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#2 - The mods on the board wrote (USER WAS DEPORTED) 14 hours ago on Mods delivering the bantz +2
#2 - is traffic not going down now? The 'lower' is actually higher 15 hours ago on FunnyJunk Alexa Stats 0
#5 - darn  [+] (1 new reply) 16 hours ago on lid +7
#7 - khemyst (12 hours ago) [-]
#3 - edgy  [+] (3 new replies) 16 hours ago on lid +1
#4 - legendarysnarf (16 hours ago) [-]
i did the thing so you cant
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#5 - loganmadder (16 hours ago) [-]
#7 - khemyst (12 hours ago) [-]
#3 - Or this is fake It would seriously suck if you had to buy …  [+] (2 new replies) 16 hours ago on it prints money 0
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#6 - murpmurp (7 hours ago) [-]
there could be a battery that lasts a REALLY long time in there
but i dont really remember if those kinda batteries are ready for the public at their current level of costs
#4 - slias (15 hours ago) [-]
This is Apple we're talking about.
#3 - And if you're too lazy to read, the black guy was laying on hi…  [+] (6 new replies) 16 hours ago on Black Tweets - Lite +20
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#5 - geofalke (7 hours ago) [-]
cop didn't do it out of hate or fear and wasn't white, black caretaker isn't mad, and autistic guy has his toy truck.

honestly other than the cop being a dolt for not handling his service firearm properly there isn't any anger here.

here's hoping that once the legal proceedings are done this one just blows over.
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#6 - elpsycongroo (6 hours ago) [-]
The cop needs to be in prison or at the very least fired from his job. What kind of shitty police officer do you have to be to shoot a peaceful and totally compliant person, and when they ask why, you respond with "I don't know"? I'm usually all for police officers but when shit like this happens I can see why people don't trust them.
#9 - anon (2 hours ago) [-]
Can you?

This was one incident.

How often have yo uhonestly heard of this happening where it wasn't a "dindu" incident where the police officer was totally justified?

"I can see why people dont trust the police base on an abysmally small percentage of cases"
#10 - anon (2 hours ago) [-]
Philando Castile... Just another "one incident" right?
#13 - anon (51 minutes ago) [-]
Yes, they are abysmally less likely than all of the incidents BLM protests. More anecdotal evidence doesn't change this, moron.
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#4 - satchamo (12 hours ago) [-]
I knew this. Is it bad I still laughed my ass off?
#5 - Did he not kill himself? 16 hours ago on If heaven exists +6
#20 - oh my **** she's not asleep  [+] (1 new reply) 16 hours ago on About Thirteen Minutes In.... +30
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#27 - arsenicarose (10 hours ago) [-]
This is my favorite comment chain. Double thumbs for you.
#19 - surgery always messes me up because you're unconscious and can…  [+] (2 new replies) 16 hours ago on About Thirteen Minutes In.... +25
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#20 - loganmadder (16 hours ago) [-]
oh my fuck she's not asleep
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#27 - arsenicarose (10 hours ago) [-]
This is my favorite comment chain. Double thumbs for you.
#3 - It's especially sad because if he believes in the Christianity…  [+] (9 new replies) 16 hours ago on If heaven exists +3
#42 - bobbydwolf (1 hour ago) [-]
Not quite. It's been found that Robin Williams suffered from Lewy body dementia which was misdiagnosed as Parkinson's, and it is believed that the dementia compelled him to commit suicide. In Christian faith, sin has to be knowingly committed, and mental illnesses are recognized as removing the ability to know that an action is sin.
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#35 - Happytreefriend (3 hours ago) [-]
Not sure how similar the religions are but I'm pretty sure he was Jewish.
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#27 - secretzx (10 hours ago) [-]
I don't see why people are thumbing you down. Despair is an unforgivable sin, killing yourself is a one way ticket to hell.
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#4 - comicfun (16 hours ago) [-]
Why do you say that?
#34 - yaybacon (3 hours ago) [-]
You're killing yourself and thou shalt not kill is commandment number six. Breaking commandments is a mortal sin which means unless you go to confession you're going to Hell.
#30 - greyblade (6 hours ago) [-]
in christianity, suicide is an unforgivable sin, and one of the few guaranteed ways to go to hell.

probably because they spend so long pointing out how good heaven is, they don't want people taking the fast track.
#46 - blackscienceman (21 minutes ago) [-]
Roman Catholicism =/= Christianity
#49 - greyblade (14 minutes ago) [-]
okay, fair enough.

but if you tell people how great heaven is, then say it's okay to take the express train, you're gonna have fewer people coming round on sundays...
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#5 - loganmadder (16 hours ago) [-]
Did he not kill himself?

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