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#177 - Even in automatic there are a lot of cars with three pedals st… 16 hours ago on 3 pedals 0
#167 - 1. Yes. 2. We have enough of those, and they're quality … 10/19/2014 on need more mods like joshlol 0
#1 - Wut? When the **** was 3 peddles rare in…  [+] (13 new replies) 10/19/2014 on 3 pedals +29
User avatar #92 - elcreepo (20 hours ago) [-]
It's called a stick shift..
#51 - willys (23 hours ago) [-]
They're rare for people who can't fucking drive.

Also, spellcheck for Christ's sake, man.
User avatar #71 - demigodofmadness (22 hours ago) [-]
Spellcheck? He spelled wut wrong on purpose, that's the only misspelled word in that comment.

But they're really just rare in general. Odds are unless you're shopping for a cheap car or manual deliberately you're going to find an automatic. In America everything is built around ease, and driving an automatic is easier than driving a manual so they're significantly more popular.

It'd be like if they made a video game controller that was really fucking tough to use, like you had to press 3 buttons at a time to perform 1 action, over 1 for 1, and there was a group of people like, "Only baddies play with automatic controllers, fucking scrubs."
#87 - willys (21 hours ago) [-]
Peddles, dude. Peddle means to sell or distribute. Pedal is the thing you put your foot on to go in a car. No shit he spelled wut wrong on purpose, people have been spelling wut like that for as long as funnyjunk has existed, I have in fact caught on by now.

I'm also aware manuals are rare in the US, I've lived here my whole life. I was making an exaggerated statement for effect. My observation has been that people who don't know how to drive manuals are worse drivers in general. Of course there are exceptions either way, but there seems to be something about having to control another aspect of the driving that keeps people more focused and more aware of their vehicle's dynamics I think.

So your analogy still kind of makes sense then. Yes, they don't need to use the harder controller and many people would probably prefer the easier controller, but the people who do take the time to master the harder controller would probably be better players regardless of which controller they were using.

By the way, I own two vehicles, one's a manual, one's an automatic. So I'm not saying driving an automatic immediately makes you a terrible driver either.
User avatar #105 - demigodofmadness (20 hours ago) [-]
Spellcheck won't help if you use a word that is meant for something else in the wrong context. If I said, "I'm going to phone your asshole" you wouldn't say, "Lol you spelled fuck wrong"

Yes, the player using the harder controller would be better in general, but while playing they would be limited. It would take time and energy to master the harder controller. Assuming it gave you an advantage once mastered, and you don't fuck up ever, like driving a manual, since expert drivers can shift gears better than an automatic can, it would still only be ideal for high level competitive players, as it would be more enjoyable for casual players to use the easier controller.

There's nothing wrong with either style of gameplay they're just different people and automatic drivers shouldn't be bashed because some people think they're hardcore because they drive a manual.
#175 - willys (16 hours ago) [-]
1. Thank you, Mr. Literal. I wasn't actually telling him to use spellcheck. It was hyperbole.

2. Manual is not limiting, it gives you more control. So to stick with your analogy, imagine that the harder controller allows you to aim down the sights, while the easier one doesn't. That's more accurate.

3. It's not about being a better racer, it's about being safer. You have to learn a manual, then you learn the dynamics of the vehicle better and respect the task more and take it more seriously. Thus you fuck up less.

4. Never said I was hardcore, you're just using a stupid ass straw man that the internet has grown super fond of.

5. This argument is silly.
User avatar #34 - itembox (10/19/2014) [-]
Idk, mines got three peddles but the thirds the emergency break.
But those are being phased out for hand brakes.
User avatar #22 - SteyrAUG (10/19/2014) [-]
In the US about 6.5% of cars sold have manual transmissions. The rest are automatic of some type. In europe the numbers are pretty much reversed.
User avatar #177 - lemanrouste (16 hours ago) [-]
Even in automatic there are a lot of cars with three pedals still, it's either an emergency break, a trunk opener or manual.

Still, everywhere I've been, only two pedals seems rarer.
User avatar #2 - reican (10/19/2014) [-]
The parts where they haven't been properly influenced in European glory
#181 - bann (15 hours ago) [-]
There's only a handful of people in New England who drive stick. NEW England drives auto.
User avatar #227 - reican (8 hours ago) [-]
Ah... Colonists dont know the glory of driving stick.
#39 - maddboiy (10/19/2014) [-]
#48 - Admin, you're the closest thing to staff here. Can yo… 10/19/2014 on Rule 1 of FJ 0
#161 - We like being white because it represents a challenge. … 10/19/2014 on preach +1
#130 - Pleh dnes 10/19/2014 on Reversed gifs +3
#202 - I thought it was once you go black you die. 10/18/2014 on Cringe Comp Numbruh 11 +1
#79 - Wait, what? 10/18/2014 on So yeah... 0
#48 - Dude had something on his face, they were just helping him. … 10/18/2014 on So today I saw the Human... 0
#1 - What'cha testing Admin? 10/18/2014 on test1 0

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User avatar #350 - joekerr (09/28/2014) [-]
Sorry i butchered your comment history ;)
User avatar #351 to #350 - lemanrouste (09/28/2014) [-]
Lol, it's cool dude.
User avatar #347 - soundofwinter ONLINE (06/25/2014) [-]
**** you
User avatar #348 to #347 - lemanrouste (06/25/2014) [-]
Love you
User avatar #349 to #348 - soundofwinter ONLINE (06/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #346 - xiiichuckles (02/07/2013) [-]
User avatar #336 - xiiichuckles (01/28/2013) [-]
It sure has been a while
User avatar #337 to #336 - lemanrouste (01/28/2013) [-]
Yes, yes it has.

