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Nanomachines, son.

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#23 - Picture 07/21/2015 on Doot +7
#10 - If I remember correctly, you're not really supposed to hold a … 07/21/2015 on Some futuristic gadgets 0
#17 - You write ">>" then the post number without …  [+] (13 new replies) 07/21/2015 on o +6
User avatar #28 - badsamaritan (07/21/2015) [-]
>>#23, >>#24, or just click the number
User avatar #33 - killerliquid (07/21/2015) [-]
wait what
User avatar #35 - badsamaritan (07/21/2015) [-]
User avatar #36 - killerliquid (07/21/2015) [-]
no no I mean click the number part
User avatar #38 - badsamaritan (07/21/2015) [-]
User avatar #39 - killerliquid (07/21/2015) [-]

well fuck
User avatar #29 - xevilpenguinx (07/21/2015) [-]
What? What sorcery are we learning today?
User avatar #37 - badsamaritan (07/21/2015) [-]
Yeah the number closest to the avitar
Click reply, then click on the comment you want to link to, very common on the anime board
User avatar #34 - badsamaritan (07/21/2015) [-]
Its been around for a long while tbh
User avatar #40 - xevilpenguinx (07/21/2015) [-]
>>#37, Like this?
#18 - bronywiseman (07/21/2015) [-]
Thank you sweetheart.
Hug for you!
#31 - antibronywiseman (07/21/2015) [-]
#93 - slenderize (07/21/2015) [-]
Here. Use this one instead.
#79 - Well Battle Tendency is sometimes lumped in with Phantom Blood… 07/19/2015 on pookii no! +3
#77 - This is (a gif of) the part where Caesar dies during …  [+] (3 new replies) 07/19/2015 on pookii no! +3
User avatar #78 - rghrbogbaroy (07/19/2015) [-]
iv been looking around, for some reason i just cant find the entire BT series to watch fully
User avatar #122 - trollinggenius (07/19/2015) [-]
Just go to crunchyroll.com it has the entire show and its easy to navigate
User avatar #79 - lolnop (07/19/2015) [-]
Well Battle Tendency is sometimes lumped in with Phantom Blood on some anime sites as "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2012", so that might be why it's hard to find it. Phantom Blood was episodes 1-9, and Battle Tendency went through episodes 10-26.

This is where I watched it: anilinkz.tv/jojo-s-bizarre-adventure-2012-episode-10

I started you on the first episode of Battle Tendency, and there's a bunch of different sources underneath the video player so pick your poison and enjoy!
#35 - No problem man, I love talking about this stuff. You … 07/13/2015 on Legend Of Zelda Modern Warfare +2
#22 - It happens a few times in game: At the end of A Link to …  [+] (2 new replies) 07/13/2015 on Legend Of Zelda Modern Warfare +5
#30 - hillbillypowpow (07/13/2015) [-]
Yo homie that was a bunch of cool shit, thanks for correcting me. Where is the sacred world in ocarina?
User avatar #35 - lolnop (07/13/2015) [-]
No problem man, I love talking about this stuff.

You only actually go to the Sacred Realm in Ocarina of Time a handful of times. The first is when you pull out the Master Sword, which transports you to the Temple of Light which is referred to as the "cornerstone of the Sacred Realm" by Rauru the Light Sage. Because Ganondorf had predicted Link would open the Door of Time (and thus, the door to the Sacred Realm) he invades it to find the Triforce. Though he only acquires the Triforce of Power, his wickedness turns the Sacred Realm into a "living hell" words of the Hyrule Historia, page 87 empowering him and bolstering his demon army. Since the Temple of Light is the only safe place in the Sacred Realm, Link never leaves its walls and only returns to the Sacred Realm whenever a Sage is reinstated i.e., whenever you beat a temple and get a medallion .

So long story short: Ganondorf screwed up the Sacred Realm so you can't visit it like you could in A Link to the Past. Normally, the Sacred Realm would be accessible via the Temple of Time. They probably did want to include the Hyrule/Dark World mechanic from ALttP, but the limitations of the Nintendo 64 are likely the reason it didn't happen.
#19 - brb 07/13/2015 on Legend Of Zelda Modern Warfare +45
#59 - I wouldn't say he's a pussy, because he has some pretty good r…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/11/2015 on Ye olde mango 0
User avatar #60 - tiagodisouza (07/11/2015) [-]
what is kaiji about anyway
#33 - The 2nd one is supposed to be this scene from Kaiji as…  [+] (5 new replies) 07/11/2015 on Ye olde mango 0
User avatar #42 - tiagodisouza (07/11/2015) [-]
is kaiji good? I hadn't heard ot it before
#47 - anon (07/11/2015) [-]
Its really fucking good, be aware that Kaiji is a really big loser that cries a lot, other than that it is a really really good underappreciated anime.
User avatar #48 - tiagodisouza (07/11/2015) [-]
not sure if i wanna watch an anime where the mc is a pussy
User avatar #59 - lolnop (07/11/2015) [-]
I wouldn't say he's a pussy, because he has some pretty good reasons to cry. Kaiji is a very human character, so he's got flaws that he has to deal with in the face of adversity. If you want to watch an anime in a similar vein, there is always Akagi. The main character is pretty much a badass who provides an interesting contrast to Kaiji in a way . However, that anime focuses on mahjong gambling, so you may find yourself grasping at straws trying to comprehend the intricacies of japanese style mahjong, but it's still a very good thriller even if you never really pay attention to the specifics of the mahjong games you can totally ignore the explanations of point values for hands and whatnot, although the anime does make a pretty good attempt at explaining it

So all in all I'd highly recommend Kaiji, since it has a lot of interesting commentary and high tension situations that make for an engaging experience. Give it a shot, it's a very human look at gambling and the emotions it evokes. Also sorry for the late response and the long post whoops
User avatar #60 - tiagodisouza (07/11/2015) [-]
what is kaiji about anyway
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