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#73 - YO! MAX PAYNE 3 WAS ******* TRASH. MY GOD THAT GAME MADE ME UP…  [+] (2 replies) 09/24/2016 on the year Rockstar... +6
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#75 - mondominiman (09/24/2016) [-]
What's wrong with him being a pill addict? His medkits where fucking pain pills, every time you were severely hurt you took pills.
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#77 - jimmietheteen (09/24/2016) [-]
My dude it could have been goddamn french fries. It's just a gameplay mechanic.
#7 - >that hud color >having preston as a companion  [+] (1 reply) 09/22/2016 on FFS, Preston +34
#14 - kaboomz (09/22/2016) [-]
#46 - It isn't though?  [+] (8 replies) 09/21/2016 on Gamers understand +2
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#52 - EvilSquiggly (09/21/2016) [-]
Hell no. I need at least 150-ish fps.
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#233 - EvilSquiggly (09/22/2016) [-]

I run CSGO at 300fps, which is the max.

/watch?v=hjWSRTYV8e0 ; I can feel a tiny difference with input like mouse movements when the fps is quite high, maybe its just a placebo effect, its just smooth as titties, dad.
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#234 - EvilSquiggly (09/22/2016) [-]
i just replied to myself, im high as fuck.
#75 - anon (09/21/2016) [-]
And how many Hertz is your monitor?

I find the vast majority of people who claim this BS are running 60Hz monitors, MAYBE 120Hz. If you're running 120Hz, but getting 150fps, at least 30 rendered frames are worthless and thrown away since your monitor can't refresh that quickly.

Are was this /sarc?
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#202 - captchakid (09/22/2016) [-]
I have 144hz monitor, get 250+ with 1 GTX 1070 on most games, most taxing games still get a minimum of 160fps. Well worth the money.
#193 - anon (09/22/2016) [-]
okay, so you have a 30 frame buffer in the case of stress. and where the hell do people get the idea that frams are "thrown away," they're still rendered, just not at the rate your monitor will show them. you're right dude, overperformance of hardware is completely meaningless and everyone who does it is a fucking retard we should all have hardware that performs precisely at 119.99... fps so that we're all asymptotically near perfect. jesus christ stop being so didactic because you're so fucking clever and nobody has ever thought of monitor refresh rate before so you're generating an original fucking idea. KYS fucking honestly
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#191 - jasohazard (09/22/2016) [-]
Yeah, my monitor right now is at 60 so if I have the choice to lock it at 60 I do. I did get this one game that said it was running at 1,500 frames
#190 - notagainpls (09/22/2016) [-]
The fps rate isn't only about what you see but also about responsiveness of the character / aim etc. You feel input lag more than you can see frames.
#12 - Read the spoiler last. I think it's perfectly valid for people…  [+] (1 reply) 09/18/2016 on soup -3
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#15 - olmesy (09/18/2016) [-]
The spoiler has no impact on your point

What you just said is on par with saying 'It's valid to hate black people because some people lived a while back that hated blacks. I'm Asian "
#27 - Back when Undertale exploded and became FotM I hated the game …  [+] (1 reply) 09/18/2016 on mordekai +9
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#34 - thathomestuckguy (09/18/2016) [-]
Fanbase was the most explosive kind of cancer, I will agree, but don't let that stop you from enjoying a pretty great game with a killer soundtrack.
Spoilers were annoying as shit, but I gave it a try anyways and was not dissapoint.
#17 - Hmm.... MK V +93 Damage Resistance +150 Ener…  [+] (1 reply) 09/14/2016 on What 0
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#19 - roflstorm (09/14/2016) [-]
Imagine the Ballistic weave V to both sets of clothing tho.
#18 - "Video games." Yeeeeeeep. Because everything from St…  [+] (1 reply) 09/13/2016 on She's completly right +3
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#23 - jokexplain (09/13/2016) [-]
I dunno. I found a girl with blue hair, and then destroyed her individuality with blackberries until she came to live on my farm, cook my food, and bear my young. She never again did anything interesting.
#12 - I hate how they made Knuckles into a ******* moron, but damn t…  [+] (14 replies) 09/13/2016 on Probably a repost +38
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#107 - Tyranitar (09/13/2016) [-]
He wasn't exactly bright before.