User avatar #338 to #337 - xiiichuckles (01/28/2013) [-]
Not much man, not much. Hey, remember when I first started items, and you gifted me that FJ coin? Those were the days......
My item collection has improved a lot since then haha

Sadly I don't have time to talk, I need to get some sleep, I have to be up in 4 hours. Will you be on tomorrow?
User avatar #340 to #338 - lemanrouste (01/28/2013) [-]
And gratz on your collects :D!
User avatar #341 to #340 - xiiichuckles (01/28/2013) [-]
Well I hope I get to talk to you tomorrow, It's been way too long bro.

And thanks :3
Did you actually take a look at my stuff?
User avatar #342 to #341 - lemanrouste (01/28/2013) [-]
Yes and I have no clue what half of this stuff is, but I want them.

... I feel like a hoarder.
User avatar #343 to #342 - xiiichuckles (01/28/2013) [-]
Do you see anything on my profile that I have more than one of that interests you, preferably something you don't have already? I want to repay the favor from back in the day :3
User avatar #344 to #343 - lemanrouste (01/28/2013) [-]
Lol, don't worry about it, I like going through the process of earning it myself :P.
User avatar #345 to #344 - xiiichuckles (01/28/2013) [-]

Lol, it's no big thing, just do it man. There has to be many things of mine that you like, just pick something :)
User avatar #339 to #338 - lemanrouste (01/28/2013) [-]
I might be, I have absolutely no idea what I have to do tomorrow.
User avatar #335 - xiiichuckles (12/23/2012) [-]
hey, I moved back to my old account. I sent you a friend request and everything, so it should all be good. Could you do me favor and thumb these comments please? I need to be able to post pictures. Thanks.

User avatar #314 - orx (12/08/2012) [-]
Bro, we never talk anymore. Why'd you leave me? I'm gonna cry.
User avatar #315 to #314 - lemanrouste (12/08/2012) [-]
Don't cry Orx!

Was just taking a small hiatus from items cause of college work, what's up?
User avatar #316 to #315 - orx (12/08/2012) [-]

ima cri 5eva
User avatar #317 to #316 - lemanrouste (12/08/2012) [-]

Orx is kill.

User avatar #318 to #317 - orx (12/08/2012) [-]
User avatar #309 - bonjangles (11/14/2012) [-]
I dont faceless gamble XD
User avatar #311 to #309 - lemanrouste (11/14/2012) [-]
Oh, all I saw was gem gamblers so I figured... xP.

Oh well, good luck on getting whatever it is you're looking for!
User avatar #304 - GeorgeBush (11/14/2012) [-]
You're a furry and you do items.

>new best friend
User avatar #305 to #304 - lemanrouste (11/14/2012) [-]
More passive about items lately though, so many people left the board, partially why I'm trying to integrate myself into the furry community :P.
User avatar #306 to #305 - GeorgeBush (11/14/2012) [-]
Eh yeah, all that drama. Items got a good hold of me from the start (as you can see) and hasn't let go.

Glad to see you posting on the furry board now!
User avatar #307 to #306 - lemanrouste (11/14/2012) [-]
Thank you (and everyone else) for being so inviting!

Didn't actually expect that.
User avatar #308 to #307 - GeorgeBush (11/14/2012) [-]
Aww that's not what I want to hear! We're very excepting here!
User avatar #310 to #308 - lemanrouste (11/14/2012) [-]
Lol, I meant that whenever I lurk on the board it seems so dead, didn't expect so many responses, all the while being kind and courteous.
User avatar #312 to #310 - GeorgeBush (11/14/2012) [-]
Well weekdays are normally hard on the board, as my classes interfere largely with me posting a lot on weekdays. Others work and so on, so there's certain offdays for the board.
User avatar #313 to #312 - lemanrouste (11/14/2012) [-]
Ah, well that makes sense I suppose, guess I never noticed it.

Thanks for the heads up.
User avatar #299 - assassinskater (11/12/2012) [-]
can i have another chest
User avatar #300 to #299 - lemanrouste (11/12/2012) [-]
Sorry man, just opened them all up.
User avatar #301 to #300 - assassinskater (11/12/2012) [-]
k its fine do u want to buy a moldy chest and moldy key
User avatar #302 to #301 - lemanrouste (11/12/2012) [-]
I lack a God Gem, so no thanks.
User avatar #303 to #302 - assassinskater (11/12/2012) [-]
k i need a godgem
User avatar #294 - ragingbrony ONLINE (11/11/2012) [-]
Well you didn't have to resend it as a gift, but thank you
User avatar #295 to #294 - lemanrouste (11/11/2012) [-]
Lol, I said if I was too late for the arm I'd send it free xP.

