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Anti-Trump-Content on FJ? Seems like the debate left an impression even on the right-wing-army of FJ.comment
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    Black Metal? Black Metal?

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#31 - I have never, NEVER been able to identify with a post as much …  [+] (5 replies) 20 hours ago on Annoying FJer comp +84
#114 - echsa (9 minutes ago) [-]
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#108 - chiripan (24 minutes ago) [-]
My god me too, I can't believe this site still calls to me
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#98 - schmuxy (1 hour ago) [-]
There are a few reasons I still come here. Scrap & Topheavy. Tomo-chan shut up I got invested . Force of habit.
#77 - adutta (4 hours ago) [-]
**adutta used "*roll picture*"**
**adutta rolled image** I have a love/hate relationship with this website
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#73 - Sterski (5 hours ago) [-]
I'm only still here because if I press next enough occasionally I'll get a laugh
#8 - When I got fed up with bullying I actually knocked out both gu…  [+] (1 reply) 20 hours ago on The ''I've been bullied... +1
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#9 - ljxjlos (20 hours ago) [-]
*for the better

I think. Not a native speaker and tired as hell.
#6 - Trenchcoats are pretty great. The problem are whiny-a…  [+] (2 replies) 20 hours ago on The ''I've been bullied... +1
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#7 - megaton (20 hours ago) [-]
i own a t shirt with a skeleton playing guitar on it...... I like guns and roses. Im going home now.
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#10 - ljxjlos (20 hours ago) [-]
Bandshirts are a whole different matter - even if I find them to be retarded looking, myself still got a shitload of Black Metal-Shirts lying around , tho. They are probably worth a shitload at this point .

I mean, I don´t exactly know WHY they´re a different matter, but they somehow are.