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#75 - javis
(12/12/2011) [-]
*Buckshot and Rainbow Dash are standing near the horderve table.*
Buckshot with half a bite in his mouth: You know, that My People knows his people line was really good one. makes you sound businessy.
Rainbow: So did I do well Red? I'm not sure.
Buckshot: Oh heck yeah! And Fancy Pants was great practice, James said he's the coolest Rich guy ever.
Rainbow laughs: Alright! You know, I really enjoy the time I sp....
Puffy Souffle from across the room: There he is!
Buckshot sighs with a hoof on his face: Ah no.
Rainbow: Ah no? Why Ah no, did you do something wrong?
Buckshot: I've saved her child's life.... This will take a while.
Rainbow: Really? That is so awesome! Uh what will? *A group of four surround buckshot.
Puffy: See this the the colt I was telling you about,he saved my little Precious, I Apologies for leaving you alone like that, I was just so worried about Precious.
Buckshot: No, no I was just doing my job Ma'am
Puffy: Please the name's Puffy.
*Outside the circle around Buckshot, Rainbow tries to talk over them to him* OK Red? I'm going over there for a while.
Buckshot: I was invited by Fancy Pants
Violet: You know Fancy Pants?
Buckshot: Yeah he came up to me after I caught Precious.
Rosaline: So what do you do for a living, besides being a Royal
Buckshot: I'm a personal trainer for Rainbow Dash over there....Oh she left.
Diamond Mint: Personal Trainer? Oh how wonderful, I was meaning to get myself one of those.
Violet: So have I
Rosaline: If you don't mind me being so bold in asking but, would you mind training me and how much is your hourly rate?
*The rest of the girls happily chatted business as a down Rainbow Dash looks on.*
#198 to #80 - javis
(01/07/2012) [-]
*Everyone runs in on Terra legs wide open with a towel over her hind legs and with Bade's head hiding underneath.* Zephyr: WHAT THE ****?! *He starts to charge but Phoenix, Duke and Ember all pile on him, holding Zephyr back* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I'M GOING TO KILL THAT SICK FREAK!
Duke: No you can't.
Ember: For a good reason.
James: He has a PHD.
Zephyr: In what, Foreplay? Why not, hey while he's at it he can put a sticker above it saying, reflections in pussy my be closer then it seems!
Phoenix: No, in Geochronology.
Zephyr: Very funny, Next thing you'll tell me that, Duke was a Male Model........ *Phoenix stares a hole in Zephyr's eye.* Oh...... Sorry.
Blade pops his head out: This might be a little tricky seeing that I haven't had much practice on Equine folk like yourself, but I've had enough to know that you're looking normal down there, just don't start pushing yet, but keep breathing you're doing fine. *He looks over at the father to be.* Ah hello Zephyr welcome, come here and comfort your woman. *To Terra.* OK love I'm going to leave you for a bit, but look who's here.
*Zephyr runs to Terra's side.* Terra: Zephyr!
Zephyr: That's right dear.
Terra: Honey, I'm pregnant I don't have amnesia, I know I am a Dear.
Zephyr laughs quietly: Well at least your sense of humour's still in tact. *He nuzzles her and kisses her on the forehead.*
Nurse Redheart: Doctor, how long until her contractions become closer?
Blade: Give it an hour or two nurse.
#199 to #218 - javis
(01/07/2012) [-]
Eris: Excuse me.... Doctor?
Blade: Yes Eris?
Eris: Where were you when I was pregnant?
Blade: Holding you down with the rest of the unicorn and we couldn't get near your vagina, because you would kill us if we did.
Eris: Oh...... I was probably blind from the rage.
Blade stroking his chin with a smirk: If you like, I could have a look to see if it's all fine down there.
Chaos: Wow, wow, wow there Dr Feelgood, Gods have a regenerating factor, so no need for that.
Blade: So does Blade, but he always go to the Doctor once a month and it won't be anything wrong, just professional-lll-aah-aah- ow! *Aura grabbed his ear.*
Aura: The way you said that doesn't sound professional.
Blade: But it was baby, you know every other woman's vagina is just business, yours is the only one for me, because it's connected to you.
Aura: Well is that the only reason you love it?
Blade:....Wellll there is the cutest little birth mark on your left cheek.
*Aura grabs a hand mirror and rubs her cheek: I don't see it where?
Blade: Not those cheeks.
Aura: On my butt?!
Blade: You're getting warmer.
Aura: Shut up.... You're so cheeky.
Blade: It's because of you, sugar rump.
Aura: Curse your silver tongue. *She kisses Blade on the cheek.......Face cheek and giggles.* You're doing a good thing blade, I don't mind you looking, I just don't like how you joke about it like that, you know how I feel about you?
Nurse Redheart: Doctor, the contractions are being more freakwent!
Terra: Oh Celestia, it hurts! *Blade kisses Aura again and gallops to Terra's aid.*
#200 to #219 - javis
(01/07/2012) [-]
Blade: Uh oh.... Everyone out now!
Zephyr: Uh oh, What do you mean, uh oh?
Blade: The contractions are moving faster then I thought... Now Terra I know that I said two hours, but I must have misjudged, I'm sorry love but you have to push now.
Mirage on the left side of the bed: Come on Terra, we're all here.
Terra: Oh Mirage this pain is unbelievable! But this must be so stressful for you.... I don't want little inner peace to come out early.
