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    Doom Doom
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    Fludd Fludd
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    #GamerGate censorship #GamerGate censorship
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    Expectations of women Expectations of women
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    4+4chan feat. Carlos 4+4chan feat. Carlos
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    All Grown Up All Grown Up
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    Paid reviews Paid reviews
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    Sing it baby Sing it baby
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    Bender Bender
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    death kitten death kitten
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    Asian Jesus doesn't give a fuck Asian Jesus doesn't give a fuck
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    Gone Home speedrun Gone Home speedrun
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    Half-Life 1 plot Half-Life 1 plot
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    That one asshole in smash bros That one asshole in smash bros
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    like a horse like a horse
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    Spooked! Spooked!
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    nigger fight nigger fight
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    JRPG protagonists JRPG protagonists

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#194 - a ******* leaf 05/16/2016 on Leaf gets blown away -1
#31 - I hate how redditfags murdered 'cringe'. 05/14/2016 on Daily Strugle +1
#298 - That's actually very noble and sweet, not going to stop me fro… 04/15/2016 on Wow +1
#23 - Picture 04/11/2016 on dark skin 0
#54 - non-whites bring more crime and devalued property 04/11/2016 on Britbong delivers the banter +2
#133 - would rather wrap my dick in fiberglass  [+] (1 new reply) 04/08/2016 on KKK=BLM -1
#148 - oceanfrank (04/09/2016) [-]
do it then you fucking bitch ass.
#370 - all of my 3d pics of actual fat girls were porn, didnt wanna g… 04/03/2016 on Fat Shaming Friday 3 0
#78 - as easy as it is for me to ridicule fatties for being fat, I g…  [+] (6 new replies) 04/02/2016 on Fat Shaming Friday 3 +1
User avatar
#271 - cognosceteipsum (04/02/2016) [-]
User avatar
#121 - leonhardt (04/02/2016) [-]
>"I like fat girls!"
>Posts a "fat" cartoon character

I like them too but I'm not a fucking retard about it.
#370 - kingkaga (04/03/2016) [-]
all of my 3d pics of actual fat girls were porn, didnt wanna get b&
#106 - xierthard (04/02/2016) [-]
THICK, not fat, that anime girl only has extra weight in all the right places. Everybody likes big titties and a thick ass. Them shapely thighs so wet and delicious and voluptuous hips and... Anyways, it can't be in the form of a acid trip pillar (obese) .
User avatar
#345 - thedankmemer (04/02/2016) [-]
Your comment made me laugh. 1+
User avatar
#100 - djdragontwist (04/02/2016) [-]
I do agree, but there is a limit
#17 - that's not a problem in itself, but very rarely people are spe…  [+] (24 new replies) 03/24/2016 on cucks +5
User avatar
#31 - nymikemet (03/24/2016) [-]
I get that completely, we need to take stronger action against ISIS, but She's coming off like that doesn't help at all.
User avatar
#21 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
The source of terrorism is terrorism, not islam. There are christian terrorists, and jewish terrorists. There are even buddhist terrorists.
User avatar
#26 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
Yes, the source of terrorism in general is not Islam. However, he was referring to the islamic terrorism that makes up a HUGE majority of terrorism.
User avatar
#28 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
Not necessarily true. What defines terrorism? According to google: the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Is the USAs drone bombing not terrorism? Is a group of angry Christians shooting at a Planned Parenthood not terrorism?
User avatar
#29 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
USA's bombing IS official, and not targeting civilians or utilizing shock and awe tactics. The point is to kill people, not put fear in them. That's just a bonus, and part of the psychological warfare aspect of bombing. Christians shooting at planned parenthood certainly is terrorism, though. You will note, however, that I never said that there were non-Muslim terrorists. I actually said the exact opposite.

Way to miss the point completely, buddy.
User avatar
#30 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
You said that they make up a huge majority of Islam. You missed my point, which is terrorism is still terrorism, even if it isn't called terrorism. The US bullshit that pretty much started all the conflicts in the middle east was not official. To an extent, the drone bombing going on currently is not official, because they are shooting civilians. Perhaps not intentionally.

Off the top of my head, I think the statistic reads that only 6% of the by definition terrorist actions in the USA are Islamic Extremism, and only 3% in the UK.
User avatar
#41 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
That is not at all what I said, kindly take your strawman bullshit elsewhere.
User avatar
#43 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
Pardon, you said they make up a huge majority of terrorism**
Freudian slip.
User avatar
#32 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
And, tbh, it's not official for the people getting bombed. If you frame it as such:

Place A says they need to attack Place B because Place B is threatening them. That makes it official on Place A's side, but not on Place B.

America says they need to attack Iraq because Iraq is threatening them. That makes it official in America, but not in Iraq.

