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    Can't stump the Trump Can't stump the Trump
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    Our planet is neat sometimes Our planet is neat sometimes
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    Revolutionary rocket engine Revolutionary rocket engine
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    Badwolf Badwolf
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    Reposters Reposters
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    Transit of venus Transit of venus

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#2 - Always funny how the leftist progressives never have a problem… 19 hours ago on Lauren Southern attacked by... +4
#2 - Looking closely at the last one that little car pissed itself … 19 hours ago on rekt comp +1
#1 - Technically we're all half centaur.  [+] (1 new reply) 21 hours ago on Nobody Likes +3
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#2 - nuclearfishin (11 hours ago) [-]
A centaur is half a human + all of a horse except the head. Half a centaur would include at least a fifth of the horse in addition to the human part, right?
#5 - People still not getting that regulation without representatio…  [+] (1 new reply) 22 hours ago on Anglo Irony 0
#7 - anon (21 hours ago) [-]
It's the same thing, just a different medium.
#8 - GO is trash. come play source. 22 hours ago on My mistake 0
#2 - There's a 15 meter mark by which you must have surfaced or you… 22 hours ago on Funny Swim World Record +1
#8 - The only people who "lost" are hedge fund managers m… 23 hours ago on Britbong sums up Brexit +12
#2 - I ****** hope not. Theon isn't worthy of being his sister's s…  [+] (10 new replies) 23 hours ago on He wasn't good enough for her. +56
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#26 - venegal (8 hours ago) [-]
You ain't cool with him getting his dick back and think he is an unworthy advisor...yet you THINK he's worthy of fighting alongside the Unsullied. A soldier...HIM the bloody kid could not execute a man properly, 6 seasons and he has proven to be a skilled archer not a warrior, let alone a royal bodyguard who must protect the monarch at any cost with their life...sorry I just don't get your logic mate.
User avatar
#3 - Brancer (22 hours ago) [-]
This would be a good life for Theon honestly. Its weird how much I hated him before to wanting him to just be alright now.
User avatar
#4 - ironbeak (21 hours ago) [-]
Nah, a nice and quick death. He did execute two innocent boys and Ser Rodrik. Just because he's having a hard time at some point doesn't mean he should get off. He also broke all his oaths to Rob.
User avatar
#46 - thumbfortrump (5 hours ago) [-]
There is no reason for punishment if he understands his crimes, regrets them and tries to do good instead.

What you are suggesting is bringing in more meaningless suffering.
User avatar
#8 - megaton (14 hours ago) [-]
what Ramsay did to him was so much worse than killing him. I think he has more than made up for it .
User avatar
#9 - ironbeak (14 hours ago) [-]
How do you make up for killing people by getting tortured by a psychopath?
#24 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
He suffered a lot, and then helped Sansa Stark escape. That, in turn, allowed her to kill Ramsey and take back Winterfell.

It also made it possible for Jon Snow to become the king in the north. Theon is also rebelling against his uncle who is a twisted king that the Starks probably would hate to have around. I think he did enough.
User avatar
#10 - megaton (13 hours ago) [-]
if it was even, then he would have just been beaten up and killed. instead he came to the point of dying multiple times a day for months on end while being tortured both physically and mentally. he experienced many more than 2 deaths and begged for it even more times.
User avatar
#6 - snacky (16 hours ago) [-]
after what ramsy put him through though i think thats worse then execution and basically his debts are paid for his misdeeds
User avatar
#5 - Brancer (21 hours ago) [-]
A fair point coming from Ned Stark.
#3 - I wonder how effective that would be to deathclaws? Going to try.  [+] (8 new replies) 23 hours ago on Shotgun, Cheeki Breeki edition +13
#33 - johrny (8 hours ago) [-]
>use 10 atom mines at once
>post results

User avatar
#46 - ubercookieboy (6 hours ago) [-]
Fallout 4 space program
User avatar
#25 - cdsams (11 hours ago) [-]
Go melee. I swear by it, melee is the best way to go when you 1v1 death claws.
User avatar
#67 - inverseiconoclasm (4 hours ago) [-]
I used to hunt Deathclaws with a switchblade on New Vegas. With the proper build and the right perks, it's easy and fun as hell.
#14 - thorseph (15 hours ago) [-]
use better mines, and it might work
#7 - anon (21 hours ago) [-]
Quick reloading might be an issue depending on how fast you can rotate the can.
User avatar
#29 - thewhitezombie (10 hours ago) [-]
or just toss a bunch in the can at the same time
#30 - anon (9 hours ago) [-]
Now we're talkin'!
#6 - Traveling though. 06/28/2016 on The art of deception -5