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#3 - Ali (06/28/2010) [-]
Heeeey! Haven't been on in a while! How have you been?
#4 to #3 - kikkelikeiju (06/29/2010) [-]
Ive been just fine. :) Going to the army in just half a year, so Im trying to do all sorts of stuff while I still can. :D
How about you, how have you been? :)
#5 to #4 - Ali (07/01/2010) [-]
The army?! Why? Ugh, I've never understood the point of war. The best quote I've ever heard in my life was "Fighting for peace is like ******* for virginity". But whatever, I guess if it's your choice.. :\

I've been fine as well, been to Paris a little bit, now back home, and it's constantly raining over here :[ Such depressing weather
#6 to #5 - kikkelikeiju (07/01/2010) [-]
Oh it is not my choice. :D In here, army is compulsory. :) I have no choice, I have to go. :D Well its either the army or jail, and I rather choose the army. :D

How was Paris? :) I kindof like the rain, makes the air feel so fresh afterwards. :)
#7 to #6 - Ali (07/03/2010) [-]
Are you serious? Wow, I didn't think that was still legal.. That really, really sucks :\ Take care of yourself!

Yeah, I guess it does, but this is ridiculous xD Today is the only sunny day we've had in over 2 weeks. Paris was really nice, one of the prettiest places I've visited

How's Finland? Still got snow? xD
#8 to #7 - kikkelikeiju (07/03/2010) [-]
Well I dont really think it sucks. :) Its a good way of getting young men in better shape. :D And you get to meet new people. :) And we get paid for it. :D

No snow here anymore. :D Pretty fine weather we have had here. :) A bit too hot for my taste though. x)
#9 to #8 - Ali (07/03/2010) [-]
You get paid? Well... In that case I guess it's alright xD But I would hate getting up at 6 AM and work out..

Yeah, I just went outside and it's really hot here too. I don't like it at all... Autumn is alright, cause it's not too hot nor cold. And it doesn't rain as much as spring.

So have you been skating lately? Cause with the snow gone I'd imagine you have
#10 to #9 - kikkelikeiju (07/03/2010) [-]
I dont mind waking early. :) And I would work out by myself if I wasnt so lazy. :D Now at least I wont have a choice, with the supervisors shouting and making sure we do what we are ordered to. :D

I actually havent been skating. :(