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I'm just a guy seeking pleasure in the simple things of life. Grateful for the wealth I do have, thankful for the diseases I don't.

Don't aim to outshine the stars - aim to shine among them.
Unseen and yet adding to the beauty that is the world. The best part is: You always shine, however dim it may be. So you're always part of the beauty that is the world.

If you fear that you might not be shining at all, hit me up. I'll help you see your own light.

Besides that I'm also pretty cool. Yo.

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#61 - >Gaius Pumidius Dipilus was here on October 3rd 78 BC G…  [+] (2 replies) 09/08/2016 on In rome do as the romans do +15
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#64 - logiblack (09/08/2016) [-]
Also Appelus the chamberlain and Dexter, the slave of Caesar were nice men.
They came back the next year to do yet another grafitti to express their statisfaction.
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#63 - kaminaofteamgurren (09/08/2016) [-]
I assume when they translated these they also changed the dates to how we would do them.
#10 - *****, just youtube your topic and you're good to go. It'l…  [+] (2 replies) 09/01/2016 on Home work 0
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#13 - emiyashirou (09/01/2016) [-]
As someone studying accounting, I can attest that your suggested approach does not work in my field. Particularly Tax. Fuck Tax.
#15 - logiblack (09/01/2016) [-]
>How teachers think homework work
That might be because content as well as my comment had children in school in mind.
Also: Did you actually try searching for it or do you just reckon that it's too specific for Youtube?
There's lots of obscure teaching on youtube and similar platforms. The maths-man I used back in school also does lots of stuff on university-maths.
A quick "Accounting" google gives me plenty of lectures on accounting.
Sometimes a different teacher is already enough for you to grasp the idea that's currently lacking.
Since I know jackshit about accounting I can't search for specific topics.

If all fails, take your own advice.
Didn't know which redman-picture to post. Take this one.
#8 - I don't like how Danny already is the nickname. It feels…  [+] (1 reply) 09/01/2016 on dan 0
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#12 - Haruhi (09/01/2016) [-]
my parents called me danny as I grew up so thats what I always was called
#5 - My name's Danny and not Dan. But I prefer to be called Dan…  [+] (3 replies) 09/01/2016 on dan 0
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#6 - Haruhi (09/01/2016) [-]
my name is Daniel, people call me Danny, and I ask to be called Dan at work cuz it sounds more professional.
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#8 - logiblack (09/01/2016) [-]
I don't like how Danny already is the nickname.
It feels a bit overfamiliar with some people - especially at work. All the more since Danny is quite the unusual name where I'm from and, if used, only ever as a nickname.

I'm fine with first-name basis on work, but nicknames are something that should be kept out of it imo. People assume I'm asking them to call me by my nickname. So it looks like I'm unprofessional and some people see it as an invitation to get a little bit too chummy with me.

So I go by Dan. I like people asking me whether it's short for Daniel or Dennis and I go "Nono, short for Danny actually."
I also like the idea of only friends calling me by my true name.

An alternative would be to go by my second name Keith. But that's even more of a pain in the ass because the th-sound doesn't exist over here. So people don't get my name, ask me several times until I have to explain it and they'll still mispronounce it anyway even if they do eventually catch my name.
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#12 - Haruhi (09/01/2016) [-]
my parents called me danny as I grew up so thats what I always was called
#4 - The best one of course, praetor.  [+] (1 reply) 08/30/2016 on Seibaboo +3
#6 - anon (08/30/2016) [-]
Two cocks in one panel?

Or am I missing something?
#14 - Who's will? 08/30/2016 on Ult Off +3