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#14 - I just started playing Overwatch and I have yet to NOT be kill…  [+] (6 replies) 07/03/2016 on Torbjorn gets play of the game 0
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#35 - SoraDono (07/03/2016) [-]
nigga just move out of the way
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#18 - yunoavailable (07/03/2016) [-]
try shooting it before it kills you, if you have decent line of sight you have a decent chance of taking it out before he gets in range to pop it. It doesn't have that much HP I don't think
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#16 - questionableferret (07/03/2016) [-]
Play Roadhog. The only way his Tyre can kill you if you're at full health (which you will be if you're Roadhog because he can heal 300HP every 5 seconds or so) is if he drives it up your butt, because it does 600 damage, which is Roadhog's max HP. If you've got Torbjorn armour or Symmetra shield on then it can't kill you at all.

You can also soak a Hanzo ult long enough to escape from the middle of it if you heal half-way through.

If dying is getting on your nerves, pick Roadhog, he's basically immortal.
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#44 - killerliquid (07/08/2016) [-]
If you have good mechanics with Genji and have the awareness to, you can kill the tire with left/right click to swift strike
#21 - froglordy (07/03/2016) [-]
**froglordy used "*roll picture*"**
**froglordy rolled image**Not totally immortal

When you bait a Roadhog to hook you as junkrat, you can throw a mine to blow him, and you skyward and with good aim you can make him go boom before he can walk away.
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#38 - questionableferret (07/03/2016) [-]
That is providing he doesn't get the one-shot in first. Lucio and Reaper also have reasonable escapes but they're also only gonna work if he doesn't get the shot in.
#39 - Jimble was of missed.  [+] (1 reply) 06/23/2016 on Don't wake me +14
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#99 - whyheloitisijimble (06/23/2016) [-]