Mirage: I don't care about that right now, you have to push that lump of love out and into the world.
Zephyr: Lump of love?
Mirage: Shut up.... I was loveless for thousands of years and it made me bitter, so lay off me I'm trying.
James: Terra Sweetie focus on the baby, not on these two knuckle heads arguing.
*Outside the others are waiting.* Kevin: I can't believe my boy and Blade are helping with the birth, I am so proud.
Discord: That's nothing, when Eris gave birth to MI, she went on a rampage and Blade was in the front line holding her down and she was a God and could rip him apart five ways.
Buckshot: When she broke out, she almost killed Princess Luna, until I T-boned her and wrestled her to the ground and held her down until Chaos took over.
Kevin: No way!
Eris: He was so gentle.
*Chaos Blushes.* Discord: I call first hold after Zephyr.
Chaos: You're not going to do that Lion King thing again, are you?
Discord: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Twilight: Remember when you flipped Ponyville upside down?
Discord,,,,,,,, Oh *Chuckle nervously.* I forgot.
#166 to #80 - javis
(01/04/2012) [-]
*At morbia Rainbow dash walks in the lounge room, to find Bastet and Mirage in a heated argument.* RD Hey guys I need help..... Whoa! *A pot plant barely misted Rainbow's head.*
Bastet: Mirage, don't throw things indoors, especially at your mother!
Mirage: It's my damn house and I'll do what I want in it!
Bastet: Now kitten, I know you're upset....
Mirage: Upset?! You're damn right I'm mad, How could you choose that Nefratina bitch and not me, for that mission? You even made her look like me..... OK not exactly like me, but still aggravatingly similar!
Bastet: Mirage I was on a different show and I was using her as leverage, to bring me the Pharaoh prince. If I could I would have you by my side.
RD: I can see that you're busy so I'll come back later.....
Chaos: No Dash, I'll help you out, what's up?... Wait, lets go out side where it's quiet. *They leave to an open field looking at clouds.* Alright Dash, why don't speak your mind?
RD: Really? No offence but, I don't pick you as a "Sit down and listen." Kind of guy.
Chaos: Clouds are deceitful little things aren't they? They look so fluffy and comfortably, but if a mortal, unicorn or earthbound pony try to jump on one, they'll fall right through.
RD: Chaos.... Hello.... I guess I'm right then.
Chaos: Rainbow, I am that deceitful cloud, but you can rest easy on top of me, I wont let you fall.
RD:O.....K, well I was wondering, if you seen Buckshot anywhere? I tried Phoenix, Duke, Blade and Acion and they all said the same thing. "Forget about it, it's best for you to drop it." Do you know anything about this?
Chaos: What's the date?
RD: 18th of February.
Chaos sighs: It has already been a year..... Look kid this may not, be the best thing for you and Red.
RD: I don't care, I can take anything and I'll do anything.
Chaos: He's in the human world visiting a special someone.
Rainbow: Special Someone?
Chaos: You're not his 1st client.
#167 to #182 - javis
(01/04/2012) [-]
RD: I... Wasn't, then who? Is there a portal, where is it?
Chaos: NO! It was because of Travis we are in this world in the first place, not saying Equestria's a bad place, my family lives here, it's what Travis did on top of the horrible actions of the society that populates that place.
RD: I'm not afraid of anything, I haven't seen RED for a week, I need to see him.
Chaos: Fine, I'll show you but don't come crying for forgiveness when you develop a fear for blue and Dog food.
*After a long winded lecture, with visual aids, Rainbow is about to jump through.*
RD: OK I'm ready.
Chaos: Now, now do you remember what I told you?
RD: Yeah, yeah 10 longhorn road, I'll meet a man named Kevin, My human name is Rachel Diane and I'm there to see Travis.
Chaos: Aaaaand.....
RD sighs: And Human land's horses don't speak English, like you or me.
Chaos: By Gorge she's got it.
*Right before Rainbow jumps through the portal.* RD: Chaos, what's so scary about Glue and Dog fooooo...aaaaaahhh! *Chaos pushes Rainbow through the portal.*
*At Kevin's house.* Kevin: It's great having at least one of you back.
Travis: Thanks Kev, always great coming here, oh and your son told me that after I see.... Her, to bring you back for a surprise.
Kevin: Surprise ey? That'll be good and how are everyone else?
Travis: They're good....... *A loud bang rings out throughout the house.*
Both: ****! *Travis follows to the explosion to the Study, he opens the closet door.*
Travis: You?!
Rachel Diane coughing: Hi Cough!
#168 to #183 - javis
(01/04/2012) [-]
*Travis passing back and forth, pulling his hair.* Travis: No, no, no, no, no!
Kevin walks in: What's the matter mate? Don't tell me that explosion accidentally broke James' girly statues.... My, my who is this?
Travis: This is.... uh....
RD: Rachel Diane sir and this is my tortoise Tank. *Tank slowly looks up and blinks slowly. RD tries to stand, but looses her balance.* Woah! *Travis catches her.*
Travis: Easy there..... Rachel, here sit down. *He pulls out a chair.*
RD: Thanks coach.
Kevin: ......Coach? *Pulls Travis aside.* Does she know?
Travis: **** no.... I didn't want her to.
