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#4 - wow a hajime no ippo post. We need more of these! I love…  [+] (1 reply) 02/01/2015 on U wot m8? +3
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#5 - gomugomuno (02/01/2015) [-]
the first series was hilarious but new challenger and rising got pretty serious. wasn't as fun but still pretty good
#3 - Here's the serious answer to that question. Airlines over book…  [+] (10 replies) 01/02/2015 on Airline +147
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#21 - AnomynousUser (01/02/2015) [-]
But what if everyone has to make that flight? How would the airlines make it up to the people they can't seat? Just take the lawsuit to the face (in 'Murica, you get sued for everything)?
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#23 - kingpoopdog (01/03/2015) [-]
I'm not exactly sure I've never worked at an airport nor do I know anyone that does but I think that this only applies to the coach seats like they don't oversell first class because they don't want to risk making them mad . I think that generally if it's like an important business man or something they'll sit in first class and not have to deal with this. The overselling only happens in coach and chances are their is someone willing to get upgraded not only may they send you to first class they also reimburse your ticket and may give you extra money . They don't oversell by that much either, maybe a few seats if that. Some airlines don't even deal with this because they assign seats when you buy the ticket, but some, like Southwest, just have a first come first serve seating system.
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#11 - minorian (01/02/2015) [-]
But you have a designated seat in the plane? There's a pretty good chance that both people with the same seat shows up, so that sounds really unrealistic

Gonna have to ask for some source on this and no, I don't feel like googling random things I read on the internet all the time, but I do feel like writing half-long comments that makes me feel better about myself
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#12 - honkan (01/02/2015) [-]
I don't know if this is standard everywhere (Norway), but when a took a flight to see my family for christmas. I could choose between regular, regular+ or premium (something like that).

For regular, I wouldn't have been assigned a seat until i checked in at the airport. I assume i would then have been given an random available seat, so there would be no problem as long as not everyone makes it to check inn.
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#13 - minorian (01/02/2015) [-]
Shiet, you're totally right; I completely forgot that you only get your boarding pass, where your designated seat is on, when you get to the airport.

Bury me in those red commies.
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#14 - honkan (01/02/2015) [-]
It's no biggie, a lot of tickets, like the ones I bought (regular+) allows you to chose your seat in advance. Unfortunately they don't tell you where the babies are, so you can still get stuck right behind one. There should be some kind of baby zone near the end of the plane. Preferably with a soundproof barrier between them and the rest of the plane.
#15 - minorian (01/02/2015) [-]
It's kinda a biggie. My family lives in Thailand and I live in Denmark, so I've fly a lot, both domestic and not domestic, so I should have known this more than the average person.

>pic related: it's less than a fucking month ago since I last flew
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#16 - honkan (01/02/2015) [-]
The last time I flew was less than 4 hours ago though, so I think I have an unfair advantage.

Damn, nearly the entire day gone to traveling. That sucks. I'm lucky enough that it's only 4-5 hours from leaving the apartment to arriving at my family's house.
#18 - minorian (01/02/2015) [-]
Wanna know the worst thing about that particular trip?
I am a vegetarian, but even after paying extra for vegetarian food, when I ordered the ticket, they didn't have any on board the planes.
I asked nicely, if they didn't have any bread I could maybe eat since they fucked my order up , but they would only serve that for 2 euros per slice, but I only had Danish kroner and Thai baht of course. Hadn't eaten the morning either, because I had been travelling to the airport nearly since I woke up, so I was starved, when I got to Bangkok

>pic related again: 129 kr for a "service" pack
#6 - anon (01/02/2015) [-]
I'm just laughing because sits instead of seats
#53 - It's been implied that they have liked each other for a while.…  [+] (1 reply) 12/20/2014 on Roku´s wisdom +1
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#67 - captainfuckitall (12/20/2014) [-]
1. Trust does not equal relationship. I trust my dog, but I don't want to fuck it.
2. Mako's melodramatic and anxious, he would have said that over any situation where people just didn't want to include him.
3. She blushed with a lot of people she never actually liked.

What I'm saying is that even if they ARE really good friends and like eachother a lot, they just might NOT want to fuck. Crazy, I know, but it happens.
#14 - How's my dick? 12/16/2014 on twins +15