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#169 - Thats the one thing I don't understand about the /pol/ side of…  [+] (2 new replies) 10/06/2015 on Naozi Germoney 0
#219 - therwasno (10/06/2015) [-]
being a a uneducated stupid incest lovig cuck faggot nazi fag nowadays must suck @ bloodrocutation
User avatar #173 - bloodrocutation (10/06/2015) [-]
I personally think the end justifies the means and i would do whatever it takes to create that europe. Not out of hatred or racism or anything, but because without it there will be no europe, at least not a Europe i want to live in or want for my descendants, my fatherland and my people.
#122 - Comment deleted 10/05/2015 on War: War Is Hell 0
#36 - Well it kinda makes sense when you consider player input …  [+] (8 new replies) 10/01/2015 on Cutscenes vs Gameplay +13
#47 - fcrocker (10/01/2015) [-]
That's exactly what FC3 did so well. Instead of pretending the Ninja-Tier decimation of enemies during gameplay did not happen it embraces it. Jason's journey from dumb kid to absolute badass co-incides perfectly with the player's journey from clumsy scrub to absolute pro.

Sure, this advancement happens very quickly. But Jason isn't a normal kid. He is a natural killer. He is "worthy of the Tatau". The writers even managed to present this whilst still maintaining a humanized and relatable character.

Good job Ubisoft writers. Shame about Far Cry 4.
#55 - butterduck (10/02/2015) [-]
**butterduck used "*roll picture*"**
**butterduck rolled image**
Whats wrong wtih far cry 4, I liked it? :^(
#62 - fcrocker (10/02/2015) [-]
They just redid everything people liked about FC3, but didn't even bother tying it together with a decent narrative.
>You're a tourist in scenic location
>Crazy/Eccentric warlord kidnaps you
>You lead the locals in a revolution taking down said warlord
>Cue some hallucinogenic drug scenes.
User avatar #63 - butterduck (10/03/2015) [-]
The drug scenes are optional tho, and hes not really a warlord sense hes the president or whatever.
User avatar #48 - Bobtheblob (10/01/2015) [-]
It's funny. About a year ago, people absolutely shat on Far Cry 3 and Jason Brody as terrible writing. Now that Far Cry 4 is out, they praise FC3 and Jason as well written. Is it nostalgia? Or is FC4's writing so bad that Far Cry 3 is a masterpiece in comparison?
#51 - fcrocker (10/01/2015) [-]
FC4 was a steaming pile of shit, but I definitley wouldn't call FC3's writing a masterpeice. It was surprisingly well done however, for a Ubisoft open world action game with a fairly simple story line. Nowadays Ubisoft seems to think that narrative is interchangable for a map filled with collectables.
#59 - rollfourexplain (10/02/2015) [-]
Why is FC4 terrible? I thought it was better than FC3, but I've never played any of the Far Cry games.
#61 - fcrocker (10/02/2015) [-]
FC4 was basically just a complete redo of FC3, but with absolutely no effort put into the story/writing.
#105 - Not to mention the presence of the Galatians in Turkey (of all… 10/01/2015 on Disney is Racist +1
#121 - Well, isn't that a face of responsibility 09/28/2015 on Every Life Matters +7
#50 - Golden Boy, never thought I would love an absolute perv 09/24/2015 on So, you wanna be a weeb? 0
#104 - if everyone had that intention, the puppy would have been ripp…  [+] (2 new replies) 09/24/2015 on being this level of sub... +42
#139 - anon (09/24/2015) [-]
That is the truth yet people thumb u down becuase they are kids that cannot remain rational in their rage
#166 - anon (09/24/2015) [-]
How would the puppy be ripped apart? You can diffuse the situation without being a complete tard. He obviously passed the dog on and someone could have intercepted the exchange with no harm to the animal. Others could have also helped detain the assailants without harming the animal. You just have to think before you act instead of just reaching into places and pulling like it is a wang
#162 - Im pretty sure this is obvious, but slap the OP and all the de… 09/23/2015 on Bad fuckin' news. +8
#132 - both will suffice 09/22/2015 on Ghost Job +7
#3 - am i missing something? The joke or common knowledge? 09/22/2015 on kiss me, sun 0

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