Kevin: Well she'll have to sooner or later and I guess it's going to be sooner boy.
*Later that night in Travis' room.* RD: Chaos told me that I wasn't your first.
Travis looks into Rainbow's big eyes: ...... *looks away.* I don't want to talk about her.
RD: Red, I don't care if I wasn't your first, I mean I'm pretty sure you were a lady killer back when you......
Travis: Don't call me that!
RD: What?...... You love her don't you and you're going to stay here for her?
Travis: It's not like that Rainbow.... I.
RD: Save it! If you want to stay here.... I wont stop you..... I just want to meet this woman and make sure she will treat you right... Please, that's all I ask for.
Travis:... I'm going to bed.
#169 to #184 - javis
(01/04/2012) [-]
*The next morning, Travis kicks Rainbow Dash's bed.* Travis: Get up, I didn't want you here in the first place for a reason......
RD: Why are you being so mean? *Her eyes start to water.*
Travis with a deep voice: Get in the car.
RD: But...
Travis: NOW! *Rainbow quickly runs to the car with a sniffle, a whimper and Tank under her arm. In the car Travis is driving as Kevin is in the front and Rainbow in the back, the ride was dead silent, after forty five minutes, they arrive.*......We're here.......
--------------------------------------------Flashback.-------------------------- ---
Travis: That's it Kelly, push it!
Kelly grunting: Aaaw, Coach it hurts!
Travis: Hurts? Kel I wrestled in Japan and what I learned there was. They take whatever America gives us, Japan gives it back ten fold, now three more reps!
Kelly: Eighteen.... Nineteen........ Twenty!
Travis: Yes, twenty MacNuggets!
Kelly: Can I *Hick* Can I *Hick*
Travis: Yes, go ahead take a rest, we'll come back to it for one of Kevin's hardy meals.
Kelly: OK coach.
Travis: And remember, we want to get you back to a healthy bod, but we will do it with the food pyramid diet and not binging on full fat foods.
Kelly salutes: Yes sir!
Travis: See you around 6:30.
#170 to #185 - javis
(01/04/2012) [-]
*Kelly walks outside to her car and saw Asha walk past.*
Kelly: Hi Asha.
Asha: Hello Kelly, you look fit.
Kelly: Oh thanks, I was just having lunch with Travy.. I mean coach and I'll be back for dinner.
Asha: Ah yes, Kevin's meals are always great, you're in for a treat. I can see you''re heading off so I'll see you later.
Kelly giggles: Can't wait, bah bye. *She waves from outside of her car and drives off.
*Later at the Mall, Kelly is shopping for full figured clothing.* Kelly on the phone with Travis: Hey Coach, I bought these cute dresses, this tank top and jeans.
Travis: Oh that's cool.
Kelly: And here's the exclamation point, I was a size five, now I'm an eight!
Travis: That's terrific Kel! Soon you'll hit double digits.
Kelly excited: Yay! OK I'll see you in a couple hours. Bye!
*Kelly is driving down the road, she finds a car on the side of the road, with three men looking sorry for themselves, she pulls over to see what the issue was.* Kelly: Hi, what seems to be the problem?
Man 1: Our car battery died.
Kelly: Oh, would you like to borrow my car battery?
Man 2: Cool, do you have any jumper cables?
Man 3: Say aren't you Supermodel Kelly Thomson?
Kelly: Yup that's me..... Was me, not any more, anyway I'll look for those Cables.
#171 to #186 - javis
(01/04/2012) [-]
*At James' house.*
Travis: Thanks again for helping us out guys.
James: No problem at all mate, isn't that right Dad?
Kevin: Nah, not at all, especially if it concerns Kelly, she's a nice girl and she needs as much help as we can give.
*Three hours later.*
Travis passing: Where is she? Dinner was an hour ago.
Kevin: Did you ring her?
Travis frustrated: Yes, two times she hasn't answered.
Asha: Mirage: And she was so excited about tonight as well.
Frank from the lounge room: .....Travis get in here now! *Everyone ran into the room.*
News Anchor: Tragedy has struck Supermodel Kelly Thomson has been attacked, rapped and left for dead with lacerations around the chest, arms and pelvic area. She is in intensive care at the Monash Hospital, no one has any id on th..... *TV was shut off.*
Travis: No ID, NO ID?! **** you and your "No ID." Give me five ******* minutes with Kelly and I'll give you, their names, date of birth, star sigh, favourite food, what they ate for breakfast two month ago and the last person they ****** with! Hell I can tell you the last one right now, I'll give you a clue, they are in this room and in that ******* bed! *He throws the remote at a wall.* We're going NOW!
James: Don't have to ask us twice. *They all teleport outside of the hospital and run in.*
Travis to the receptionist: We're here to see Kelly Thomson.
Receptionist: I'm sorry she's in the IC unite and can't be disturbed.
Travis impatiently: Well can't we meet outside and come in afterwards?
Receptionist: Only family.
Travis slamming his hand down on the desk: We're the only family she has!
Receptionist: I'm sorry I can't let you in.
Asha: This is going no where. *She waves her hand past the receptionist's face.*
Receptionist with a blank look on her face: Go right a head.
#172 to #187 - javis
(01/04/2012) [-]
*Everyone rushed into Kelly's room, Travis rushed to Kelly's side gripping her hand.* Travis: Kelly, sweetie, baby I'm here please wake up.
