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#134 - somekornchick
(05/05/2012) [-]
I don't get why there's a lot of hate here. I don't think you made a mistake, because I'm sure you had a good reason for deleting those comments, and I'm glad you had the balls to actually post something on here. Whats the bet that half of the people giving you **** have posted nothing on here! I respect you bro. Dont give up on making content. You seem like a good, decent gentleman. Good luck in the near future man!

#212 to #276 - jimothyjenkins
(05/06/2012) [-]
thanls broette. im so lazy.. but im makin one last one to tribute to the cool peeps like you seem to be. when you get avatar flagged twice in24 hours and get hated for delivering hundreds/thousands of thumbs to FJ.. its time to check your life:) im cool though. i had fun, and many others did to. last content coming this week.. assuming haters let it be seen. let the original thoughts be free!! peace