work an hour before you're scheduled to come in and relieve the guy before you .

Psychopaths murder and main from an inexplicable drive to do so with the propensity for reinforcement via negative reinforcement. Sociopaths murder and maim for the same reason you play video games and jerk it to tentacle Loli porn.
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#5 - kinginthenorth (2 hours ago) [-]
I always thought they were synonymous. But then i found some article that said the sociopaths were the more impulsive of the two.
Isn't APD just a spectrum?
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#6 - dislikinator (2 hours ago) [-]
Everything is a spectrum, but sociopathy and psychopathy aren't officially recognised so you can make anything of it what you want and you're never technically wrong as long as you stay within APD.

Sociopaths being more impulsive would come from the exact opposite: psychopaths being way more brooding than normal people. Sociopaths are said to resemble normal people in every day conversation, including impulsivity.

However, if you look at other personality disorders, especially Narcissistic (NPD), it really muddies the water since people seen as sociopaths can actually be this rather than actual APD/Sociopaths.

Conclusion: whatever. Pick what you want. Just know it's APD you're talking about if you're talking about either sociopathy or psychopathy.
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#7 - kinginthenorth (2 hours ago) [-]
Neato. I looked into it a while ago because i'm not the most empathic of people, to put it lightly. Decided to drop it after a while though, since most of the articles talked about different things that all came down to "Yeah it's whatever".
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#8 - dislikinator (1 hour ago) [-]
I looked into it as well. My twin sis is an actual APD and I'm somewhere on the spectrum. My dad is a hardcore NPD. Unbearable to be with.
My sis has a master in psychology (manipulation), but she basically conffirmed these things during her bachelor.
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#12 - jakotad (5 hours ago) [-]
Quit reading my mind.
#14 - lolollo (12 minutes ago) [-]
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