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latest user's comments

#37 - DUDE!!! I'm in Medicine Hat too!  [+] (1 new reply) 16 hours ago on Hammer Throw 0
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#61 - epiclootcosplay (9 hours ago) [-]
Duuuuude, I think I made a new friend! You smoke green?
#13 - Picture 08/25/2016 on calculated +3
#6 - My female cosplays. 08/24/2016 on wouldnt look 0
#6 - This kid looks like 14 and a half year old with the face of a …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/22/2016 on swegma +14
User avatar
#13 - EdwardNigma (08/22/2016) [-]
Don't you be mean to Steve Buscemi.
#12 - applescryatnight (08/22/2016) [-]
looks to me like nigel farage lol
#17 - Why would a Canadian have a Trump hat? We're the biggest liber…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/22/2016 on Anon Walks Through a Human... 0
User avatar
#22 - batmanuel (08/22/2016) [-]
1. Satirical purposes.
2. Have you seen Europe?
#230 - **leojxxitenah used "*roll picture*"** **leojxxitenah rolle… 07/24/2016 on You have cancer 0
#5 - I find it odd that Tomska is chubby now, it feels like he's ju…  [+] (4 new replies) 07/24/2016 on ping +22
User avatar
#30 - manofparody (07/24/2016) [-]
When Edd died, Tomska went into a deep depression and started gaining weight. He stills battles depression and it's a very continually serious issue for him. Check out his channel DarkSquidge if you want to know more. He posts vlogs on there on how his week went, and you can really see that it's taken a toll on him.
User avatar
#28 - alleksi (07/24/2016) [-]
He's been quite large for many years now due to severe depression and comfort eating. He's on meds and can crash down hard without them www.youtube.com/watch?v=5whq2l7IZHo
User avatar
#18 - mrpotatofudge (07/24/2016) [-]
he was chubby for a large amount of the video he was in

he was wearing one of those cumberbund? girdle?

