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    The victory Face The victory Face

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#34 - jesusisagoose (4 hours ago) [-]
oh god not the newest comments
#2 - **loganmadder used "*roll picture*"** **loganmadder rolled … 4 hours ago on Your roll decides my fate -1
#10 - that slow fall 4 hours ago on Old dog, new tricks +3
#12 - Holy **** it cracked me up when that thing flipped back… 15 hours ago on Crack-a-Lackin' +11
#111 - When he shot it out of the air 16 hours ago on GTA 5 Ramp Truck Mod +1
#1 - I don't care 10/04/2015 on Need an SVG of this -5
#22 - I did it just by watching the original gif, just shove down on… 10/04/2015 on How to drink a bottle of... 0
#11 - T i ender 10/04/2015 on tinder robot +14
#17 - BRB off to watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter  [+] (10 new replies) 10/04/2015 on Railroad fire +8
#21 - graphomaniac (10/04/2015) [-]
I love that movie.

And his axe gun holy shit.
#27 - rockstarownage (10/04/2015) [-]
from my understanding of that picture the barrel is the handle correct? and it fires out of the end opposite of the blade.

Are you trying to kill yourself with this thing? imagine swinging it at someone and it goes off, boom you're dead. plus if you wanted to shoot someone you'd have to turn it around in the process of trying to kill someone. why not just make it fire the other way so you fire from the direction you're already holding?
#28 - graphomaniac (10/04/2015) [-]
It a bit more complicated in the movie, you have to pull the head of the axe back for the firing mechanism to well fire.
And it just fits with how he swings it. Plus, it's a movie and I'm not a gun expert I just like how it slashes and shoots.

Though I can't find the gif where he uses the gun in close combat right in the vampire face. It's pretty cool though. And I'm guessing if you have the barrel be where the axe is, you loosen the durability of the axe itself? I don't know...
#29 - rockstarownage (10/04/2015) [-]
thats true, the lessening durability. good point, and it does sound incredibly badass though. the picture just makes it look a bit impractical, but its a movie who gives a fuck if its practical if its badass
#31 - graphomaniac (10/04/2015) [-]
That's pretty much my argument for most action movies. If it entertains me, and relatively within the laws of our universe then I'm totally okay with it.

The picture is from someone who just wanted to draw it as well, I don't know if it's the same as the original. I just really like it because I went in expecting a meh movie and came out really happy.
#43 - vegasstoner (10/04/2015) [-]
i really wanted to see this movie...i figured if it wasn't badass, it probably at least be hilarious, whether intended or not...i mean lincoln as a vampire hunter?? wot??
#32 - rockstarownage (10/04/2015) [-]
you know, it sounds really bad but thats how i felt about mad max.

i was thinking, damn it looks badass, but i know they're going to fuck it up somehow. then i kept hearing good reviews and i was like....i dunno, i dont quite trust it yet......then i watched the movie and i was like yup that was fucking awesome. hands down.
#33 - graphomaniac (10/04/2015) [-]
Don't feel discouraged. I felt the same way. Mad Max is such an iconic franchise, could they really stay true to the original content? But, I watched that shit in IMAX waited till wednesday because I'm not paying like 25 bucks for a fucking ticket and I was glued to the screen. Oh God the physical effects. All those cars and explosions. They made me feel for breeders that had been dipped in crazy, a crippled driver, and a man who barely talks.

I want to watch this movie again now.
#34 - rockstarownage (10/04/2015) [-]
haha i feel you, i never watched the previous movies, but i'm just really pessimistic when it comes to movies. Usually they look awesome in the trailers and turn out to be boring as shit. Or they have an awesome premise, but carry it our incredibly shitily.

I mean the movie pixels for example, not a good example, but the trailer looks interesting, the premise is pretty great, but the execution and the cast is just absolutely horrible
User avatar #36 - graphomaniac (10/04/2015) [-]
For me it mainly depends on the genre. I'm always entertained with action movies as long as they try something new or try to perfect an existing notion. But, even with me there's a difference between entertaining and good. The Expandables are entertaining, but that's about it. John Wick however is favorite action movie. Ever. The amount of symbolism that went into that movie was mind-boggling.

Horror is another thing entirely. I'm an absolute horror junkie and will watch anything and everything. It could be creepypasta, anime, movie, tv show. I will absorb it. I still can decipher a fantastic one to a poor one, but I will watch it regardless.

But, yeah Pixels was just a whole train-wreck. Peter Dinklage just gets the short end of the stick with everything but Game of Thrones... no pun intended.
#22 - Good. 10/04/2015 on metal gear 0

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Do you wanna ******* go
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<3 u
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