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  • Views: 4298
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    Uploaded: 10/08/11
    dumb bitch dumb bitch
  • Views: 6516
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    Uploaded: 05/19/10
    Clever comic title! Clever comic title!
  • Views: 4159
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    Uploaded: 05/14/10
    Took me all night to do this Took me all night to do this
  • Views: 2540
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    Uploaded: 09/18/11
    Why pandora! Why pandora!
  • Views: 786
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    Uploaded: 11/03/11
    High School High School
  • Views: 727
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    Uploaded: 10/03/11
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#11 - > Talking about street fighting > Refer to some fi…  [+] (1 new reply) 22 hours ago on What did you just call me +3
User avatar #41 - schnizel (15 hours ago) [-]
Nigga I'm the schnizel
I live in the hood and you gota survive man
gangsta fo life yo
#34 - Why should we respect anyone who's physically fit? It's not l… 22 hours ago on actual PTSD +1
#33 - He said "new" 23 hours ago on #rood 0
#77 - Wait......so their stance is that breasts should be labeled as…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/26/2014 on one step closer. +1
#82 - zacharyladdison (08/26/2014) [-]
theyre still trying to follow the law
#20 - The predestined nature of our universe comes from the fact tha… 08/26/2014 on Predestined 0
#18 - All joking aside, it is fun as **** to watch the … 08/26/2014 on Let Me Call An Expert 0
#195 - You're mashing into your private parts with the sole purpose o… 08/26/2014 on PCMR 0
#166 - Just think about it...there are stories of people getting off …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/26/2014 on PCMR 0
User avatar #168 - tonkkax (08/26/2014) [-]
So you mean to tell me that you are completely open to the idea of people getting off to the scent of your pubic hair? You mean to tell me that there isn't a line of dignity to cross before you can be labeled a freak?
User avatar #195 - lolollo (08/26/2014) [-]
You're mashing into your private parts with the sole purpose of fulfilling primal, instinctual urges that society will deem "undignified" anyway. The simple fact that one of the distinctions society would have me use for your private parts is "private parts" is proof of that.

The matter isn't that there's some line we're supposed to avoid crossing, it's that dignifying lines to cross at all is a bit irrelevant for the socially sanctioned "civilized" nature of the act itself. Even using simple classifications like "illegal" or "legal" borderlines on irrelevant since the simple act being done in certain situations is itself "illegal."

So yeah, you can continue to sit there on the supposed moral high horse one can have when it comes to "beating your meat" while everyone else is simply beating their meat and enjoying themselves.
#165 - And some people like premium scat porn. The issue isn't that … 08/26/2014 on PCMR +3
#163 - except that you actually don't... 08/26/2014 on PCMR 0
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User avatar #33 - icheatjews (04/20/2014) [-]

These faggots must be stopped... Join the cause

Do it for the kids
User avatar #32 - captainfuckitall (03/08/2014) [-]
User avatar #31 - captainfuckitall (03/08/2014) [-]
User avatar #30 - captainfuckitall (03/08/2014) [-]
User avatar #29 - captainfuckitall (03/08/2014) [-]
User avatar #26 - thechosentroll (01/09/2014) [-]
Did my comment that you replied to just disappear?
User avatar #27 to #26 - lolollo (01/09/2014) [-]
The whole content disappeared.
User avatar #28 to #27 - thechosentroll (01/09/2014) [-]
#25 - extooso has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #23 - extooso (10/24/2013) [-]
casprizzle wehn you read this i want you to know that i love you <3 casprizzle
#22 - khl (05/08/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #20 to #19 - lolollo (11/23/2012) [-]
Thank you.

Honestly I don't have anything against girls being geeks...I just hate attention whores.

That and all of this **** about relationships is starting to sound whiny.
User avatar #21 to #20 - whitenerdy (11/23/2012) [-]
The phrase "Tits or gtfo" was originally used for situations like this, when a female used her dominance though her gender to make other people seek her attention.

And yeah, the comic where she promoted that it's hard for her to get boys when she was horny, or when she made a comic about how Europe have a low attention span and called it "European style!" that really rustled my jimmied beyond my normal infuriated level.
#17 - Sunset has deleted their comment [-]
#18 to #18 - anonymous (12/28/2011) [-]
#13 - zetaroxos **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #14 to #14 - lolollo (12/19/2011) [-]

Thank you.
User avatar #4 - Crownowa (12/17/2011) [-]
One positive thing of our conversation was finding a flaw in the system go figure. Just remember that sleep if for the weak ;)
User avatar #5 to #5 - lolollo (12/17/2011) [-]
God **** all. You may want to know you're getting asstons of red thumbs on the conversation we had last night.

Sometimes I hate this site.
User avatar #7 to #6 - Crownowa (12/18/2011) [-]
I just realized that if I got a **** load of thumbs down then they must have all thumbed you up! Congrats. It looks like we really amused people.
User avatar #8 to #8 - lolollo (12/18/2011) [-]
I know, it's just that some comments I make to try and be funny...and some I don't. The conversation we had was the later. It's just now I feel like a douche because apparently I have a fanbase.
User avatar #9 to #9 - Crownowa (12/18/2011) [-]
Haha don't be. It's not like I come on this site to actually try and prove a point or to act myself or find friends to add on facebook. I treat it as a filtered version of 4chan. I've only recently started taking the approach I had with you to see how people react and it caused a ********* . I'll remember it for later when I find something amusing to comment on again.
User avatar #10 to #10 - lolollo (12/18/2011) [-]
I feel less bad now, I'm in a discussion with (several) someone over how exactly females get friendzoned if the guys are the ones who initiate the "relationship" possibility and getting flack for it. Do you know? I wondering exactly how a girl gets friendzoned. Does she have to be the one to ask for the relationship? I can imagine the random comment made by the guy, but how often does that happen?
User avatar #11 to #11 - Crownowa (12/18/2011) [-]
No need to feel bad at all. It's like feeling bad for not being able to get 4chan to count to 10 :) Interesting. Usually it would be the person asking for a relationship who get friendzoned. Unless we say that someone's general comments friendzone someone else before there is even a chance of asking for a relationship. But if a man asks a woman for a relationship, if she says yes, then wouldn't they start dating? If they/he/she "just want to be friends" later then that's not friendzoning. There are times when someone asks another out but actually has no intention of dating (perhaps the person has been dared or has a bet or just wants to troll the other person) and then puts the person in the friendzone after the agreement of starting a relationship. I don't see that happening often though, usually the let-down is something much worse that friendzoning.
User avatar #12 to #12 - lolollo (12/18/2011) [-]
Ok thank you. At least you didn't just repeat "she's ugly" like everyone did when I asked the general populous. I know this site has the average education of a sophomore, but even 8th graders learn the difference between "why" and "how".
User avatar #15 to #13 - Crownowa (12/21/2011) [-]
Ha well I find it easier to stop and be logical than to try and make **** up to get on people's nerves, especially when its such a clearcut question as that :) Oddly enough, I had a course about Modes of Reasoning that could have asked similar questions. You may enjoy that kind of course.
User avatar #16 to #16 - lolollo (12/21/2011) [-]
If one pops up here, I'll look into it.
User avatar #6 to #6 - Crownowa (12/18/2011) [-]
I saw that and I don't care. It's easy for me to get them back. I don't care about thumbs anymore, I just say whatever I want to say. Seems like I keep getting a following of people who hates my guts.
User avatar #3 - scrubs (08/19/2011) [-]
User avatar #2 - badboywantsu (08/02/2011) [-]
feeding the tr olls keeps them alive and me entertained
#1 - anonymous Comment deleted by lolollo [-]
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