Kelly slowly opens her eyes: Ha...h..hi coach. *Cough.*
Travis: Oh thank God you're OK.... Who did this?
Kelly: I don't know.....I don't want to talk about it.... Please don't make me relive it.....*Sobbingly shudder.* Please.
Travis covering her mouth with a finger: Ssssh, ssssh! I know, I can sense fear in you, and....... *He gasps some air in sorrow, know the fate of his friend, a single tear rolled down his cheek.*
Kelly reaching clumsily for his cheek: Travis.... What's wrong, is it something I said?
Travis grabbing her hand and resting it on his cheek: No honey, it's not your fault, it could never be you, A thousand times no..... Kelly... My family isn't like other families.
Kevin: Trav... *Asha stops him and shakes his head.*
Kelly: Travis.... *Cough.* I know...... You all aren't normal.... You're my angels, I'm dying and you're here to set me free.... All I want you to do is get those asshole who did this to me....
Asha turns into Mirage: We will do anything.
Kelly: Asha..... You're beautiful..... But it's too much for me to remember.... I just....Can't
Travis: Everyone, leave us I must be alone with Kelly. *Everyone leaves, Frank pats Travis on the back.* Now if you want me to do this, I might have to do something a little uncomfortable.
Kelly: Please...... I don't care.
Travis: I have the power of manipulating DNA.... In order to help you I have to touch your.... "Sensitive." Area.... to pick up those particles that those men left inside of you.
Kelly: ......I told you I don't care... At least it's from a familiar hand.... And not from a stranger... even though it's a doctor.
#173 to #189 - javis
(01/04/2012) [-]
Travis: OK.... hear we go.... *Travis inhales and exhales, he slowly navigates his fingers down Kelly's navel, he reaches her vagina.*
Kelly shudders: Ah, ow....
Travis sniffling and tearing up: Ssshhh, ssshh I know sweetie, I know I'm almost done.
Kelly: No... I'm OK...... I love you.
Travis: And I love you.... *He removes his finger, he stare at it as love juices, pubic hair and blood runs down his fingers slowly, he breaths in the sent like an animal searching for his pray and picks up the culprits' identities.* Alright Kelly I'm done.
Kelly: That felt......... So right.... Please don't let them... get away.
Travis placing the sample into a container: I have never loose my pray before and I am damned if I start now.
Kelly: It's kind of sad that, I have lost my trust in humanity, until I met you, only to get raped and find out that the humans I held dear, aren't even human in the first place.
Travis: What is humanity anyway? What is normal? *Kisses Kelly on the forehead.* I don't blame humanity, I blame Society..... Now get some rest..... Can you do that for me?
Kelly weary: I... I'll try, goodbye my angel.....
#174 to #190 - javis
(01/05/2012) [-]
*Travis walks up to the gang* Travis staring at the container: I am about to do something.... wrong, veil and horrid... I don't blame you for thinking the same of me.
James: We will never think that of you, anyway it's my fault for starting this.
Asha: No, It's mine, I left the cameras on.
Frank: No, I started it... for going after that designer.
Brandon: It's our fault.
Lorenzo: We didn't tell any of you about the show.
Kevin throwing his arms up: I don't care, what you do, just don't get me involved.
Travis: Thank you everyone.
Asha: Because of those monsters, our planes will have to be sped up.
*Over at one of the men's house.*
Man to himself: Time to get the male. *Grabs a letter out of the box.* Ooo a letter. *He opens it.* It's blank! *He turns the paper over one side and back, but this time the sheet of paper is oozing red words running down the page.*
It reads: We know and we're coming for you.
*The man throws the paper on the floor in fear and runs towards the closet to grab a coat, when he opens the door, Travis jumps out and holds him in a rear naked choke until he passes out. When he came to, the man is tied up hanging by his wrist, with a cut on his chest, he looks around to find his two friends next to him with the same chest.* Man 2: Ian! Rob! Where are we?
Ian: We don't know Mike, we woke up next to you!
Rob: All I remember is getting the mail.
Mike: Aaargh our chests look! *The blood from their wounds ran down slowly, the streams fall and lands on the ground forming a large puddle, the puddle starts to churns and bubble, the puddle starts to form a likeness to Kelly.*
The blood form with a wavy voice: Yoooooou killllled meee, every day I hurrrrrt, well at least will be dead soon. Wwwwwhy? I only wanted to hellllp. *The lights turn red to show the room covered in sheets of glass, trash cans full of blunt objects and sharp objects. The blood form raises it's "Arms." and then drops them to throw the blood away to reveal, Travis underneath."
#175 to #191 - javis
(01/05/2012) [-]
*Travis slowly walks up staring. the men scream.* Rob: Wow, wow, wow please no stop we're sorr...
Travis punches him in the face: SHUT UP!!!
Ian: Stop seriously... *Travis cracks a pipe across his ribs, Ian wheezes and Travis grabs ian's jaw.*
Travis roars: You will talk, when I tell you to talk mortals! You will be sorry.
Mike: Pretty tough for a man beating on people who are tied up.
