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#32 - anon (07/24/2016) [-]
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#42 - Okay, thanks for specifying, in that case by all means arrest … 07/15/2016 on Germany has their... +2
#40 - That still doesn't sound like a sound reason to arrest people …  [+] (2 new replies) 07/15/2016 on Germany has their... +2
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#41 - schwoazapeda (07/15/2016) [-]
The people in question called to arms against immigrants, are suspected to have burnt down freshly built immigration homes. They organized and mobilized right wing radical movements with the goal to attack lefties and immigrants. They posted illegal material (yes, posting or drawing the swastika in germany/austria is still illegal and gets prosecuted even if you think it's ideologically unjust ).
So these people got arrested for breaking the law, like anybody else.
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#42 - konysugandanbitch (07/15/2016) [-]
Okay, thanks for specifying, in that case by all means arrest the fuckers.
#175 - Ignore that comment I just deleted, no need for doubles. Both …  [+] (1 new reply) 07/07/2016 on /pol/ educates Brazil on... -1
#189 - anon (07/08/2016) [-]
people like you are so fucking stupid i want to scream. go fucking die somewhere
#172 - Comment deleted 07/07/2016 on /pol/ educates Brazil on... 0
#168 - The Fermi Paradox one is about others existing relative to us,…  [+] (5 new replies) 07/07/2016 on /pol/ educates Brazil on... -1
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#173 - deutschblut (07/07/2016) [-]
No one is saying there is no extra-terrestrial life.

That is very possible.

There is no extr-terrestrial INTELLIGENT life.

Likely not even complex life.
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#177 - theruinedsage (07/07/2016) [-]
How can you make that assertion?

Life being created from inanimate life is far less probable than it becoming multi-cell. And once it becomes multi-cell, there's no reason it couldn't evolve to become intelligent.

Your main argument is that we haven't seen it. You do realize we can hardly even see exoplanets right? Just in the last few years we have multiplied the number of known exoplanets, some of them even in the Goldilocks zone. And that's just in our immediate vicinity
Made even worse by the fact that looking for exoplanets in the Goldilocks zone is next to impossible.

There's no way we could ever search other galaxies for them, we can hardly see their bloody stars let alone their planets.

And seeing that newer drake equation estimates put us as the most advanced civilization in the milky way, we're not going to find any evidence, because we simply can't look far enough.

If your argument was just that we can't extrapolate and assume that aliens exist, that would be fine.
But you have to go out of your way to deny any possibility that they could exist, which there is even less of a basis for.
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#188 - deutschblut (07/08/2016) [-]
"Your main argument is that we haven't seen it"

Wrong user.

I NEVER once said that.

My main argument is that scientifically and mathematically, it is essentially impossible.

The argument everyone else is "Dur space is so big, there must be intelligent life out there! Hur dur!"

That is fucking retarded.

Imelda Marcos' closet is huge. Therefore there must be unicorns in there?

No. Just shoes.

Math is not my strong point, so I will not attempt to write the equation, but the chance that there could be extraterrestrial intelligent life is something like 1% with 60 million zeros in front of it.

Essentially impossible.
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#175 - konysugandanbitch (07/07/2016) [-]
Ignore that comment I just deleted, no need for doubles. Both are possible, we do not know, we never will know for sure, it is impossible to know for a fact whether there is or not until we find it. They either exist or we don't know they exist because we will never ever in anyone's lifetime observe all of space to the point we can say they don't exist for a fact. I don't know what you read that states they don't exist, because that person doesn't understand what knowing something is apparently. Now complex life is, well, complex and intelligent life would be hard pressed to exist and maybe they didn't surpass the primitive age of caves or whatever, but statistically speaking the chances of us being alone are close to zero because, again, the size of space and the fact we made it to this point and whatnot.
#189 - anon (07/08/2016) [-]
people like you are so fucking stupid i want to scream. go fucking die somewhere