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#25 - actually during the commercials both apparent styles of the me…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/30/2012 on Most Interesting Man redone... +4
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#26 - lmkronforst (04/30/2012) [-]
My mistake
#17 - mmm badger tit 04/30/2012 on Your gonna have a bad time +5
#36 - just out of curiosity, considering it's yamcha and all, what w…  [+] (3 new replies) 04/30/2012 on yamcha +9
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#73 - dyllygaf (04/30/2012) [-]
I wasn't expecting much, didn't think i needed to plan that far ahead
#47 - whitie (04/30/2012) [-]
i was thinking maybe this?
#43 - stillanonymous (04/30/2012) [-]
it's yamcha...
#35 - budokai 3 04/30/2012 on yamcha 0
#28 - Comment deleted 04/30/2012 on Problems +14
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#583 - hm guess I heard wrong, it's still a hell of a bomb though 04/29/2012 on what a bombshell 0
#560 - if memory serves me correctly I head a single Tzar bomb, if la…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/29/2012 on what a bombshell +2
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#578 - Derpington (04/29/2012) [-]
The central blast-not the entire blast-just the central would envelop the entire city of Paris.

And Paris is a big city, but it wouldn't do that much damage like you said.
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#583 - jellybob (04/29/2012) [-]
hm guess I heard wrong, it's still a hell of a bomb though
#91 - we get it, mw3 isn't a spectacular orgasmic super fudge covere… 04/29/2012 on skyrim +5
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#336 - **jellybob rolls 37** 04/28/2012 on [MC] How Or Where You'll... 0
#248 - Picture 04/28/2012 on Liberal retard +6
#343 - Comment deleted 04/28/2012 on Texting (GRAPHIC) +20
#26 - or if you're in FL it's a 50/50 whether or not spring will be … 04/28/2012 on Damn You Spring! 0
#36 - look at all the win wrapped in that post 04/28/2012 on This guy is a +2
#135 - I even did the stupid math captcha to thumb you up  [+] (1 new reply) 04/28/2012 on I won't go anywhere +46
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#992 - better them than us lol 04/27/2012 on potato 0
#194 - I'm getting to use this almost once a day  [+] (17 new replies) 04/25/2012 on A win for the ages -2
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#197 - theantidolan (04/25/2012) [-]
Can you point out where I complained about someone shoving Christianity down my throat?
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#212 - xiotio (04/25/2012) [-]
sorry, If you're an atheist.
#211 - xiotio has deleted their comment.
#289 - nickdigger (04/25/2012) [-]
It isn't atheists, but religious folks doing the ramming.

Tell me how many Atheists enjoy the tax free status of religious organisations. Tell me how many atheists have shown up uninvited at your door wanting to sermonize or shove a pamphlet in your hand. Tell me how many atheists bomb abortion clinics. Tell me how many atheists stand outside funerals of honored servicemen with "god hates fags" posters. Tell me how many atheists prohibit you from buying a beer on Sunday. Tell me how many atheists say they want to make laws banning porn....

I'm waitng.
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#327 - xiotio (04/25/2012) [-]
No atheist want that. Very few theists want that stuff, so go and check your facts, Its called extremism. Its only to be expected in large groups of people.
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#363 - nickdigger (04/25/2012) [-]
Call it extreme if it makes you feel better. Widespread prohibition of Liquor sales on Sunday surely isn't extreme. Nationwide Tax Exemption for religious organizations isn't extreme. While not bombing in the conventional sense, widespread religious fueled lawmaking designed to outlaw legal abortion isn't extremist; in fact it has by far dominated the religious rights lawmaking efforts with over 90 bills introduced nationwide. A front running presidential candidate and the current defacto republican nominee want to outlaw porn, so once again, not extreme.

And I am still waiting on that list of atheists....I just provided you with plenty of religious examples and showed you how most were not extreme at all. On the contrary, the religious intrusion into the secular world is quite commonplace. Where are the 'extreme' atheists that you say are pushing their agenda on you?

I think it is you who needs to check your facts.
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#377 - xiotio (04/25/2012) [-]
true true, but I was talking about the bombers, murderers, and funeral crashers who insist on doing such detestable things. I think you and I both know that porn isn't gonna be stopped anyways, and you can always stock up on saturday if it's a huge problem to you.
The list you ask for won't be a list of people, It'll be the atheists on the internet who insist on labeling one as a stupid, delusional fool for believing. They're rare in real life, but on the internet the bad ones comment way more than they should. Now I say to you how many of those signs like the one in your above comment have you seen? how many people have knocked on your door asking stupid questions, trying to convert you?
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#762 - nickdigger (04/26/2012) [-]
You are talking about trivial internet fights. I am talking about substantive laws, policies, regulations and actions that affect peoples live. There is a gargantuan difference.