Travis: Very true. *He cuts Mike down, he falls down on his face, Travis throws the pipe on Mike.* Here for an advantage, now come at me! *Mike charges for Travis with the pipe, he swings for the fences, Travis dodges it, grabs the pipe with one hand and punches with the other, Mike falls down, Travis picks him up and throws him through the plate of glass, Travis crouches down to Mike's eye level, Mike spits his blood one his cheek. Travis laughs evilly and spits his own blood in mike's face.*
Mike rolling around clenching is eyes screaming: Aaagh it burns, make it stop!
Travis: Oh did you make the pain stop, when Kelly screamed that question?
Ian: She loved it! *Travis throws a shard of glass towards Ian's ropes, he drops down and charges Travis, Travis spin kicks Ian down, Travis takes off his belt and starts whipping Ian buckle first, after he finished he ties Ian back up on a hot radiator and starts shin kicking in his ribs, legs and all over, spits the same mist in Ian's face.* Aaaargh It burns all over!
#176 to #192 - javis
(01/05/2012) [-]
Rob: You're sick man, you're sick!
Travis: I'm sick am I?! Says the rapist to the crimson warrior. *He pulls Rob down and throws him into the trash cans full of what Travis likes to call "Toys." he hits rob with a broom.* Says the guy who help clog up her holes with your disgusting, foal, rotted lump of **** you call a cack! *Hit's Rob's leg with a hammer.* The lacerations! *Chokes him with a cable.* The damaged vocal cords! *He spits mist in Robs face, he screams in horror and pain.* This burning sensation you're feeling will pass, don't worry I'm not going to kill you, but what will happen is every time you go to sleep from now on, you will see the sight of a thousand fears, feel all the pain you have coursed and this will never stop, it will be an endless barrage of nightmares! Close your eyes.
Rob frighten: What?
Travis: Your eyes, CLOSE THEM! *Rob closes his eyes only to see flashing images of blood, fire, explosions, screaming, crying, monsters and the centrepiece, a first person view of the raping of Kelly Thomson, but he was the victim. Rob screams and opens his eyes.* That will be your recurring nightmare, every night for the rest of your nights. *Travis healed their wounds and threw them out into the world, broken.*
*Back at the Hospital Travis enters Kelly's room with a bucay of red roses.* Travis: Kelly I'm here with good news.
Kelly: Hooray... *Cough.* Please come closer... I don't have long... I need you... *Travis rushes un beside her and grasps her hand he chokes up.* Coach?
Travis: Yes?
Kelly: I am I.... Full figured?
Travis with tears dropping onto her bed: Yes baby, you're thick and beautiful. * Couching laugh.* You're two sandwiches away form being overweight.
#177 to #193 - javis
(01/05/2012) [-]
Kelly laughs: *Cough.* Ow... Please don't make me laugh... it Hurts, you shouldn't tease... I'm sick remember.
Travis: I'm sorry.
Kelly: No don't be... I need a laugh...*Weaker.* Travis?
Travis scooches closer: Yes, sweetie?.... Kel? *He lightly taps on her cheek.* Baby, baby stay with me now.
Kelly swipes at Travis weakly: Coach... I'm awake.... *Cough.*..... Travis...... Can you tell me about heaven?
Travis with a weak smile: Well..... Heaven is a wonderful place where you can do what you want, when you want, how you want to do it and there is no one telling you that you can't, You can hang out with all the dead celebrities, like Monroe, Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze all of them, chocolate rabbits hopping around cotton candy clouds and you can get back in touch with your relatives.
Kelly: And.... hel...*Travis covers her mouth.*
Travis: Not for you..... That place is for people like those three and monsters..... like me.
Kelly: Sssssh.... No you're not.... Monsters are scary,,,,, and I'm not afraid of you.... you're my...... A ..... an..,,
Travis: And you're my angel..... Kelly? *The heart monitor bleeps slower and slower.* Kelly stay with me, even if it's only for five more minutes!
Kelly: Sssh, sssh it's OK my time has come..... Goodbye Travis, I love you.... *The monitor bleeped two more times before the long ear pricing flat line rings. Travis hold Kelly sobbing.*
-------------------Present day----------------
Travis looking at Kelly's head stone: She died that night in my arms....... Three days later we had the funeral and a week later Mirage and Chaos revealed themselves.... The public didn't like that... I showed the video tape of those three's demised by my hand, everyone was in a frenzy...... Then Chaos said that he has a friend in another detention and we will have to move there......
RD: Discord? *She throws herself onto Travis crying.* Buck I am so sorry! please forgive me.... I just was so worried about you so I...
Travis: Sssh I know, I know.
#178 to #194 - javis
(01/05/2012) [-]
RD muffled by Travis' chest: I just feel so stupid.
Travis: Will it make you feel better if I tell you the lighter side of our past life?
RD sniffles: OK
Travis: Well before Mirage revealed herself to Kevin and James... before she showed the rest of the world, she gave him so many gifts, that made their days, weaponry, flight tickets to her home land, $20,000. That made James feel a little ungrateful when he didn't give anything back, he swore he would make it up to her...... before we left.... He proposed in front of the whole world..... No one liked it...... Except for our family and to hell with this world, they were in love and happy. When Kevin first met his in-laws Ra and Bastet, he almost had a heart attack, but after a drink happiness washed over him like a wave at the beach. At the ceremony James said "We are still not even Mirage, because he will rock her hard." and we both know what he did for her.....
RD chuckles and whispers: The Filly?
