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latest user's comments

#123 - well... people are dumb. with that the usa will create a c…  [+] (4 replies) 11 hours ago on Congress turns over Obama veto +1
User avatar
#125 - fatskinnyguy (11 hours ago) [-]
Currently, I don't really see how this case is going to go through. The US courts do not allow cases against sovereign nation states on the basis of sovereign immunity. In addition, the US Federal government can only be sued if it consents to being sued and drops its own sovereign immunity.
#133 - redneckdude (11 hours ago) [-]
As I understand it, terrorist acts nullify immunity.
User avatar
#139 - fatskinnyguy (11 hours ago) [-]
So, you're basically just saying America is pretending it can sue Saudi Arabia? Cause it's not like the Saudi government is going to go along with it
#141 - redneckdude (11 hours ago) [-]
Going to be intersting to see it play out.
#15 - i always wonder... if those villains were so vain and reacted …  [+] (4 replies) 09/28/2016 on Mind of Penguin +18
User avatar
#45 - Gandalfthewhite (09/28/2016) [-]
Crime pays, like a lot
User avatar
#32 - admiralen (09/28/2016) [-]
Not like that was an everyday occurrence, he was about to say he loved her before the laugh interrupted him
Not to mention most smalltime criminals would be willing to do almost anything for free just to get to be part of the gang
User avatar
#21 - akkere (09/28/2016) [-]
People like Cobblepot have a lot of lucrative operations under tow, and not all of his acts were entirely dysfunctional. The liquor store - even if it wasn't placed with optimal location in mind - will still bring him at least a paltry sum. The restaurant is property which Penguin can repurpose as a storage location to move 'product', or even just simply set up an entirely new business (hell, even another restaurant with just a fresh roster of staff) for money laundering.
Other things could've simply been done by pressuring public officials; the deportation, the annexation and demolition of the park (putting the cost on tax dollars instead of his own pocket), etc.

Besides, it's not like Cobblepot would do this to every Joe or Jane that laughs at his big nose; he'd probably just simply have them shot or stabbed on the way home. Cases like the Chef or higher profile would require stuff like that seen in the comic however, and while labor intensive it is to plan all of this, I'd wager these schemes aren't enacted inefficiently or without some degree of recoup in mind.
User avatar
#18 - Wimbles (09/28/2016) [-]
Penguin values himself and the respect he receives more than anything, his money being mostly from criminal activities. It's the illusion of high society he nurtures the most, believing himself part of the upper crust.

The low self esteem and criminal way cross with his delusion often, leading to situations like this. The women he is with was even from a slave market (or black market in general) and doesn't realise how evil he is, seeing him as her savior.
#9 - to be honest both of them are right. too many people …  [+] (4 replies) 09/26/2016 on She says black people are... +5
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#19 - affix (09/26/2016) [-]
Are the police not trained that well? Or do they have to deal with some really fucked up shit like a seemingly unarmed man, shooting two cops in three seconds. Raw Bodycam Videos Of OfficerInvolved Shooting In Savannah Georgia
#31 - kanedam (09/27/2016) [-]
those are circumstances that can always happen.
unpredictable behaviour of people doesnt indicate that officers are trained well.

the moves they use, the way they are trained... a lot of the methods, techniques, and so on that a us policeman learns are outdated and in many other countries there have been better solutions found. there really is no basis to argue against that since it is internationally known and foreigners are frequently brought to us police stations to at least give "quick courses" to help the us police get better. but they arent really reforming the police training. its a shame... many good people are in blue, but they dont get the same good training as they did earlier. (same happened to austria, 15years ago the system of training was changed and the police have gotten much rougher and less able to deescalate here)
User avatar
#28 - ninjabadger (09/27/2016) [-]
Majority of people have absolutely no idea about how quickly things like this happen, and how quickly officers have to make life changing decisions. The fact that people are so unpredictable doesn't help, and when a certain minority has been known to use violence against officers for next to no reason (as seen here), you can see why it puts them on edge in those situations. A lot of these guys (and gals) have families too, they have every right to be thorough and cautious with people.
User avatar
#20 - affix (09/26/2016) [-]
Starts at 1:52
#69 - Picture 09/25/2016 on not me 0
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