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#18 - Don't minions try to find and support the most evil person they can? 09/23/2015 on we drift further from god's... +28
#61 - That's exactly what Hoagie looks like in the episode Operation… 09/23/2015 on The Teen's next door +15
#57 - honestly, idk man, this gene splicing **** is confusing. 09/18/2015 on Majestic as fuck 0
#53 - Steel type vs normal type 09/18/2015 on (1) - Funnyjunk - Funny... 0
#55 - then what would be the torso?  [+] (4 new replies) 09/18/2015 on Majestic as fuck +3
#56 - hemming (09/18/2015) [-]
A Centaur already has both torsos
The only parts left are human hips and legs and horse neck and head
#62 - anon (09/18/2015) [-]
I guess, if you're using the spare body parts to make another creature.
But I assume by "reverse" they mean "let's swap human and horse parts" so the picture makes sense.
#81 - anon (09/18/2015) [-]
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#57 - joshwontwon (09/18/2015) [-]
honestly, idk man, this gene splicing shit is confusing.
#25 - k 09/18/2015 on Marshmallon 0
#18 - If you ever plan on releasing a FJ CD of your music, I'll take one. 09/17/2015 on New Song! +10
#23 - the thing about denko sekka and jinzo and royal decree is that…  [+] (3 new replies) 09/17/2015 on Marshmallon 0
#26 - anon (09/18/2015) [-]
Please tell me you aren't serious. Tellarknights would like a word. I mean jeez, the card's still 25 for a reason.
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#24 - frenzyhero (09/17/2015) [-]
except that's completely wrong and you'd know that if you knew a goddamn thing about the game today
denko sekka the the sole reason why solemn warning still sees play
decree is usually paired with denko since it's not as easy to out. would you side mst against nekroz? only if you instant lose to decree, so that's why you pair with with denko. do you instant lose to denko? then you bring in dark hole, raigeki, and chaos trap holes. just having decree in the same deck as denko makes the combination much more potent

jinzo isnt played because tribute monsters are shit for the decks that need to stun backrow
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#25 - joshwontwon (09/18/2015) [-]
#14 - or activate royal decree...  [+] (1 new reply) 09/17/2015 on Marshmallon +2
#22 - maximumyugimans (09/17/2015) [-]
Or they're playing the 1 Wildheart in Heros and poke the opponent to a well-deserved defeat lmao
#17 - then the pregnant ladies come. 09/16/2015 on subway seat 0