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#252 - My brother ran a small Pathfinder dungeon for me and a couple …  [+] (2 replies) 02/19/2015 on D&D Underrated Base Classes 0
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#268 - hadrian (02/19/2015) [-]
For an 8th level character, you should not have been able to solo all of that. I mean seriously, you faced an adult red dragon all by yourself and you kicked its ass after taking out two ogres, a bone devil, and an ettin...all without a healer? Fighters are not broken; your brother just fudged all the dice rolls so that you didn't die...likely to spite the other players for basically leaving the game.
#290 - krickit (02/20/2015) [-]
No fudged rolls, I entered the first room and popped an enlarge person potion. Then I ran into the middle of the room and started using whirlwind attack to hit everything all in one round. Using a vicious/frost Elven Curved Blade I was dealing 4d8+2d6(vicious)+1d6(frost)+~15 strength damage per hit. It didn't take many hits to kill any of them. I did heal after the first fight because I was smart enough to bring health potions. The second fight I did the same thing, enlarge person and then attack.
#83 - Picture 02/09/2015 on Sex Joke +2
#120 - Mojito?  [+] (1 reply) 12/06/2014 on food girls 0
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#132 - leifbunny (12/06/2014) [-]
It's a mixed drink of white rum, lime juice, mint leaves, sugar cane juices and, if you like bubbles, seltzer water.
#1975 - My life is going great. I'm relaxing at my parent's house whil…  [+] (3 replies) 11/28/2014 on thanksgiving selfie / feels... +4
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#2039 - ourlipscantouch (11/28/2014) [-]
You look like OutBackZack from youtube, maybe younger though.
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#1993 - vetis (11/28/2014) [-]
Aw shit, man, you look JUST like me if I could straighten my hair! Even your facial hair grows in a similar pattern! Mine doesn't grow on the front of my chin </3

Brilliant. I love you.
#2028 - krickit (11/28/2014) [-]
I have a spot right under my chin that doesn't grow, so I keep the neck shaved. I know your pain </3

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