the thing that holds back the fat

at least hes trying to get the weight off

last i heard at least

i always assumed he was buff as fuck
User avatar
#21 - hellomynameisbill (07/24/2016) [-]
His fat mostly deposits itself on his stomach, but it's gotten to the point where it's visibly on his face.
#101 - Think you could crop out the "Loud mouth middle schooler&…  [+] (3 new replies) 07/23/2016 on Every Anime Ever 0
#103 - klux (07/24/2016) [-]
#104 - klux (07/24/2016) [-]
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#102 - klux (07/24/2016) [-]
Shiiiet i got like 3 hours before i get back home but sure,will do.
#60 - Also, to be fair, Shirou is still an annoying faggot. ***…  [+] (14 new replies) 07/15/2016 on Anime comp 0
User avatar
#78 - mowgaycraft (07/15/2016) [-]
Just admit you're mad he fucked you're waifu.
#68 - grandzora (07/15/2016) [-]
He's pretty fuckin rad in the Heaven's feel route
User avatar
#75 - thedoctormd (07/15/2016) [-]
How so?
#77 - grandzora (07/15/2016) [-]
Hate to spoil it in case you never read it, but he pretty much steps the fuck up and gets stronger than a servant. Mainly because he loses his servant. See that picture of saber in black? she gets stolen and turned evil
User avatar
#89 - imnotkickthecat (07/15/2016) [-]
Doesnt that happen in unlimited blade works too.
User avatar
#90 - grandzora (07/15/2016) [-]
In UBW, shirou is actually only able to beat archer and gilgemesh, any other servant would make use of the fact he has a human body
#82 - anon (07/15/2016) [-]
Berserker was super weakened and had lost his noble phantasm of immortality by that point. Shirou is a lot stronger in Heaven's feel but he's not as strong as you think. As for fighting Alter, he was backed up by Rider, and as for Kirei, the only reason he one is because Kirei's heart gave out first.
User avatar
#84 - grandzora (07/15/2016) [-]
Berserker was being pumped full of an unlimited amount of power, and you havent read the Sparks Luner High bad end i assume. You should go read that like right now, to get it, you have to say something to rider along the lines of not going to help sakura when she shows up in the shed, she wont go with you, and you have to 1v1 saber
#86 - anon (07/15/2016) [-]
Berserker was still weakened, unlimited mana or not, he had literally ripped his own flesh off to get the black corruption off and tore his God Hand off with it. Getting rid of his Attack nullification to anything not A rank and getting rid of all but his last life. NLBW was B+ at most and wouldn't have even fazed Berserker normally. NLBW is cool as shit and my favourite thing about the series but it's not as impressive as it looks sadly. As for Sparks Liner High, I really hope we get an OVA for that. One of my favourite endings in the game. But Emiya does end up failing to actually beat Saber, he beats the fuck out of her, sure, but ends up braindead and she was already regenerating, I can't call that a win.
User avatar
#91 - grandzora (07/15/2016) [-]
the point is that if he hadnt gone braindead, he would have been able to land the finishing blow on saber, she even says it herself how she feels bad that he wont get to celebrate his victory, even if rin managed to save sakura
#92 - anon (07/15/2016) [-]
Ah yeah, I forgot about that tidbit. Good point.
#103 - grandzora (07/15/2016) [-]
**grandzora used "*roll picture*"**
**grandzora rolled image** Was that from prisma illya? i had no idea Kirei was in that, he's always been my favorite character
#115 - tuinboompje (07/15/2016) [-]
He's in the new season, although he's just a side character
#63 - nightmarexnxnxnxnx (07/15/2016) [-]
#27 - Let's be honest, Ana just doesn't work with Soldier 76. I cou…  [+] (6 new replies) 07/13/2016 on Mom +66
User avatar
#60 - kameken (07/13/2016) [-]
But why? Literally every argument I've heard for Mercy76 applies to Ana76 as well, some of them even more so, and she has much, much more history with him.

Plus, have you heard her dialogue with him? She clearly cares for him a lot.
User avatar
#121 - hourlyb (07/13/2016) [-]
Overwatch Ana Prematch Character Interactions Updated Cares for =/= love necessarily.
Reinhardt clearly seems to have a crush on her, actually calling her lovely and being more excited than anybody else that she's alive.
Honestly, I like her and Reinhardt or her and pre-OW Reyes.
#131 - fellatio (07/14/2016) [-]
Rein needed some love
User avatar
#133 - hourlyb (07/14/2016) [-]
That too.
User avatar
#68 - sharknik (07/13/2016) [-]
I think it's really all just cause everyone's had too much time to let the idea of 76/mercy being a couple, with the actual game cannon up until now being that ana was dead.

And you know how fj'ers feel about changing their opinions.
User avatar
#153 - kameken (07/14/2016) [-]
I think so, too. My guess is that it'll become more and more popular with time, especially after her official release.

I'll be the same way, probably, should Rocket Angel ever get debunked. It can certainly be hard to let go of something you're so invested in, and I think them acting like it's the only valid ship for so long kind of made some of them ashamed to admit that Ana's literally everything they saw in Mercy for him but more.

I especially think it'll pick up after people hear her ask what Jack plans on doing after the fight's over. It really seems like she's trying to get him back into her life permanently. Sure, she flirts with Reinhardt a bit, and he flirts back, but that seems just like old friends teasing each other more than anything. She really seems enamored with Jack.

To be honest, had Ana been in the game day 1, I doubt Mercy76 would've gained any big following.

They're honestly perfect for each other, and it shows in gameplay as well. Biotic grenade and biotic field are an unstoppable combo, as are Tactical Visor and Nano Boost. I feel like people think it's a bit silly to put stock in gameplay for this type of thing, but it is a game, and if it'd make sense in the lore for them to work well together as well, I say it counts.
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