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    It was a trap! It was a trap!
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    Tats why we have marines Tats why we have marines
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    Scooby motherfkin doo Scooby motherfkin doo
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    Do it Do it
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#8 - de la mancha 05/16/2012 on Don Quixote 0
#736 - HOWLY DIV-AH! 03/30/2012 on Legends +2
#127 - Our soil is not poisoned in any way, economically our issue is…  [+] (2 replies) 02/13/2012 on Bitch Please 0
#129 - zlojeb (02/13/2012) [-]
Well we all are going through transition so privatisation is unavoidable. Also i think that money gained from privatisation is going to be frozen on that account, so not usable. Only mineral i know is Iron in Trepca mine that stopped working long time ago. I tell you, I'm from Central Serbia, don't have any relatives on Kosovo and i am not buthurt like most Serbs around Kosovo but current state(condition) is very stupid. You say you are not a part of Serbia, but all international reviewers say that situation is grim down there. Also not part of UN or any other organization...Recognized by some states, but not enoguh to be officialy proclaimed as a new state...same thing with Turkish Cyprus, but they have less recognitions.

Also finally some reasonable enough albanian for a civilized conversation :)

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#130 - ledsabith (02/13/2012) [-]
Now i do agree with you that Kosovo is in no way a 'independent state' and most people realize that, we depend on nato. Also everyone here knows the government is corrupt and installed by america, hell, the amerifat ambassador is the most powerful person in the state. So yeah i agree that we are not really independent, but you see newly formed states often do have corrupted governments witch last from about 10-12 years before a more civil government in installed. Although Kosovo is no longer part of serbia, it is more like a provence of america. Hopefully one day things with change for the better (if america lets it). I do agree with this, a lot of the stuff the Kosovo government puts out is bullshit as well as some of the stuff nato puts out. You must understand that most of what the government does is done under order of the united states. One of our best political parties 'vetvendosje' wants to have america as allies not as nationalism ruler.

I think the bottom line is that we live in a time where things are very global and we must learn to put aside nationalism and focus more on how to advance as a species.

Also there are plenty of albanians i know and work with who like serbs, most of us still have friends who are serbian, but hate is a two way street so to speak.
#125 - Firstly I respect your opinion and freedom to believe in what …  [+] (1 reply) 02/13/2012 on Bitch Please +1
#128 - zlojeb (02/13/2012) [-]
Well Tito protected Albanians very much during his reign and he forbid Leka Rankovic to "put" serbs there, or how to say it, settle more Serbs on Kosovo. Why? I think it was a part of bigger plan or scheme or what not.