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#4 - Most of us Minnesotans do not approve of the new stadium and h…  [+] (18 replies) 07/18/2015 on Yay sportsball! +17
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#112 - sparkajh (07/19/2015) [-]
Thats a pretty big generalization man, most people I know here are all for it. I would be heartbroken if the vikings had to move it was a big part of my childhood. Not to mention that the Vikings are the 40th largest sporting market in the world worth 1.5 Billion.
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#30 - saltyfries (07/19/2015) [-]
to be fair you guys had the Humptydome, the roof collapsed, and it was getting more expensive to maintain because of it's out of date tech. Honestly, a new dome was the best thing you guys could've gotten, it could've been worse, you could've been back outdoors in Bloomington or like us at Lambeau, or an even more expensive retractable roof.

This is coming from a Packers fan, who's obsessed with new stadiums being built and whether they're deserved or not, and quite honestly you guys deserve a new stadium after what happened to the Met a few years ago. Places like Detroit, New Jersey, Atlanta, and many more, are FAR more corruptly built.

It also doesn't help that the NFL is practically extorting cities (which isn't extortion illegal?) for new stadiums because they have to be new in order to host a super bowl, that kind of mentality is going to end up RUINING city economies because every 5 years there will be a new stadium because of the NFL rules. Blame Goodell for why Minnesota has to build a new one, not your city.
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#14 - iatedub (07/18/2015) [-]
Go fuck yourself, you know how much money has been put back into Minnesota's economy because of the stadium? Or how much money the team has generated over the past 50 years? No because you're a nobody who knows nothing about Economics.
#75 - kurtlanglie (07/19/2015) [-]
Nobody is going to argue that the Vikings as well as every other major league sports team here in Minnesota bring in revenue like crazy. Most dissenters (myself included) feel as if the new stadium is a big fat waste of money because WE DIDN'T FUCKING NEED IT, The Metrodome was old to be sure but it was still far from falling apart, and since the new one is being built where the Metrodome used to be, there isn't any difference in where the money brought in by the Vikings is going to go.

On top of that, giving the Vikings a new place to play will do jack shit for them, a team that hasn't won a Superbowl or performed exceptionally over the past god only knows how many years.

So quit arguing that the new stadium is all about the economics about it. It's going to get new stadium hype for the first year or three, which will stimulate the money being made from it, then it's going to go right back down to Metrodome levels of income unless the Vikings start being a winning team and not the continues source of joke material for Wisconsin.
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#113 - sparkajh (07/19/2015) [-]
The Metrodome was one of the lowest rated stadiums in the country. It was a garbage place to watch football and not worth the ticket price. They are upgrading the stadium so they would be eligible to host a superbowl (which they got selected for 2018). They are also installing a ton of features to cater to fantasy football fans.
#54 - anon (07/19/2015) [-]
Because you couldn't possibly have invested that into things like education and make future Minnesota a lot better than some stadium will ever do, right?

Just because someone told you sports teams generate revenue doesn't mean they're the best thing ever to invest money in
#27 - anon (07/19/2015) [-]
Doesn't all the money just goes to the stadium owner, and the city just gets stuck with the bill. Sure the money stays within the state, but it ain't doing much for the economy in the tax payers are only being left with the stadiums debt due to whiny team owners.
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#35 - iatedub (07/19/2015) [-]
Think of all of the money spent in the local economy for locals and people traveling to the game. 30,000-80,000 people, all buying gas, cigarettes, food, drinks, and other goods. It promotes SPENDING THUS Stimulates the Economy. Do you think the Eiffel Tower brings the people in to spend money around the area thus increasing the wealth, or is it the hundreds of gift shops and key chain sellers that brings them there to SPEND MONEY? Learn Economics pls.
#26 - anon (07/19/2015) [-]
Next to fucking nothing. Most of the money that was spent on that stadium could have been used for infrastructure, building new places of business, creating schools, instead they build another stadium. That stadium has the same number of jobs as the old one and it generates next to no jobs. In fact there are cases in which they harm businesses more than they help.


Instead of writing another fucking college term paper, here is Jon Oliver summarizing it in about 20 minutes. I don't care how you feel about him but the fucker does well done research and does display his sources.
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#34 - iatedub (07/19/2015) [-]
The money you spend on gas going to the stadium, stimulates the economy. The money you spend on concessions, stimulate the economy, the place you buy the tickets, stimulates the economy. Use your goddamn head before blurting out shit. PLUS Local workers WORKING ON THE GODDAMN THING. IT ALL gets funneled into the economy. Learn Economics before you talk.
#55 - anon (07/19/2015) [-]
Harr dee harr these things stimulate the economy, that surely must mean they're the absolute ultimate of economy!

You really want to believe that the stadium isn't a horribly shitty investment, don't you?
#22 - sexuality (07/19/2015) [-]
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#37 - iatedub (07/19/2015) [-]
No, learn Economics then try to talk shit. That goes for everyone thinking that they know ANYTHING about it and just try to talk shit because they're some faggot wannabe Eurotrash that loves soccer or is against anything realistically FUN THAT ALSO Stimulates the economy IN WAY BETTER WAYS THAN HE CAN THINK OF and is an anti social faggot that has never seen the outside of his mothers basement, I'm looking at you JimmyNutz Pick up a goddamn basic economics book before talking out your goddamn asshole you call a mouth.
#68 - jimmynutz (07/19/2015) [-]
I'm not an economics professor but I'm pretty sure a football stadium isn't the pinnacle of economic development. I was also more commenting how there seemed to be a lot less support for the stadium from those who would pay for it aka us taxpayers, yet somehow the city still went "too bad, now this is happening" just because the franchise cried enough about it.

Also if you're that girl in your pic then 10/10 would bang but seriously. Pipe down.
#38 - sexuality (07/19/2015) [-]
Never claimed to know anything about economics. Never talked shit.

Pic related.
#40 - vexille (07/19/2015) [-]
Have a gif version.
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#86 - windson (07/19/2015) [-]
That's a webm
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#108 - vexille (07/19/2015) [-]
Forgot FJ converted all my gifs to webm's.
#107 - We need a John Cena edit to this gif  [+] (1 reply) 07/16/2015 on Robber Pushes Aside Former... -6
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#118 - sixfivefourtwoone (07/16/2015) [-]
Directly under you..

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