His entire purpose in life is to watch a giant fucking rock, and that thing gets taken like three times a month.
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#71 - bonlino (09/13/2016) [-]
i think it gives him more charm. despite how shit the game is and all that, the show is actually somewhat entertaining. before, he was pretty boring in my opinion. but the stark change in his personality is jarring, but i cant say its unwelcome.
#51 - notmcburd (09/13/2016) [-]
>caring about sonic characters
>knowing personality types of sonic characters
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#94 - megaton (09/13/2016) [-]
i think it would be hard to not know the personalities of the sonic characters if you have ever played a sonic game.
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#66 - ineedtotakeapiss (09/13/2016) [-]
Believe it or not, Sonic was a part of a lot of people's childhood. Just because you were born after 2000 doesn't mean that anyone who knows an inkling about sanic is a cringelord.
User avatar
#124 - notmcburd (09/14/2016) [-]
Hahahahaha born after 2000.

The only good sonic games are the first few platformers. The rest are garbage.
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#13 - thechosentroll (09/13/2016) [-]
It's hard to say they ruined his personality when he previous had no personality. He was basically a pokemon called Chaos Emerald. Cause that's all he ever said.
#119 - whoovesthedoctor (09/14/2016) [-]
The only sonics i've played were 1,2,3, spinball and CD but even from that limited exposure I can say that knuckles definitely had character. Knuckles was aggressive, combative, and strong, He would snicker whenever sonic fell into a trap, and would redouble his efforts anytime he lost ground. He also had a sense of duty and purpose, and ultimately loyal to those who deserved it. From the screenshots taken of this show, knuckles seems to be reduced to the stereotypical big, dumb oaf with a bit of comic relief slapped on, far from what his original character was.
#118 - whoovesthedoctor has deleted their comment.
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#16 - kurbeh (09/13/2016) [-]
*Master Emerald
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#17 - thechosentroll (09/13/2016) [-]
Oh, right.
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#14 - sequel (09/13/2016) [-]
Let's just say at first glance I get old Knuckles and Shadow confused.

At first glance.
#24 - anon (09/13/2016) [-]
Knuckles isn't a Hedgehog, though. He's an Echidna. Would have put more oompf into it, but I'm tired and didn't want to overdo it.
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#29 - sequel (09/13/2016) [-]
talking about their personality, they're both quite hotheaded especially when Sonic is near.
#30 - You know what developers like doing? Eating, not being homeles…  [+] (13 replies) 09/12/2016 on Wanifl Viteerr Keeceysia +2
#43 - kez (09/12/2016) [-]
I agree people think games are way more expensive than they actually are.

If you get 60 hours of fun from a game and spend $60, you have got one of the cheapest forms of entertainment possible on this planet.

Anything other than going to a friends house is going to cost more than that.

That said, some things are just taking the piss. It used to be expansion packs were cheap to create since the player base was already there, all the tools were there, they were just reusing all the resources to make the original better. Expansions were nearly all profit and players liked them.

DLC has become about making people rich, not adding content or ways of getting more money to survive.

Adding a gambling system to get items or skins is one example of just ripping people off for money. If its completely cosmetic, then fine, but if it adds something to the gameplay its not cool.
#50 - anon (09/12/2016) [-]
Developers are by no means rich because of paid DLC.
User avatar
#35 - chuckienuts (09/12/2016) [-]
I don't want to agree but i have to since it's the truth.
#33 - blancka (09/12/2016) [-]
**blancka used "*roll picture*"**
**blancka rolled image**
Or they could not waste a massive portion of the money on things like advertising, make a quality game so it sells well and consistently sells more over the years, and not pour a massive amount of money into things like graphic design.

Witcher 3 had a budget of like $70m, whereas destiny had one of 500m. Games are expensive, but that's mostly things going to waste, poor management of the development and a huge amount of money put into advertising.

If a game comes out at £60 i'm not paying that for it. Straight up, unless i've been waiting years upon years for it and I'm a massive fan of the devs and their games it's not happening. I'll wait for a price drop or most likely buy it second hand. That way the dev gets no money, because they made the game too expensive for me to buy. Idgaf about budgets, that's not my problem. I want to pay a reasonable amount of money for my own entertainment and I couldn't give less of a shit whether the devs are billionaires or barely scraping by, if they have a product I want they'll get their money if the cost is reasonable, simple as that.