Travis: Exactly and when we arrived, we met Basham who later being Paul, getting these bad ass pony names, getting my dream job and helping somepony with hers. *Kisses RD in top of her head.* Building more families, Elements of Harmony, Elemental Guardians, helping with birth and death and... *RD Wraps her arms around Travis' neck and kisses him passionately.*
Kevin: Alright kids enough..... We have a trip to plan! I want my surprise!

#179 to #195 - javis
(01/05/2012) [-]
*At Kevin's place they are about to jump through, RD and Travis are snickering.* Travis: OK are we ready?
Kevin nervously: Yes, so Rachel is your world a fun one? *Both RD and Travis laugh.*
RD: Yes very much.... But it's a mostly Vegetarian world.
Kevin: I'm not really a vego but, I'll eat anything.
Travis: OK on Three.....One.....Tw.... *He Pushes Kevin through the portal. Kevin falls out the other side on his face.*
Kevin gets up and brushes his shoulders off: That bastard.
RD: You alright sir?
Kevin: Yeah, just your boyfriend is just an asshole. *He turns around.* Pushing me.....
RD: What?
Kevin shuddering: Aaaagh! You're a horse with wings!
RD: We like to be called Pegasus and I'm a pony.
Kevin: And you talk!
Travis: Calm down captain.
Kevin: And you, you're one of them, you're not even a normal colours!
Travis: You're Daughter-in-law is a Demi-Goddess Cat Lady..... Uh oh, you don't look good.. Slow down mate, we'll talk about it, just breath. *Kevin collapses.* Aw snap, Come on Dash, looks like we have to carry him.
Dash laughs: OK.. come on big guy, upsy daisy.
*Later over at Morbia, Kevin slowly awakens with a groan.* Kevin: James? Mirage.... Oh good, I had a crazy dream where Travis and his girlfriend Rachel were Pegasuses.
Mirage: Rachel?
Bastet: Kevin dear.... We might need to show you one bye one slowly, before going outside.... You can come in now Buckshot. *Buckshot walks enters the room slowly.*
Buckshot: H...Hi Kev... it's me Travis, but in this world a Pegasus named Buckshot Redstreak.... This world is inhabited by ponies, Unicorns and Pegasuses, Rachel Diane my girlfriend is actually named Rainbow Dash.... Dash, can you come in?
*Rainbow Dash shuffles her hooves, looking down at them.* RD: Hi, sorry about earlier.
Kevin: Nah love I'm find, that was one hell of a surprise, I'll tell you that much.
*Mirage and James look at each other.* James: Welllllll.....
Mirage: James and I are,,,,, Pregnant.
#180 to #196 - javis
(01/05/2012) [-]
Kevin: You two are having a baby?! That's wonderful! Mirage come here. *Kevin stands up and holds his arms out for a hug.* How fare are you?
Mirage: six seven and a half months.
Kevin: Seven and a half?!
James: We know we should have told you earlier Dad, but we were really busy, and I mean realllly busy, helping Chaos' wife give birth, my mate's son's girlfriend had an evil side that took over her body and few out on it's own and his daughter is marrying Phoenix Stonewall. (Frank Turner.)
Kevin: Wait Frank's getting married and Chaos has a kid?
Bastet: So is the Alucard, Brandon and Lorenzo, but The Ruler of the land said. "For them to live here they must have ponyfied names."
Buckshot: Brandon is Duke, Alucard is Blade Bloodlust, but he's thinking of changing it. *Whisper.* Because of a girl and Lorenzo is Alchemist. James on the other hand got to keep HIS name, because he was "Special."
*Chaos, Discord, Eris and MI enter the room.* Chaos: Hey guys what's..... Kevin, oh I see you met Rainbow and Buckshot.
Kevin: Heeey Chaos mate nice to see...... *He sees Discord and Eris.* Holy ****! Oh.... I'm sorry... I...I didn't mean that.... you surp.....
Discord: Oh I see. You're a racist, you see someone like me, with my family and you **** yourself in fear, or is that hate I smell? Hatred for my people. Let me tell you something us Draconequuses are a proud race. You know what? **** this, I'm killing him. *Discord raises a glowing hand, Kevin covers his face, until little fuzzy bunnies appeared all over his bed, hugging Kevin.* Fooled you Ah ha ha! My name's Discord, this is my Sister Eris and my nephew MI. *Holds out a friendly paw, for a shake.* And you are?
Kevin Grabbing his chest with one hand and holding out the other: Kevin mate..... *Gasp* I'm James' Father.
#190 to #198 - javis
(01/05/2012) [-]
*James, Kevin and Buckshot are walking around Ponyville* Kevin looking around: So... this is Ponyville? I thought it was just a normal human town, not a.... You know.
James: It is a normal town dad.... just... different, we work just like a human civilization, There's schools, stores and houses, Just "Ponified." *Paul stumbles out of the Carousel Boutique.*
Buckshot: Yo Paul come here!
Paul: Hey guys what's up?
Buckshot: What's up with us, what's up with you and Rarity pushing you out of her shop?
Paul: You know Rarity, I told her about my little girl getting married, she got inspired..... And who is this?
James: This is my Dad, Kevin. Dad this is my friend Paul. You remember my internet friend I talked to?
Kevin: Bearly but go on.
James: It turned out he lived here all this time and I was talking to him.
Paul: Who knew that FunnyJunk was supporting Multiverses?
Kevin: At least James has another human to talk to.
