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#38 - I agree, but at the same time this depends on the school and m…  [+] (2 replies) 12/15/2015 on How school changes +1
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#79 - plazmaflare (12/15/2015) [-]
Did you go to Valencia?
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#59 - taniv (12/15/2015) [-]
In Sociology and Engineering, double major at University of Calgary. The Arts are a breeze in comparison. While an A in Arts takes more work than an A in Engineering because the latter is more reliant on your intellectual ability, getting a B, or even just a passing grade, in the former is all but effortless. I got 83% on my last final for Soci, and I didn't show up for a single lecture in the past month and a half or read the two required books.
#35 - Anyone who thinks college is easier is in for a reeaal surpris…  [+] (3 replies) 12/15/2015 on How school changes +1
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#36 - abesimpson (12/15/2015) [-]
I wish I was a bit wiser when I was 18 and learned to study at a good pace, just a little bit every day instead of cramming 3 weeks before the test. But everything is new and fun and it's easy to get distracted.
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#39 - littlebigr (12/15/2015) [-]
Shit man, 3 weeks prior is cramming to you? I'm used to cramming the two days before the test
Then again, those were customs from the community college i used to go to... that does not come even remotely close to working at this new school
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#43 - abesimpson (12/15/2015) [-]
I study veterinary medicine. Tomorrow I have my last final which I've been dragging for a while now (and yet, here I am)

It's about health inspection and it's the biggest pain in the ass. Nothing in my career is hard "per se" but the subjects can be very lengthy. I shoudlve started 2 months ago but now is not the time to regret anything. Just going to hope they repeat some questions and not go overboard with the exercises.
#39 - Current University of Florida Gator here. Can comfirm.  [+] (1 reply) 12/13/2015 on just a normal day 0
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#58 - ScottP (12/13/2015) [-]
Current Gator here. Can confirm as well
#7 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 12/07/2015 on Based bob +94
#36 - lurkerfox (12/07/2015) [-]
Not gunna lie, I didnt get the joke till you told him that he didnt get the joke.
#24 - I'm a freshman in college this year, and i broke up with my ex…  [+] (6 replies) 12/06/2015 on Anon buys a bottle of wine -4
#45 - forsakenas (12/06/2015) [-]
"After that long without getting laid, i was going crazy"
Aw shit, bro, that must be terrible.
I'm graduating from uni this year and I've never even held a grill's hand. Fuck you
#85 - erotictentacle (12/06/2015) [-]
stop focusing so much about it.
Honestly, having had sex doesn't change you. The only thing it does is get people off your back who think its crazy important.
Just sit it out, don't be shy and talk to people if you want. You'll find your oportunity to shine sometimes
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#88 - forsakenas (12/06/2015) [-]
I'm not focusing on it that much, really. I certainly don't think "oh, if only I'd get a gf(or laid), then everything would be different". Honestly, I feel like being in a relationship would be a pretty big pain in the ass. However, I do feel pathetic at times when I'm reminded/remind myself of the situation that I'm in.

"Just sit it out, don't be shy and talk to people if you want"
Well, I've been sitting it out for 22 years and it got me nowhere, so I'm not sure why anything should change. Also, not being shy isn't something you can just do (as opposed to not swearing, for example). I tend to be quite frozen/awkward/clumsy around new people which usually leads to having a not-such-a-good-time, so I mostly try to avoid it.
#98 - erotictentacle (12/06/2015) [-]
Maybe the solution to your inability to talk to people is from lack of practice and fear.
Which can be solved by doing it more. Good things will happen, bad things will happen, but either way you will profit from it.

Granted, it doesn't work for everyone, but if you think its so bad and that you got "nowhere" in 22 years, then trying is the way to find the right answer
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#66 - littlebigr (12/06/2015) [-]
It's all relative man, once you've experienced something great, it's hard to live without it. But go out and get some man, play the numbers game if you have to. The more girls you hit on, the higher your chances of finding one that's down to be with you.
#48 - AndrewArctic (12/06/2015) [-]
Please calm down, Elliot