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#14 - pinkieuspieacus (02/15/2012) [-]
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#36 to #15 - juggalotank (02/22/2012) [-]
gotta move up here. but I had the game pre-ordered and fully paid for like... 6 months before it came out.
#37 to #37 - pinkieuspieacus (02/22/2012) [-]
that's me with my assassin creed games lol
#38 to #38 - juggalotank (02/23/2012) [-]
I havent played Assassins Creed. o.o I play Call of Duty though?
#39 to #39 - pinkieuspieacus (02/23/2012) [-]
meh its just a typical FPS army game nothing special the game its self at least the online play is ******* **** it can go eat a dick and die LOL
i do like FPS so MW3 isn't bad as a game its self nothing special but not like OMG SO HORRIBLE unless you go online then you have 80% of the population is pre-pubescent lil ******* camping and no scoping 360 and ******* dumb ass **** and complaining when you actually snipe and play the game like it was meant to be played or when you kick their ass
#40 to #40 - juggalotank (02/24/2012) [-]
Quite a mouthful, but all true. lol. What else do you play? And do you have that pink pony reaction picture for every occasion? :P
#41 to #41 - pinkieuspieacus (02/24/2012) [-]
probably! considering i have 248 vectors of her alone not to mention all the other pictures i have of pinkie lol
#42 to #42 - juggalotank (02/24/2012) [-]
:P Oh and before i forget, i did try to watch MLP. I watched the first 5 episodes and gave up.
#43 to #43 - pinkieuspieacus (02/24/2012) [-]
you mean a hater that actually watched even 1 episode let alone 5!?
that's a shocker!!!!
now that you don't like it isn't much of a shocker everyone has different tastes so its not like its some mythological true story every hater that watches the show ends up loving it lol its more of a myth that people aren't ignorant enough and are actually open minded enough to try something that is labeled with its horrible past lol well i give you my out most respect hater for at least giving it a try good sir ty for not being a ignorant hater LOL
#44 to #44 - pinkieuspieacus (02/24/2012) [-]
ooo and i didn't mean the "hater" part of my last post as an insult just a description like calling a gay man gay not because hes gay as in insult because i'm describing hes sexuality and what sex hes attracted too hehe
#45 to #45 - juggalotank (02/25/2012) [-]
lol no worries. And yeah, i gave it a shot. I am willing to try anything once. Twice if by chance it was made/prepared/done wrong or i did it wrong or what have you. I tried 5 episodes just in case maybe the first couple episodes were boring and it would get better later, but it didn't for me.
#46 to #46 - pinkieuspieacus (02/25/2012) [-]
hmmmmm maybe you should try giving season 2 a shot
i only say this because season 2 has a WAY different feel to it season 1 was great and all but i could see someone could say things about it like "the power of friendship omg guys omg were all gonna be saved" etc but season 2 really does have just a whole totally different feel to it considering season 1 was more directed towards lil girls but still tolerable for fathers to watch with them while season 2 is a lot more directed towards bronies so its not as "girly" i guess you could say just a though perfect example would be lesson zero episode 3 of season 2
#47 to #47 - juggalotank (02/25/2012) [-]
meh what the hell I'll give it a shot.
#48 to #48 - pinkieuspieacus (02/25/2012) [-]
AWESOME! let me know what you think
trust me it has a totally different feel to it lol
#49 to #49 - juggalotank (02/25/2012) [-]
You got a link to it to watch online? unfortunately i do not have TV and i dont feel like paying to watch it on my xbox.
#50 to #50 - pinkieuspieacus (02/25/2012) [-]
there you go 1080p too if you like but i'm afraid i must be getting to sleep its 4 am where i live so i will talk to you tomorrow let me know what you thought i think you'll at least admit it has improvements or a bit cooler or something a lil more positive
also upside down picture is upside down yez
#51 to #51 - juggalotank (02/25/2012) [-]
It's 5am here. >_> DONT BE A PANSY!!!
