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    Can you guess who? Can you guess who?
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#67 - Or I guess I just dont see your point. 12 hours ago on it goes both ways 0
#66 - No. You are not a criminal if they make a law after you did th…  [+] (1 new reply) 12 hours ago on it goes both ways 0
User avatar #67 - kbro (12 hours ago) [-]
Or I guess I just dont see your point.
#40 - Wait... Didn't you just make a loop there? You cant have law w…  [+] (3 new replies) 09/02/2015 on it goes both ways +1
User avatar #65 - agrofenlas (09/02/2015) [-]
If there isn't a law against it, that doesn't mean people can't disagree with it, it means it is not against the law and therefore, not illegal. Now that people disagree with it, and its happened, they can make a law making it illegal. Now that it is illegal, there is a criminal who has broken that law because they had done that thing.

an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.

If there are no laws, there are no criminals because there is no crime. If you preemptively create a law, you still generate the same standard by creating barriers to tear down. Because criminals know it is wrong, but will do it anyways. They set the standard by breaking those laws, we only set up those laws in the first place because we are civilized, and they are only enforced for the same reason.

If people made assumptions before actions were taken, there would be far more laws then there are now. But, there aren't, because we aren't that cynical. Otherwise there would already be laws against the colonization of territories that don't exist yet. But there aren't. Nothing stops me from doing something there is no law against. Because one will be made after the fact. Just because we've thought of nearly everything, doesn't meant we originally thought of it. Permeability.
User avatar #66 - kbro (12 hours ago) [-]
No. You are not a criminal if they make a law after you did the act. That would be an ex post facto law and is forbidden in article 1 section 9 clause 3 of the US constitution and pretty much forbidden universally among other countries. You are only a criminal if you acted against an established law. And there are literally thousands of laws that apply to every county in the US. Federal codes, state codes, county ordinances, and city ordinances have laws regarding pretty much everything you can think of, and many of those laws have never been broken in their respective jurisdictions. For example, its illegal to hunt whales in Utah's great salt lake... Even though no whales have ever been in that lake. There are so many laws its ridiculous.
User avatar #67 - kbro (12 hours ago) [-]
Or I guess I just dont see your point.
#5 - well, if that is iMessage then you can send txts through your …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/17/2015 on texting +4
User avatar #12 - SirVladimir (08/17/2015) [-]
Sent iMessages are blue, though...
User avatar #11 - simmen (08/17/2015) [-]
Then they could still have answered the texts.
#115 - **kbro used "*roll picture*"** **kbro rolled image ** **… 08/16/2015 on Giga Nigga 0
#796 - **kbro used "*roll picture*"** **kbro rolled image ** … 08/12/2015 on Let the Opinions hit the floor +1
#794 - dubbed with japanese translated subtitles. 08/12/2015 on Let the Opinions hit the floor +1
#14 - Picture 07/12/2015 on Get Educated 0
#212 - Correct, just as ISIS doesn't exist, but their flag still repr… 07/01/2015 on Tit for Tat 0
#178 - lol yeah thanks, just reaffirmed for clarity's sake. 07/01/2015 on Tit for Tat 0
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