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#231 - Yeah, it's exactly the same.. 08/14/2012 on Lesbians 0
#74 - 8/10, would bang (not the cat)  [+] (1 new reply) 08/13/2012 on let me love you +7
#78 - tehavatar (08/13/2012) [-]
thanks. now I know im at least a 9.
#322 - Grey Granola. I like it 08/10/2012 on Your Band Name 0
#87 - I really do this for a living and hope never to be treated by you.  [+] (5 new replies) 08/08/2012 on Schizophrenic Run 0
#88 - anon (08/08/2012) [-]
I love you say he's wrong but never bother to explain why.
Like that makes your point any more valid than his.
#91 - anon (08/08/2012) [-]
I had to post as anonymous since I'm allowed to post only every 99999 minutes on the same pages. No idea why, does anyone else have this?
#90 - anon (08/08/2012) [-]
1st: paranoia is not a syndrome per se but a certain, let's say type of schizophrenia.
2nd: paranoid symptoms are not the same as hearing voices
3rd: the comic is actually very accurate because if patients who suffer from schizophrenia hear voices (which is not always the case), they mostly are commanding or commenting, which in this case would be kind of appropriate. I guess they very seldom cheer at you because mostly they are negative..so that'd be more like "you will never make it to the finish" etc.

#104 - thevic (08/08/2012) [-]
And fuck no, paranoia is *not* a "type of schizophrenia". It's an entirely different syndrome marked by very different symptoms and common in different types of people. They have lots of similarities, and there's even the "paranoid" subtype of schizophrenia, but the paranoia that I know and love is *not* schizophrenia.
#103 - thevic (08/08/2012) [-]
I didn't state any of those. The only reason I was summary rather than accurate was that well, most people don't understand enough of it to make sense.
Also, please realize I'm not American so I don't really know what the correct names are for symptoms and syndromes.
#1 - Did you dies?  [+] (1 new reply) 08/07/2012 on paranormal shit 0
#2 - seadseed (08/07/2012) [-]
Yeah unfortunately i got killed.
#3 - Why Simpsons are **** nowadays in a nutshell. 07/30/2012 on Poor Ralph -5
#317 - Glad I don't live in 'merica..10-20%? My god.  [+] (1 new reply) 06/21/2012 on Justice (enlarge please) 0
#337 - mammalology (06/21/2012) [-]
it all works out the same, with the waitresses being paid less, the restaurant doesnt have to hike up prices so much so the food is cheaper. so it works out to be about the same, its just a weird system.
#55 - tl;dr 06/19/2012 on creepy myths 11 (rp) -3
#18 - Is that Kathy Bates? 06/12/2012 on Reba's Stalker 0
#809 - I puked a little 06/12/2012 on The Veteran +2
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