#52 to #52 - pinkieuspieacus (02/25/2012) [-]
well im not actually going to sleep i just gotta get off the computer for i do not live on my own i live with others and they wish me to atleast get off the computer if you like i could possibly add on you on something that i can use with my ipod and talk to you there
#53 to #53 - juggalotank (02/25/2012) [-]
IPOD! umm... messengers? o.o
#54 to #54 - pinkieuspieacus (02/25/2012) [-]
i have a skype and msn which do you want if u use them
#55 to #55 - juggalotank
(02/25/2012) [-]
BOTH! i'll message my msn. address. thing.
#15 to #15 - juggalotank (02/20/2012) [-]
might i ask why you decided to post MLP on my page?
#16 to #16 - pinkieuspieacus (02/20/2012) [-]
you got 2 fabulous fillies as friends
#17 to #17 - juggalotank (02/20/2012) [-]
ok? But I'm not a brony. I hate MLP.
#19 to #18 - pinkieuspieacus (02/21/2012) [-]
but why?
but why?
#20 to #20 - juggalotank (02/21/2012) [-]
because it's retarded as ****. It's a kid show.
#21 to #21 - pinkieuspieacus (02/21/2012) [-]
why is it retarded as ****?
i like cartoons i'm a kid at heart
#22 to #22 - juggalotank (02/21/2012) [-]
Well its a matter of opinion. I happen to prefer more gore and horror shows/movies. I am not a kid at heart. See, i don't criticize bronies, just the show. I expect the same respect as being a juggalo. Diss ICP and Psychopathic Records all you want, I will still listen to them. But don't hate on me BECAUSE i listen to them. I hate on MLP all i want, doesn't mean i expect you to stop watching it. The show does not appeal to me. It is too girly and too childish for my tastes.
#23 to #23 - pinkieuspieacus (02/22/2012) [-]
o well i like the gory stuff too and the sickening sweet stuff as people put it
there's a gorefic called cupcakes in the fandom most bronies are like OH GOD THAT GOREFIC ITS SO HORRIBLE i'm personally like this is awesome and hilarious lol tons of animations of the story on youtube most bronies are either i'm not watching it or why the **** did i just watch that i watched them all and was laughing and enjoying myself the entire time -shrug- i have never really listened to ICP or Psychopathic Records so i don't have an opinion on them lol you can hate the show we all have different tastes i don't mind if you don't like it as long as you don't hate on ME for liking it then i'm fine with it lol too many bronies get so worked up over others hating on the show idgaf its not everyone's cup of tea lol just don't hate on me for liking it and even if you do i still really wont give a **** i'm still going to watch it lol
#24 to #24 - juggalotank (02/22/2012) [-]
i wont hate on you. You like the show. Whatever floats your boat or milks your cow.
#25 to #25 - pinkieuspieacus (02/22/2012) [-]
whatever milks my cow lol   
i also like whatever creams your twinkie
whatever milks my cow lol
i also like whatever creams your twinkie
#26 to #26 - juggalotank (02/22/2012) [-]
that can be taken quite dirty you know. o.o
#27 to #27 - pinkieuspieacus (02/22/2012) [-]
ooo i know that's why i like it
#28 to #28 - juggalotank (02/22/2012) [-]
LOL well alrighty then sparky. :P
#29 to #29 - pinkieuspieacus (02/22/2012) [-]
what else do you like other then ICP you a gamer?
do you like pokemon? zelda? etc
#30 to #30 - juggalotank (02/22/2012) [-]
love em both. ZELDA FOR THE WIN!
#31 to #31 - pinkieuspieacus (02/22/2012) [-]
#32 to #32 - juggalotank (02/22/2012) [-]
**** YEAAAHHH!!!!!
#33 to #33 - pinkieuspieacus (02/22/2012) [-]
did you get skyward sword yet? i haven't but i really want it hehe
#34 to #34 - juggalotank (02/22/2012) [-]
got it with the Primier GOLD LEAF LIMITED EDITION Guide book. Beat the game 100% :D
#35 to #35 - pinkieuspieacus
(02/22/2012) [-]
i don't even have the regular edition!!!......
#18 to #18 - nightofshade (02/21/2012) [-]