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#6 - i suggested it to the family.... but idk... he knows his name … 03/20/2015 on fat cat needs captions 0
#152 - not quite..... they are loosing population (or were last a loo… 09/18/2014 on DYK Comp #53 0
#7 - dude was trolling you.... 09/13/2014 on somewhat junk, but OC junk 0
#6 - AC/DC means NOTHING more than turning ac current into DC curre…  [+] (1 new reply) 09/13/2014 on somewhat junk, but OC junk 0
#8 - fatminion (09/22/2014) [-]
to you it does, in this day and age. But in 1950s Australia, it's a term folks used to talk about bisexuals.

it's actually still defined as such, although not used as often:

#249 - plus, the dude who shot that 17 year odl dude in 2014..... is … 06/16/2014 on Life in the US 0
#248 - im poor because my mom and dad divorced, and my dad, who i liv… 06/16/2014 on Life in the US 0
#244 - trust me..... abbot is worse than oboma. everyone he…  [+] (3 new replies) 06/16/2014 on Life in the US 0
User avatar #246 - mentlgen (06/16/2014) [-]
I see the American schooling program has done its job...

goo.gl/iuWJW3; Montana man murders exchange student (2014)
Your poor, which is either due to a lack of education, high taxation, lack of well paying jobs which the latter two Australia suffer from.
I agree, venison is delicious (But we rarely get it, because their are no deer in Australia.)

The government has plenty of control over everybody. I agree, though, that utter idiots believe that the president has power over everything and that the opposition is against everything and acting like a child is ridiculous.

Because 'murica. Not as obese as Australia in percentage, though.
#249 - kainhall (06/16/2014) [-]
plus, the dude who shot that 17 year odl dude in 2014..... is not from montana.

and what was that german kid doing in his fucking garage.....

your telling me if someone breaks into your house and is in your house you would not pull a gun? ya, he had no right to just shoot the kid... let alone say he had been waiting for it to happen, or set up a trap..... but technically he did nothing wrong.

their was a person in a place where he should not have been.
#248 - kainhall (06/16/2014) [-]
im poor because my mom and dad divorced, and my dad, who i live with, has 6 back fusions and 4 in his neck.... and hes looking at another in his neck. its hard making a living when you can work, have 2 kids, and live on a fixed government income....asshole. were not taxed because the government would be taxing its own money....(im surprised we dont!)

and im studying computer science, or could go run nuclear reactors on a navy carrier as im too tall for a sub. ya, navy wants me for the navy nuke program as im actually pretty fucking smart. you have no fucking idea who i am. go look at the math req's for Computer Science. were talking a lot higher than calculus.

as for the few spelling mistakes.... chalk that up to dyslexia and the fact that i just dont care about spelling because....im fucking dyslectic..... just and jsut IS THE SAME THING!

There were no reports of rape or murder occurring in Glasgow in 2010, compared with one murder the previous year, and 16 incidents of rape from 2003-2008. Overall, the crime rate to 2010 appears to be in a general downward trend, and is well below the national average.[14]

what that means.... the one murder... was my ex-neighboor.... weird reclusive dude from day1. one day decided to take a 22lr and shoot people at the hospital...killing one, wounding another, before being wounded by a GUN CARRYING CITIZEN... this made him run away from the hospital instead of in it... he was later killed by 00 buckshot to the chest by the river.

also, the rapes.... after that 2003- 2008 period, their were no rapes.
#243 - When you are getting paid in my countries money you know damne… 06/16/2014 on Life in the US +5
#175 - laws in other countries just make sence.... a lot of our laws … 06/12/2014 on Germany x Swastika OTP 0
#160 - your like the kid telling me that COD1 (2003) came before MOH1 (1999) 06/12/2014 on 1998 Gaming Magazine +1


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