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    Fuck SOPA Fuck SOPA
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    Royal with Cheese Royal with Cheese
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    Goodbye Goodbye
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    Mermaidman Mermaidman

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    thin privilege thin privilege

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#35 - People who end up talking about themselves on a date are not n… 07/08/2015 on Live tweeting a bad date -2
#162 - **jihadmeathello used "*roll picture*"** **jihadmeathello r…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/05/2015 on Glad she stepped in +1
#165 - coffinsalesman (07/05/2015) [-]
**coffinsalesman used "*roll picture*"**
**coffinsalesman rolled image** You have my deepest sympathy
#1511 - **jihadmeathello used "*roll picture*"** **jihadmeathello r… 07/05/2015 on Roll for your superpower 0
#119 - Hah! Thumb for you! 06/27/2015 on Coo coo violin +3
#108 - I get what he's saying. It's tempting to be an asshole when yo… 06/26/2015 on lil'un 0
#57 - 5'3, 20, m Girls feel real comfortable asking what my height i…  [+] (8 new replies) 06/25/2015 on lil'un +5
User avatar #70 - lolollo (06/25/2015) [-]
I look like I'm about 5 years younger than I am, and my angry face makes me look like I'm about to cry. To aid that, I used the fact that people would underestimate me to my advantage. I don't get angry, I get condescending.

I also don't care for "picking up chicks" considering I A) have a girlfriend and B) wouldn't care for any girl I'd have to pick up at a bar anyway. People feed off of your confidence, but if you're a bitter asshole they'll just feed off of that to.

Also, it doesn't matter if you'd alienate 99% of people by ignoring the people who care about height. If you really feel the need to surround yourself with masses of people who don't respect yountobfeel loved, I weep for your emotional stability.
#87 - butterypie (06/25/2015) [-]
Dude... You need to chill.
#101 - lolollo (06/25/2015) [-]
What makes you think I'm not chill?

I'm telling someone that his height won't matter so long as he finds confidence in himself to not care what someone would think of it, garnering empathy in the fact that he's not the only one with "socially negative traits". How does that make me a bitter, friend zone complaining hipster?
#71 - anon (06/25/2015) [-]
There's not much point in advising people to not be an asshole when you yourself is a pretty massive one.
#82 - lolollo (06/25/2015) [-]
1) I didn't tell him not to be an asshole, o told him that if were to remain being one, he shouldn't be surprised by the reactions.

2) I've been called an asshole by so many people who've displayed their own asshole qualities, being called an asshole just doesn't phase me, particularly when being an asshole is so synonymous with simply having confidence in something.

Especially if the person calling me an asshole isn't even man enough to do it outside of anonymity.

0/10 try again
#102 - anon (06/26/2015) [-]
So saying "if you do this, it will have a negative effect on you" is not giving advice to NOT do the thing in question?

You're only confirming further how big of a tool you are by saying shit like that. I sincerily hope you'll drop the shitty personality you're sporting in the future. Only for your own sake.

Only being anon because we have each other blocked.
#108 - jihadmeathello (06/26/2015) [-]
I get what he's saying. It's tempting to be an asshole when you're casually insulted daily in conversation. Girls purposely emphasizing that they only like tall guys (very common), getting patted on the head, or getting a crack about changing a lightbulb, etc. can build up. It's only a problem if you're in a group of people. If I take it, I end up looking weak, and if I comeback too hard, I look like a defensive prick. Then there are people who chime in and say if someone in my situation is defensive at all or doesn't "own it," then they're an asshole -- yea, people will like me more if I bend over and take every insult, but fuck those people. Anyway, I'm a popular guy, most people like me, but it's always awkward when I'm treated differently.
User avatar #107 - lolollo (06/26/2015) [-]
Because I'm not going to be that asshole who says that just because I say so, you have to do it. If I were to tell you that playing in traffic was bad, I wouldn't be telling you not to play in traffic. I'd be telling you that it would be bad. The truth in the matter is I don't care whether you take that fact into account and stop playing in traffic.

PS, if I have you blocked, chances are its because I find you to be an asshole, which amuses me. Youre here telling me not to call other people assholes because "you can't do that if you're an asshole." So then...why should i stop being an asshole?
#56 - Comment deleted 06/25/2015 on lil'un 0
#12 - Comment deleted 06/25/2015 on Al Gore on 4chan 0
#11 - Comment deleted 06/25/2015 on Al Gore on 4chan 0
#10 - Comment deleted 06/25/2015 on Al Gore on 4chan 0
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You little retoasting scum bag.
You are a plague upon funnyjunk and all its users.
You do not deserve the privilege of this site.
I will see you in hell.
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