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#50 - Oh yeah, that I can understand. Relative to dark souls 1, I fo… 05/09/2016 on Dark Souls is too hard 0
#48 - No. Dark souls is hard. It's incredibly hard, and if someone t…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/09/2016 on Dark Souls is too hard 0
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#283 - vladhellsing (05/09/2016) [-]
Once you understand how to beat the game you'll realise "Huh, that wasn't so difficult after all". It doesn't require complicated button combos and split-second timing (unless you're a parry king) it just requires a little patience and for players to use their head instead of just "mash attack button until everything in front of you breaks".
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#49 - jsrf (05/09/2016) [-]
actually i was just saying from my personal experience, i played 1 and 2, and i found the second one to be easier mainly because i understood how the game worked
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#50 - lolerbot (05/09/2016) [-]
Oh yeah, that I can understand. Relative to dark souls 1, I found 2 easier as well, probably because I knew how it worked from playing the first.
#5 - >standing still and firing slowly instead of backpedaling t… 05/08/2016 on When Vader finds you in... +18
#803 - **lolerbot used "*roll picture*"** **lolerbot rolled image ** 05/07/2016 on ROLL for your sexuality +1
#26 - I understand it could be annoying but I still would find that funny. 05/06/2016 on WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT SHE... +2
#1 - some indie games are good, some are bad. some big games ar…  [+] (5 new replies) 05/06/2016 on indie games +50
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#13 - hornyfurry (05/06/2016) [-]
I really hate those pixel indie games that are literally worse than those free flash games you can play online for free, bonus points of shittiness if the indie dev uses the stupid "nostalgia" excuse when making a pixel style game
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#14 - zestyfox (05/06/2016) [-]
Or worse, paid indie games that run on Flash, but are so poorly optomised, they make the computer lag even with pixel graphics
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#12 - mrpotatofudge (05/06/2016) [-]
Which is why we are angry when the big are bad
and fucking pleased when the small are good

we have expectations of things and some game ads set are expectations too high which is why they tend to fail yet make huge profits off the original sell

some indie games do really well because they show of basic gameplay and people know what to expect

these are my thoughts

i like my thoughts
#4 - anon (05/06/2016) [-]
Lots of indie games are shit. Lots of indie game developers know reviewers and praise their shit as great.

Lots of big games are shit. Lots of big game developers pay money, exclusive content(both physical and digital), and world class trips to help garner praise for their shit.

Who is supposed to help us determine whether or not a game is good or bad? /v/ has people literally paid to make and continue threads that discuss and criticize games but ultimately praise them. When you've bought a shit game you lose time and money and the shitty developer wins. When you buy a good game it's worth it but the shitty devs just continue their practices. It may seem like it's that simple but it's not.
#5 - blancka (05/06/2016) [-]
>Find a small number of reviewers that you find yourself to agree with on a somewhat consistent basis.
>No longer have to use random review which you claim are unreliable

It is pretty simple. Like any product, you never know the full extent of how much you enjoy a game until you buy or pirate it. That's not an issue, that's the only way any industry with any sort of creative industry can thrive. Subjectivity is a huge matter in these things, and for most people, the price of a game here and there isn't too much, especially with sales (mostly PC, but there's plenty of good deals for console games online too that make them easily affordable for most)
#14 - "Here, I'll put it on speaker."  [+] (3 new replies) 05/06/2016 on Anon drives a friend +187
#59 - rumpledforeskin (05/06/2016) [-]
i'll livestream it
#56 - ProjectDelta (05/06/2016) [-]
#21 - thesunpraiser (05/06/2016) [-]
#17 - I got a thumb once.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/03/2016 on Half Life +16
#21 - anon (05/03/2016) [-]
now twice!
#29 - "oh **** I dropped my phone" *sirens blaring*  [+] (3 new replies) 05/02/2016 on COOL iNVENTIONS +20
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#59 - hamshef (05/03/2016) [-]
Oh shit I'm being stabbed, better hold until I'm safe
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#72 - ocdrawer (05/03/2016) [-]
I think you missed the point, mate, when your hand comes off it'll notify the police to your location and the fact you could potentially be in danger without notifying the perpetrators to the fact the police are on their way. It'd be super handy in situations where you don't know where you are or if you need to be quiet.
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#30 - therealfell (05/02/2016) [-]
you just have to enter a code to deactivate it
#15 - that actually sounds kinda badass. i would start lifting if i …  [+] (1 new reply) 04/30/2016 on /fit/izen is forced to go... +11
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#22 - ipwnallnubz (05/01/2016) [-]
You won't lift if you get shot.