I have seen several signs like the one featured in my reply in real life; 2 with similar sentiments in my own town and I get anywhere from 2 to half a dozen intrusions a year from. seem like the Mormons favor the summer months while the rest surprise you.

I can't begin to stress how trivial your beef with internet arguments is when compared to the relentless and inescapable religious intrusion into the secular world.
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#843 - xiotio (04/26/2012) [-]
Of course there is, there's a huge difference. But what makes your policies more important than mine? I believe some things to be morally correct, others to be incorrect etc. so It would be irrational for me to work towards other goals and laws. Yet I respect your right to do what you want with yourself. So Why, as long as you keep those rights, should I stop from voting my own beliefs? To follow your little atheistic utopia? No thanks, I have issues to vote for that I consider every bit as important as you yours.
Also, there is no inescapable intrusion. You feel yourself unable to do what you choose or protest for what you believe in? Unless you can't look at a sign without crying because someone disagrees with you, You're gonna do fine. I garantee you you don't have any obstacles blocking your choices to vote for this, or protest that, unless you live in a country that denies you some of the most basic human rights.

Just as a final note, I have a beef with internet arguments because it means so many real people are irrational douchbags who without the slightest provocation will intrude and piss you off. It's little different from the door to door mormons, You could just as easily close the door as I could scroll down, but It irks you, and this irks me. Now, I say this has gone on long enough. I give you my word I will read your next comment, but I refuse to read any after that. Make it good. Throw every big word you know, attack me if you must, but make sure to give all your good points. Then I will read, and for myself, I will decide if you just are proclaiming your beliefs or are being irrational. (I will try to be as impartial as I can) If you make your points well, I will thumb up, badly, down, and if you just choose not to respond to this, I don't blame you.
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#869 - nickdigger (04/26/2012) [-]
I haven't once attacked you. It's not my style. You were complaining about how atheists force their agenda on religious folk. I think I have demonstrated how precisely the opposite occurs in much more profound and impacting ways.

User avatar
#870 - xiotio (04/26/2012) [-]
Not really, you proven it at all haven't at all. you've proven they walk up to your door, but otherwise nothing, unless you count the fact that your beliefs will influence your choices, which I never knew was up for debate in the first place.

I have actually been a sanctimonious little bastard in this, so I do apologize for any negative will, especially considering you have been pretty calm in this argument (at least as far as I can tell) and you have brought good points up to back yourself. so I while I don't think I argued my points very well, you did yours, for which I congratulate you.
but, If I must as a final jab, you did sound pretty hostile in the first few posts. Not nearly as much as me, but hey.

Now I already revoked my word even by responding to this, but ah well.
I won't be clicking back, because I don't like getting out-argued. It makes me feel stupid. Good night to you, and good luck to your causes.

User avatar
#872 - nickdigger (04/26/2012) [-]
Well, I gave you several undeniable examples beyond just the one you mentioned. Laws, ordinances, economic advantages, etc. You can't deny them...The facts exist independently of your recognition of them.
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#279 - xiotio has deleted their comment.
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#220 - theantidolan (04/25/2012) [-]
Ah, I can respect that. I hope you have a good day, sir.
#72 - I got a rock 04/24/2012 on When you post ponies in non... +11
#71 - **jellybob rolled a random image posted in comment #3868040 …  [+] (1 new reply) 04/24/2012 on When you post ponies in non... +1
#72 - jellybob (04/24/2012) [-]
I got a rock
#237 - I've been lookin for that for a while now, thanks c: … 04/24/2012 on Religion in a nutshell 0
#48 - it saddens me how much I get to use this  [+] (2 new replies) 04/24/2012 on Religion in a nutshell +7
#233 - scruffstah (04/24/2012) [-]
Here's another if you don't already have it
#237 - jellybob (04/24/2012) [-]
I've been lookin for that for a while now, thanks c:

here's a funny gif in return
#707 - Picture 04/24/2012 on I'm confused +3
#232 - Picture 04/22/2012 on Pedestrian Shenanigans +6
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my mother is a filthy nasty whore
my mother is a filthy nasty whore
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