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#45 - lelelelolelelo (04/16/2015) [-]
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#80 - zielscheibe (03/28/2015) [-]
Sorry for all of my Typos - It's close to midnight and i just shashed the keyboard as fast as i could to deliver the story ...
Now i se a lot of my typos and i feel pretty damn stupid ...
But that is what i can recall , I have heard a lot of other people talk about that.
Soem of my granduncles friends he made in Dachau - and some other one that went to Mauthausen ....
If i remember correctly - Mauthausen was different and pretty bad.
For they had a lot of POW's too. and the guards treated some of the russian POW's pretty bad.
But i do not recall all the other stories quiet as well as the one my granduncle told me - It's like 14 years since i heard the other ones.
And i learned another interesting thing.
There still was a royal family in bavaria - not ruleing anymore - that was over after the end of WW1
But the ear to the throne of bavaria - his royal majesty archduke Alberecht of bavaria
was an inmate of Dachau.
My grandfather became a gardener and had the great honor to serve him after the war.
They became close friends and even went fishing together - He told me how he lived on the premises of the archduke with his family.
he talked to the archduke about his time in Dachau - he was seperated from other inmates but still under strict arrest.

The Nazi's feared that some old german / bavarian Royalists could try to overthrow the Nazi's at some point in time , so they put away all the left over royals and kept them in camps like Dachau or under strict house arrest.

The archduke told similar stories of Dachau and even thou he despised the SS men and the NSDAP - he too claimed that he had a hard time to believe in the 6Mio.
Holocaust victim.
But he remainde doubtful and did not wish to talk about this topic any further with my Grandfather.
I was all ' WHAAAAAAATTT ? - Grandpa , you want to tell me that you served under an archduke in modern Germany ? Get out of here ---
But he showed me photos of him and the archduke fishing at lake Starnberg. Post cards of the archduke and even an offical latter of gratitude.
A big picture of the archduke still hanging in his workroom.
And i trust my family - as do i trust an archduke of bavaria to tell the truth.

That is why i doubt the 6 Mio Holocaust victims and some stories about the Shoa.
I dont wish to insult anyone and i do nut doubt or deny that the Holocaust happened-
only a full blown retard would deny the Holocaust as a whole.

But i dubt that all the horror stories are true. And i think some were made up to prevent the german people from ever choosind the NSDAP or something like taht again.
For shortly after the war 60% of the german population was still Pro 3.Reich.
And there was a real danger of a political rebirth of the Nazis.

So to kill this monster in the cradle - they needed a story so disgusting and horrible .

No man would ever be able to support the Nazi's without going against his own morals and better judgement. For no normal man would wish for the extermination of a whole race of people - that is just insane !

And they did good - they created a story of pure eviel , that keeps on haunting our nation - 70 + years after the war ended

The one thing i dislike about this the most is - people use the Holocaust to get their way - in politics and private. It is way to easy to silence people just be calling them NAZI.
So all of this os so damn difficult. If you doubt events of the Holocaust even in the slightest way - you gonna have a bad time.
And i bet - most people that noticed my comment thought about me as a NAZI at first. Even if i am far from it. That goes to show how important this topic still is.

And that is why we need to talk about it for real - no bullshit - neither (Neo)Nazi crap nor JIDIF Propaganda.
#19 - americans might be fat, but god damn they've contributed a lot…  [+] (4 new replies) 03/27/2015 on wen u rolling in dat dough tho 0
User avatar #20 - DoktorHax (03/27/2015) [-]
So has australia. Hills hoist, jindalee (over the horizon) radar, boy were the americans surprised when they brought that out during some war exersizes. Them stealth bombers show up like footy fields when seen from above and a bunch of other cool shit.
User avatar #22 - DoktorHax (03/27/2015) [-]
at least the pilots were surprised, they wernt told. I can imagine the looks on their faces when the aussies told them the exact position of their 11 billion dollar stealth bomber.
User avatar #21 - DoktorHax (03/27/2015) [-]
And mad max, hugh jackman, ac/dc, etc etc
User avatar #36 - anaphase (03/27/2015) [-]
nah we're pretty shit mate
#63 - Picture 03/27/2015 on war never changes 0
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#63 - tarabostes (03/27/2015) [-]
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#67 - "Edd may be gone, but his world will keep on spinning" 03/26/2015 on Never Forgetti +4
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