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#225 - Comment deleted 01/08/2015 on Wake Up Time +1
#270 - look no offence and this is really off-topic but anyways: …  [+] (14 new replies) 07/26/2014 on Fuck this +3
#281 - jdrinfantry (07/26/2014) [-]
I fucking hate this way of turning everything upside down. The war in Afghanistan started because of the biggest terrorist attack in history back in 2001. A group called Al Qaeda took responsibility for the attack, and they were protected by their host "The Taliban" who controlled Afghanistan back then. The US demanded the Al Qaeda leader to be handed over to the US for prosecution, which was denied by the taliban.

I see it this way. If you talk shit about the war in afghanistan and the war on terror, you have either forgotten what it felt like to see the burnt corpses of innocent women and children in the London underground bombing, the bombing in Madrid, 9/11 etc. or you believe that it is right to commit these hidious crimes. I believe it needs to be settled. I will not stand by while these things happen again and again.

This is not a single terrorist attack, this is organized terrorisation of the west, caused by just a few highly funded organisations that may even rival NATO and the UN. These Organisations are known as Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, the Taleban in Afghanistan, Al Shabaab in Somalia and Al Qaeda as the international terror organisation.
User avatar #342 - atomicman (07/26/2014) [-]
I do agree that the orthodox and manipulating religion in the middle east is a pest to be hopefully cured as soon as possible. But we have to stay humane. Fighting evil with evil only feeds the ever burning fire of anger.

Take Israel for example. The footage. They use artillery on big cities to intentionally kill civilians (in an attempt to scare them off, obviously) and blame it on 'but they use humans as meatshield, we can do nothing but kill them'. So what do we see in the video? They launch their artillery on the city, and immediately when a new barrage is on it's way to slaughter innocent people they start dancing around praising jesus.

For god's sake people
User avatar #366 - jdrinfantry (07/26/2014) [-]
Hamas fires rockets from kindergartens and schools, often in volleys so the israeli iron dome cannot take all of them. No matter what you'll see civilian targets. Either israeli civilians are killed by Hamas rockets, or Israel destroys their missile ramps. It is not a scare tactic, it is a cruel joke of a choice between 2 evils.

I still blame Hamas for using women and children as meatshields for their insane jihad.
#338 - atomicman (07/26/2014) [-]
Here we go again. Your average ignorant billy-bob the redneck has an opinion.

No. The war is Afghanistan was a crime. Not only had the government literally set a huge deceiving smoke screen in motion (the 'they have nuclear warheads' thing), which was widely believed in America and outside. But they also killed and bombed hundreds of innocent civilians because they 'assumed' there did be terrorists in there.

You can go cry about the burning corpses from 9/11, but no one cares about the innocent war victims in Afghanistan.

This war was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever seen a country make. And really made me hate America for a long time. It was like a barking dog, who got hit severely and suddenly lost all his manners to go full locust against everyone he could find. America betrayed the international laws and killed hundreds and hundreds of innocent civilians in their blitzkrieg like advancement in the middle east. And those are only the recorded victims.

And all of this just because people cannot control their emotions. I agree action should've been taken. But not in the way America did it. Going on a rampage and deceiving all her allies to gain temporary support.
User avatar #367 - jdrinfantry (07/26/2014) [-]
I agree that the approach wasn't perfect, but it would never become perfect fighting an enemy so cruel that fights without dignity. But fact is that in Afghanistan they never targeted civilians. When I served there, a lot of times when we were in dipshit trouble and we doubted we would make it out alive, we couldn't even get artillery or Close Air support simply because of the risk of collateral damage.
That is an issue that the insurgents wouldn't give a damn about. I blame the civilian losses in these wars solely on the insurgents. They endangered civilians not coalition forces.
User avatar #307 - nimba (07/26/2014) [-]
9/11 justifies everything hurr murca
#318 - jdrinfantry (07/26/2014) [-]
It's not about what it justifies! It's an issue that needs to be dealt with. Do you disagree? Are these terror organisations doing well and caring about human rights?
User avatar #359 - nimba (07/26/2014) [-]
They don't believe in human rights, but it's typical that the US believes itself to be the world police when they are repeatedly shown to have so little understanding and finesse regarding international issues. What happens when these blunders occur? They say 'the time for negotiations is over' and double up their bullish tactics, which increases hostility towards them exponentially. When they get burnt because of their interference they declare full war and, like the gambler who doesn't know when to cut their losses and run, they are willing to piss everything onto the problem even if it means the whole world will be covered in their piss.
User avatar #368 - jdrinfantry (07/26/2014) [-]
Listen to me. Do you believe that if the US had done nothing it would've been better? Because I'm fucking glad I don't live amongst cowards unwilling to fight when there is a true and dangerous evil out there! There are civilians in these countries who are just like you and me, wishing for a better place, and I believe and KNOW that our intervention down there has giving them a slight chance of living decent lives, or at least giving their new generation a chance to do good!
User avatar #369 - nimba (07/26/2014) [-]
So the way you live is the undisputed best culture in the world and you owe it to the rest of the world to spread your lifestyle? Sounds like evangelical-esque crusading to me. Have you considered that these people don't want their ancient culture corrupted and whitewashed by international soccermoms in the same way that idiots in europe feel their culture being steam-rolled by waves of Islamic immigrants?
#370 - jdrinfantry (07/26/2014) [-]
I am European. I respect the islamic immigrants who you claim are "Steam rolling" our culture.

It has absolutely fucking nothing to do with culture. I respect all cultures equally. But you know what I don't respect? terror organisations who value no human life and has no dignity! All people should have rights, just like you and me to rant about what we believe is right and not be killed or have our children tortured for it! This happens in afghanistan, you better fucking believe it. I've seen children dangling in trees in the Gereskh Valley, parents who will never see their children grow up, and you think this is a fucking culture discussion. This is about human lives and values! Fuck religion, fuck culture, as long as we aren't strung from trees for no apparent reason!
User avatar #291 - timmywankenobi (07/26/2014) [-]
You do know Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA decades ago right ?
User avatar #319 - jdrinfantry (07/26/2014) [-]
The CIA funded the mujahadeens back in the eighties to repell the soviet invasion. The Mujahadeens later split up into seperate organisations known as the Taleban, Pashtun warlords (Such as Karzai whom we are supporting as the current leader of afghanistan) which means they fought each other.

Some are good, some are bad but fact is they did not fund the Al Qaeda. Besides how were they supposed to know that in 2000 they would call out a global Jihad on all western countries? So fucking easy to be captain hinsight.

User avatar #320 - timmywankenobi (07/26/2014) [-]
true enough.
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#522 - puttman (06/12/2014) [-]
douchedick lost his mind, thats a mental health issue not gun
grabbed his dads guns thats a parental issue
wouldnt get a handy uhhhhh personal issue?
ya its sucks that he decided to take a gun and use it in this manner but getting rid of the gun wont get rid of the douchedick, the bad parents, and and those stuck up no handies bitches, come on give a brother a hand
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