Paul: Kinda I'm a Cryomancer, I can Summon and control ice.
Kevin: Kinda like our friend Fra.... I mean Phoenix, but you probably met him.
Paul: Met him? He's marrying my Shimmershy.
Kevin: He is marrying your kid?.... Wait, you have kids? That's great.
Paul: Thanks..... I guess. *He hands a photo of him and his family and pointed to his family members.* There she is Shimmer, there's my Son Persious and there's my wife Fluttershy.
Kevin: You married a Pegasus?
Paul: Yeah so? Your son married an Evil Incarnate Catlady and Phoenix is marrying my daughter and he was a human.
Travis: Actually, we are kinda a bit of everything, we aren't only one thing, if you catch my dift...... *They all look at him.* We're kinda,,,,,, Shape shifters in a way.... We came out of James' Imagination, Phasir brought us to life as James' Wrestlers from a video game, we're what ever he wants us to be and when we jumped through the portal, we turned into Ponies, not saying that we were forced, we didn't have any ties in the human world anyway.
#191 to #208 - javis
(01/06/2012) [-]
Kevin: Fair enough, at least it's not a Human World Pony.
Travis laughs: True.
*Zephyr Shoots past making the sound of a F1 race car and thunder.* Kevin ducking: What the **** was that?!
Zephyr lands making a crater in the ground and shakes the dust off: They call me, Zephyr: The Thunder Clap.
Kevin rubbing his ears: Kevin, I'm James' old man.
Zephyr: No way! Well pleased to meet you, we have to catch up some time, but I need to borrow Rainbow and Red for a minute.
James: No problem mate, do what you gotta do man.
Red: Alright see you later.
Rainbow: K Catcha later, nice meeting you Kev.
Red: Oh, I almost forgot. *He hands a bag to James.*
James: Aw sweet! Thanks dude. See you later.
Kevin: Bye guys. *Rainbow, Red and Zephyr leave.*
--------------------Around the corner.---------------------
Travis: So Zephyr what's up and how is Terra? Not fare to go now right?
Zephyr: Yeah, Ter is at Morbia having a mother's club with Fluttershy, Mirage and Bastet.
Rainbow chuckles: Yeah you're smart to leave them man, last time I was walked in on one of their "Club Meeting." I almost became a pot plant. Why do you want us anyway?
Zephyr: Well I have an idea for Shimmer and Phoenix's Wedding gift.
Travis: Aw yeah, the wedding, New Breed and I are planning to preform at the reception, James would have to stand in for Phoenix. Right after my Best Man Speech, we'll bust out some Prince, maybe a little Enrique Iglesias and maybe some Andrew W. K. If I feel a little gitty. Plus Pinkie would love some of those songs.
Rainbow: I don't even know what kind of music that is, but they sound pretty rockin.
Zephyr: I was thinking of doing an air show.
#407 to #191 - merpdederp
(09/13/2013) [-]
How'd I get here? Dafuq is this *******?
#409 to #407 - basham
(09/16/2013) [-]
#408 to #407 - javis
(09/16/2013) [-]
welcome to hell!
#192 to #209 - javis
(01/06/2012) [-]
Buckshot: That's awesome!
Rainbow: Heck yeah it is and it's the perfect why to show off all my training. Right coach?..... Coach.... Red? *Red's eyes dilate and shank to pea size, he starts to shake violently and collapses on the ground.* Buckshot!
Zephyr: What's wrong, bro, wake up!
*Rainbow Dash tries to shake him awake.* Rainbow: Buckshot... You're scaring me!
*Inside Buckshot's head the muffled words "Coach." And "Wake up." Echoes through out his head, they get louder, and clearer.* Voice: Coach! Coach! Wake up!
Travis awakens shaking his head: Aaargh my he.... wait why isn't my head hurting? *He looks up to see her.* .....Kel?
Kelly nuzzling Red: I've misted you so coach.
Travis: But you're dead..... which means.... Oh my! I need to sit down.
Kelly: No, no my love, you're only dead for a few minutes, so I'll make this quick.
Travis: Kelly you're a.......
Kelly: A Unicorn? Yes I found that I am a lot happier this way and look, I'm have a full figure!
Travis: You're beautiful.
Kelly: So is that Rainbow Pegasus.
Travis: ....Kel sweetie.. she's.. I mean.... we...
Kelly: Sssssshh... It's OK.. I understand.... it's been two years.... you were so hurt when I left you.... It was awful to watch.... until you finally found someone... I was so glad, you looked so happy with her... kinda like when you were training me and when you told someone else about me, I got my wings... My happiness was peaked that day..... I need you to do something for me.
Travis: Anything darling, you name it. *Buckshot wakes up.* I got it!
Rainbow and Zephyr: What?!
#196 to #210 - javis
(01/07/2012) [-]
Rainbowdash nuzzles and kisses Red frantically: Red you're OK? Don't ever do that again, you scared me silly.
Red getting up slowly: I seen her.....
Zephyr: Seen who?
Red: I saw.... *Aura runs into Zephyr.*
Aura gets up: Sorry Zephyr, but it's Terra!
Abyss: Aura you cluts, we need him.
Aura: Well I don't have that shadow sneaky thing.
Abyss: I was going to give you a ride so we both would get here quicker, but you jetted off before I could say anything.
