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I'm just a guy seeking pleasure in the simple things of life. Grateful for the wealth I do have, thankful for the diseases I don't.

Don't aim to outshine the stars - aim to shine among them.
Unseen and yet adding to the beauty that is the world. The best part is: You always shine, however dim it may be. So you're always part of the beauty that is the world.

If you fear that you might not be shining at all, hit me up. I'll help you see your own light.

Besides that I'm also pretty cool. Yo.

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#9 - Oh ****, it's a  [+] (2 replies) 05/18/2016 on luke cage +124
#12 - hotseat (05/18/2016) [-]
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#14 - mrpotatofudge (05/18/2016) [-]
i honestly could not tell

i though the electro magic ninja guy was upset that he was unable to do any damage and gain xp because the black guy was over leveled
#15 - Picture 05/18/2016 on Caught red handed +48
#26 - We live in a house meant to hold a multi-generational family, …  [+] (4 replies) 05/18/2016 on Robot gets caught +3
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#37 - Gandalfthewhite (05/18/2016) [-]
Dude you have a fair few years of living with your parents and it being fine. Damn near every 21 year old lives with their parents except some at university but that doesn't really count because they still come home.
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#29 - winterconcerten (05/18/2016) [-]
You're 21, you're allowed to live with your parents....
#28 - allthehomo (05/18/2016) [-]
Maybe encourage her to take on tenants or students or something so you can move out and live on your own for a while. Your younger brother will be there too, so it won't be so weird for her. You can always move back in at a later time, once you've actually got a family to fill the place up. And when you don't need the tenants, you can always kick them out.
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#33 - logiblack (05/18/2016) [-]
The brother would make her all the more likely to succumb to madness.
But that's a different story. The student-tenant is halfway done.
An internet-friend of mine decided to study in my city and to lessen the burden on him with moving and all that stuff right from the beginning I suggested he lives with us for a while.

For actual tenants we'd need the house in a proper state first. It's a really old house, heater often malfunctioning, rigid walls and all sorts of problems. Demanding rent would be mad, proper would be us paying the tenants lol.
Neither me nor mom know jackshit about that stuff plus we lack time and money to renovate it. We're getting somewhere though.