Movies have gotten way more expensive to make too btw, but the cost of a cinema ticket has largely stayed the same. Explain that one
User avatar
#45 - fullemetalautismo (09/12/2016) [-]
"Too expensive for me to buy"...
At that point why not just fucking pirate it? You even said that you'd rather buy it second hand just so the devs don't get the money they deserve for the product they made. You seem hellbent on basically never buying a full priced release anyway. Oh yeah and, things like marketing are important. What do you think a movie with no marketing budget will make on launch? Essentially nothing because no one fucking knows of it's existance.
User avatar
#54 - existance (09/13/2016) [-]
PIRATING IS ILLEGAL I DONT CONDONE IT but it doesnt stop me from doing it

User avatar
#56 - fullemetalautismo (09/13/2016) [-]
Thanks for correcting, bro.
User avatar
#57 - fullemetalautismo (09/13/2016) [-]
Jesus fuck.
*correcting me
#48 - blancka (09/12/2016) [-]
**blancka used "*roll picture*"**
**blancka rolled image**
I'll pay full price when it's reasonable. A game like skyrim for an example a while back was entirely worth full launch price because of massive amounts of content and generally being fun. Whereas if we use a game like uncharted for example, I won't much time out of playing it, and won't replay it much, so even if it's awesome I'm not dropping full retail price on it.

I tend not to pirate because it's inconvenient more than anything. I don't mind paying for something second hand that'll work the same if I get a physical copy, and I don't mind waiting for sales on PC, but with games hitting the €70-80 mark on launch, there's not a hope I'd pay that for a game.

The point I was trying to make in regards to devs getting money isn't that I do this to spite them, but that I'm only going to pay what I think a product is worth, and as such, price increases don't always mean more money. There's plenty of games I would have dropped even €50 on at launch with no issue, but once it gets up as high as it's getting now, that simply isn't happening, so I resort to getting games pre-owned so I'm not spending a ton on them, but the devs get no money that way.

Marketing is damn important, but there's a limit to it. Some games get double or triple the actual cost of making the game spend on advertising, and that's where the bulk of the need for sales come in. If the budget is 50% game and 50% marketing for example, that right there has doubled the number of sales needed to break even (I know 0% marketing is completely unreasonable, i'm just setting an example with simple maths)

The main point I'm trying to make here is that I'll pay what I consider a reasonable price for a product, and not more. As a consumer, I really don't care about the behind the scenes of it all. I don't care about if the devs are struggling to make money, if the game cost €1000 or €100000 to make, because I don't get anything out of that. If the game is good, sure, I want it to sell well and get more from the developers, but I'm not paying stupid amounts of money for games just so I can support a developer. I'd rather pay what I consider a reasonable amount for my own entertainment as a consumer
User avatar
#55 - fullemetalautismo (09/13/2016) [-]
See. If you had explained it this way the first time around I guess I could've seen where you're coming from. I don't know what it was, but you first post seemed to be really antagonistic towards devs and kinda aggressive. Might've just been the fact that I was tired.
#51 - anon (09/12/2016) [-]
Well that's a pretty shitty outlook. Devs push 80+ hour weeks without extra pay to make sure that games are worth the money. Nothing wrong with waiting for sales. But to do it to spite the devs? You're actually a fucking cunt.
#53 - blancka (09/12/2016) [-]
**blancka used "*roll picture*"**
**blancka rolled image**
Some devs do, some have pretty cushy jobs. It's neither my responsibility or my problem to be informed of or do anything about this though. I didn't sign up for some gamer responsibility card. I just want to play video games. I'm not doing it to spite them, I specifically mentioned this in my above comment. Truthfully, I don't give half a shit about them. That doesn't mean I want things to go bad for them. If a game is something I like I hope it does well so the devs of that make more games, but that's as far as it goes. I'm not part of the games industry. It hasn't got anything to do with my livelihood, and if things like working conditions are an issue, surely it makes more sense to boycott such companies for doing this to their workers than to give them more money for it.

At the end of the day when I click on steam, or walk into gamestop, I want a video game at a price I'm happy with. Nothing else. Some entertainment. I don't want some sob story about developers trying so hard or what needs to change in the industry. I just want a product I'll enjoy for my money. It's not an anti-developer stance, I was simply making the point earlier that in the case of people like myself, I don't care where my money goes so long as I get my product at a good price, and that the massive price hikes in this console generation lead to people like me buying more pre-owned games due to financial limitations, which in itself can hurt devs, and I just wanted to point that out.
#58 - anon (09/13/2016) [-]
Oh. I completely misread your comment. I though you said that you only did it to spite them. I'm retarded, carry on.