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#175 - please 07/19/2015 on Draw With FunnyJunk 0
#8 - Picture 07/11/2015 on Captcha Comic Comp +1
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User avatar #52 - leifbunny (06/10/2015) [-]
The eyes kinda freak me out.
#513 - Do Me 06/06/2015 on Drawing with FunnyJunk 0
#85 - I've always wondered what that gif is from  [+] (1 new reply) 05/15/2015 on What was it called again? 0
#89 - corps (05/15/2015) [-]
Took me a little bit to find the source. I figured it was a vine, turns out I was right, and it's from this guy:

#51 - I personally feel bad for people who never find out what doing…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/26/2015 on Anon's MDMA experience +1
User avatar #93 - shrinkzz (04/26/2015) [-]
I've got the same feeling, but I tend to think about LSD or magic mushrooms. It's an amazing experience. And i really like listening and making psychedelic music, so I got some real good inspiration from that.
#26 - I totally agree with you, I just thought the picture I posted … 04/24/2015 on Friendzone +1
#20 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 04/24/2015 on Friendzone +1
User avatar #23 - thunderkrux (04/24/2015) [-]
Let's say a girl used your "resume" as the basis for comparison to search for future candidiates, if she dates someone you don't agree with, then they probably unconciously remind you of yourself. "Oh but he's a total douchebag to me" then you're probably a douchebag to other people too. Or if she dates someone that is literally nothing like you, then it means she's not using your "resume" as a basis of comparison. Either way, she's just not interested in you.

Like when I realise I like someone there is some list I go through in my head and that just automatically means I like them. Sure I do have some idea of what I want in a person. I don't want someone dumber than bricks but that doesn't mean they have to be super smart.
Are they not overweight?
Are they a genuinely a good person at heart?
Do they wear glasses? They don't have to wear glasses but it is one of my secret fetishes
That's about it, If they're obscenely rude without realising it, or they don't respect that I don't really care for PDA or they try to play games with me, or they're attention seekers or if they talk about how 2D guys or girls or way more kawaii and sugoii than any 3D person, I would just walk away because I'm not going to lie, it just wierds me out when people are stuck in a fantasy land with ponies, or lolis, or anime, or just plain unrealistic fantasy lands. It's ok to enjoy them, but not okay to shove them in peoples faces.

tl;dr There is something wrong with you and not with them if they don't want to date you
#26 - lnsomniac (04/24/2015) [-]
I totally agree with you, I just thought the picture I posted was relevant to OP's
#25 - Picture 04/10/2015 on the safe 0
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