Al-Qaeda (a governing body in Syria) says they need to attack America because America is threatening them. That makes it official in Syria, but not in America.
User avatar
#38 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
It's almost like somebody declared war on somebody else. Imagine that
User avatar
#39 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
..yes, but that wouldn't make it any more official to the people;e being bombed, because it;s not official for them, because they didn't officialise it.
User avatar
#40 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
That's not how wars work, you fucking retard.
User avatar
#42 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
It is when the opposition has no official government
User avatar
#44 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
This is how wars work

>Group A declares war on Group B
>Group B fights back so as not to be killed

It is exceedingly simple. Terrorism is a TACTIC, and CAN be used in war.
User avatar
#45 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
Ok so then the bombings are not terrorism?
User avatar
#46 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
Some bombings are, some bombings aren't. Your inability to make the distinction does not mean that drone strikes on ISIS are terrorism.
User avatar
#47 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
No, I'm just pointing out your hypocrisy.

Either all of it is terrorism, including our drone strikes.
Or the majority of it is not terrorism, including the suicide bombing.
User avatar
#48 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
I have not been hypocritical at all. You are trying to equate any killing via explosives to terrorism, which is just not the case.

US drone strikes are targeted at enemy fighters. The point is not to put fear into the populace, it is to kill and demoralize a violent and dangerous enemy. Sometimes there is collateral damage, and while that is a crying shame it is still not terrorism.

ISIS bombings are targeted at defenseless civilians. The point is to eliminate their ability to feel safe, to demoralize the populace and to make it clear that these attacks can happen any time and anywhere; that they are going to continue killing anyone that does not wholly submit to their dogma and rule. There is no such thing as collateral damage with these attacks, because mass death to cause terror is the only goal. This is terrorism.

Learn the difference.

This is why I keep calling you a retard. Because you are retarded.

User avatar
#49 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
Since September, we've bombed 4 hospitals. At least 550 civilian deaths from drones, and an estimated 7000 civilian deaths from a different kind of bomb. We've been known to target small farming downs specifically. How the fuck is targeting civilian farmers 'just collateral damage'
User avatar
#50 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
Those are pretty tiny numbers, to be honest. If intelligence says that this farmer is hiding weapons or housing insurgents, they are going to bomb him. That's how it works. That does not make it terrorism, it just might be a horrible mistake based on bad information. That happens sometimes. You are still demonstrating an utter lack of comprehension between intentional civilian casualties to cause fear and acceptable civilian casualties in pursuit of a high-value target. War is about killing people, I don't see how you fail to understand that.
User avatar
#53 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]

The concept you're not seeming to grasp, is that you have to think of this from their point of view. They are terrified. They hate us because we bomb them. Because their media is telling them we are bombing them for no good reason. Because their media wants them to think of us as the enemy. Sound familiar?

We can have all the paperwork and justification we want, but it is completely irrelevant TO THEM.

And, to an extent, this is all irrelevant, because the point is that a majority of terrorism isn't perpetrated in the name of Islamic extrem
User avatar
#54 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
Just because they are scared does not make it terrorism
User avatar
#51 - thirdjess (03/24/2016) [-]
550 civilian deaths in a quarter of a year compared to the whopping 17 in 2015.

Again, it is hypocrisy. To us (to you), it is 'acceptable civilian casualty'. To them, it's getting bombed to shit because of a rumour. They've started just flat bombing truck drivers on a certain stretch of road, and an important trade route, because they MIGHT secretly be carrying weapons. With no intelligence, they just MIGHT be. And the pentagon wants to change the laws around drones so that there are more civilian deaths.
User avatar
#52 - iamkagji (03/24/2016) [-]
It's not hypocrisy at all. It's war. It is also NOT TERRORISM. It is collateral damage. The goal is not to kill civilians for the purpose of causing fear. Without that key component, it is not terrorism. How are you not getting this.

What you seem to be doing is speaking out against war in general. If that is the case, then fine. However, you cannot completely disregard the definition of terrorism just because it seems convenient for you. Terrorism only works when the government cares about the people anyway, and ISIS doesn't give a fuck about its own fighters. Do you honestly think that making targeted attacks on civilians would have any effect on them unless it fucked with their supply lines, safe houses and outposts? Because if you do, then you are quite possibly the most idiotic person I have ever met, and if you continue to call drone strikes terrorism after this you will only be showing that to be true.
#33 - funny when you compare the origins of Islam and Christianity …  [+] (5 new replies) 03/24/2016 on its out fault -liberals +1
User avatar
#35 - SuperCollider (03/24/2016) [-]
But have you ever heard of the Old Testament?

1 Samuel 18:27

"David took his men with him and went out and killed two hundred Philistines and brought back their foreskins. They counted out the full number to the king so that David might become the king's son-in-law. Then Saul gave him his daughter Michal in marriage."
User avatar
#67 - leonhardt (03/24/2016) [-]
"Hey dude, I brought back 200 literal dickheads, can I fuck your daughter?"

Truly a magical era.
User avatar
#55 - dehumanizer (03/24/2016) [-]
go read the talmud
#40 - anon (03/24/2016) [-]
Wow, that's dark. Good thing that's not part of Islam. Although Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have in common with each other. I just can't remember what. I think it rhymes with The Fold Festament.
User avatar
#34 - infinitereaper (03/24/2016) [-]
Didn't Muhammad marry and fuck a kid as well?
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