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#313 - PATCH TOMARROW <333 :D  [+] (1 reply) 11/29/2011 on Im a girl 0
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#68 - **llmattll rolled a random image** I like how we americans ri…  [+] (3 replies) 11/27/2011 on I lol'd +5
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#90 - puredeliciousness (11/27/2011) [-]
I hate when people try to make light of the situation. Yes, there have been worse incidents in world history. Yes people die in war. Yes, there are other terrorist attacks elsewhere. But this was one of the worst attacks in american history. It affected a large number of people. Thousands were killed. It's a very touchy subject for some, and it's had an enormous ripple effect that's effected even more people, american or not. So how about you shut up, and if you're american like you say, show a little respect for the people who died, and for the family's of those people, and the soldiers fighting for us so this type of thing doesn't happen again.
#76 - vaginaleakage (11/27/2011) [-]
yeah, cause when one of the biggest terrorists attacks in history causing thousands of innocent people to die is brought up/taken lightly, its no big deal.
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#74 - fireprincess (11/27/2011) [-]
It's not if someone just talks about 9/11. It's if people talk shit or are ignorant about it that we get mad. If it doesn't make you mad then you are either a child or a prick.
#36 - **llmattll rolled a random image** what i look like playing skyrim  [+] (2 replies) 11/24/2011 on Bitch Please +24
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#75 - jollarin (11/24/2011) [-]
This is when you have 100 in smithing
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#56 - aesgard (11/24/2011) [-]
Pretty epic I must say.