Just keeping to my promise.
User avatar #289 - dalemc (11/11/2012) [-]
thank you man.
User avatar #290 to #289 - lemanrouste (11/11/2012) [-]
Aye, not a problem.
User avatar #291 to #290 - dalemc (11/11/2012) [-]
You Scottish man? lol.
User avatar #292 to #291 - lemanrouste (11/11/2012) [-]
Lol, no, I just like using the word Aye..
User avatar #293 to #292 - dalemc (11/11/2012) [-]
Oh right lol, just we don't say yeah we say aye lol.
User avatar #296 to #293 - lemanrouste (11/11/2012) [-]
I know, lol, and that means I'm using it right!

User avatar #297 to #296 - dalemc (11/11/2012) [-]
I'll let you consider yourself 5% Scottish now with that achievement man lol.
User avatar #298 to #297 - lemanrouste (11/11/2012) [-]
Oh **** yes! Thank you, lol.
#287 - OminousDemon (10/28/2012) [-]
here have a picture of my beard
User avatar #280 - OminousDemon (10/28/2012) [-]
thanks <3

ur gonna hate me now tho xD
i just shaved it
User avatar #281 to #280 - lemanrouste (10/28/2012) [-]

The **** is wrong with you?

you are now the Fiend of items Board in my eyes >:l.
User avatar #282 to #281 - OminousDemon (10/28/2012) [-]
itll grow back fully in a couple weeks :P
i did say i was gonna shave it no one said anything
User avatar #283 to #282 - lemanrouste (10/28/2012) [-]
You did? In the chat part or through speaking?
User avatar #285 to #284 - lemanrouste (10/28/2012) [-]
I'm blind as a ******* bat then, didn't see it.

I blame myself for the loss of such a glorious beard.
User avatar #286 to #285 - OminousDemon (10/28/2012) [-]
plus in a few days it no shave november anyways
User avatar #278 - camatom (10/24/2012) [-]
i love you thx
User avatar #279 to #278 - lemanrouste (10/24/2012) [-]
Not a problem.
User avatar #272 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
Got the Corrupt Soul. <3
User avatar #274 to #272 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
User avatar #271 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
Update on releasing the Crystal Monster.

Crystal Monster √
Crystal Monster Melting Scroll √
10 Demonic Ingots √
10 Angelic Ingots √
25 Fabulous Ingots √
25 Uranium Ingots √
50 Gold Ingots √
50 Silver Ingots √
100 Copper Ingots √
100 Iron Ingots √
100 Tin Ingots √
Wrath Soul √
Greed Soul √
Envy Soul √
Lust Soul √
Lesser Soul √
Gluttony Soul √
Sloth Soul √
Pride Soul √
Corrupt Soul X

Life just sucks sometimes, doesn't it? <3
User avatar #273 to #271 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
Lol, right?
User avatar #263 - FightClub (10/22/2012) [-]
what do you want for all of your demons
User avatar #264 to #263 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
A **** ton of raw topaz, but since you don't have that...

Could I do two daemons for an angelic key?

unless you'd be willing to part with your Reaper voodoo doll for all of them, which I highly doubt.
User avatar #265 to #264 - FightClub (10/22/2012) [-]
i actually need the keys because i'm collecting demons and demonic keys, and the angelic keys = demonic keys as well so yeah

i also want ALL your demons
User avatar #266 to #265 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
Yeah, I know.

And there isn't really anything that would be fair for the both of us, that I'd actually not regret trading for, sorry.
User avatar #267 to #266 - FightClub (10/22/2012) [-]
i'll give ya an imp and slender for them
User avatar #268 to #267 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
I haven't a need for a Slender anymore, and never really wanted an imp, again, I'm sorry.
User avatar #254 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
How did you even manage to get 5 so fast? wat
User avatar #255 to #254 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
Lol, I had some ore I hadn't smelted lying around.
User avatar #256 to #255 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
This is still gonna take forever, though. But so far so good. :D
User avatar #257 to #256 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
Lol, you should need like.. three now, right?
User avatar #258 to #257 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
Yeah, 3. Then I need...
Uranium Ingots - 12/25
Silver Ingots - 26/50
Copper Ingots - 21/100
Iron Ingots - 6/100
Tin Ingots - 19/100
User avatar #259 to #258 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
Oh wow, good luck with all that O.o.

What do you need em for?
User avatar #260 to #259 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
Releasing the Crystal Monster.
User avatar #261 to #260 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]

User avatar #262 to #261 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
User avatar #251 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
Bro, I swear to god, holy **** , thank you. <3
User avatar #252 to #251 - lemanrouste (10/22/2012) [-]
Lol, not a problem, how many more gay ingots you need?
User avatar #253 to #252 - orx (10/22/2012) [-]
I have 17/25, so 8.
User avatar #250 - ariusbrightwing (10/22/2012) [-]
So you gonna do anything with my trade request? <n>;
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