Rainbow: Both of you shut up, you're giving me a head ache!
Buckshot: You have a head ache? I just died for 3 minutes, my head feels like it was put in a vice!
Rainbow: Wait you died?
Buckshot: Yeah and that's where I found....
Zephyr: EVERYONE SHUT THE **** UP! *Everyone stops and sits down.* Now tell me what is going on?!
Abyss: It's Terra, it's time, she's going into labour.
Zephyr: She is, where is she?
Aura: Still at Morbia.
Buckshot: Well why are we sitting here sitting on our hooves? lets go!...*He grips his head.* Ow.
Rainbow Helps Buckshot up: Wow there coach, you're no good flying in this state, you better walk it off.
Buckshot: Fine you guys head out and I'll catch up on hoof. *They nod and blasted off.*
#197 to #216 - javis
(01/07/2012) [-]
*Back at Morbia* Felicia: OK Ms Terra, breath in and out like we practice. He he, hoo hoo, he he, hoo hoo.
Terra groaning: Where Zephyr?
Bastet: Worry no child, Aura and Abyss are searching for him.
Fluttershy: And with Abby's Shadow Sneak, she'll find him in no time. *Terra nods while following Felicia's breathing pattern.*
*Zephyr bursts through the door with the girls.* Zephyr: Terra honey, where are you?!
Aura: They're in the lounge room.
Mirage: Oh thank mother, you're here Ter needs you.
Zephyr: Lead the way!
Mirage: Oh no I'm not...... I'm sorry but... It's to stressful and that's so good for the baby this fare into my pregnancy and my carpet is all wet and it's going to stain if I don't.....
Zephyr: I don't believe you, not even if you have the God/Goddess of pregnancy comes in and tell us that.
Mirage: Well Mother is known to be a Goddess of fertility, do you want me to call her in?
James: Mirage, I am so disappointed in you, wasn't it partly because of Terra and Zephyr, you wanted to have a child?
Zephyr: And wasn't it you who wanted to have this little club with Terra and me? *He can see that Mirage is shaking and trying to find excuses, so he hugs her.* Look I know you're trying to put on a brave face but these past nine months were really special for us and how you and Terra were hang off each other's very words and helping each other only amplifies it. We need you, as much as you need us when your time comes.
Mirage squeezes tightly and whispers: I'm so sorry.
Zephyr: I'm frightened as well.....*Mirage glares at him.* O....K, one of us might be more frightened then the other but it's not just about us, it's also about our Terra in there.
Mirage chuckles whipping her eyes: I might be a little.... fearful, but can see where you're coming from, follow me.
#76 to #80 - javis
(12/14/2011) [-]
*Over at Pony Joe's Donut Shop, Rainbow Dash enters and sits down in a huff.*
Rainbow: Get me a hot chocolate triple shots of syrup!
Joe: Wow that's a big order there Little Missy, why don't you tell old Pony Joe your problems.
Rainbow: You wouldn't want to hear it.
Joe: Try me, us bartenders have a gift for listening.
Rainbow: OK. *Sighs.* It's boy problems, I know I don't look like the type of pony to have them, well I do. His name is Buckshot Redstreak, He's a Royal Guard which is cool and plays guitar like nopony can, which is awesome and he was willing to take up his off time to train me, which is unbelievably. He invited me to a garden party which is cool I guess, I'm not into that kind of stuff, but the way he told me about it and the pointers on how to "mingle" made it kinda cool, I just liked being around him.
Joe: He sounds like a top guy.
Rainbow taking a sip of the chocolate: Yeah he is, He's just as cool as me, if not cooler and that's saying something. I was just about to tell him how I felt, until some unicorns got in my way.
*A mocking voice shoots from across the room.* Oh boo hooo "He's so awesome, but some Unicorns wah wah wah."
Rainbow turns around: Who said that?! *It was Discord next to Bastet.
Discord: Come off it Rainbow Dash, I know you're not the one to get pushed around by no Unicorns.
Rainbow: What's it to you?!
Discord: All I'm saying is, at least you have someone to chase after, that likes you back. I on the other hand got the shorter end of the stick, I had a strange sense of humour, I admit it's not every pony's cup of tea, but just because of my roll and what I look like no one gives me a second look, You know god made mankind on the 8th day, he must have been drunk on the wheel with me. *He chuckles.* Why make everyone's parts match and gave me the left overs, I'm a proud Draconequus don't get me wrong but we as a people have been shunned for our looks and personalities, my sister had to travel across universes to find her partner.
#77 to #81 - javis
(12/14/2011) [-]
I'm sorry for mocking you but, I can't sit here and listen to you dribble on, like a nopony... Or are you one?
Rainbow Dash: I am not a nopony I am Rainbow Dash.
Discord: Sorry what was that? I didn't hear you over my slurping *He drinks the glass.... wait what?*
Rainbow: Didn't you hear me? I'm Rainbow Dash!
Bastet: One more time love, I'm trifle deaf in one ear.
Rainbow: I'M RAINBOW DAAAAAAAASH! *RD slams down her money, leaps out of the seat and runs outside, but just before that, she peaks her head back inside.* Uh Discord... Thanks for a God of Chaos, you're not so bad.
Discord: Well life would be boring if there's no challenges in the way and your welcome. *Rainbow flies off and Discord looks back at Bastet, drinking his....Glass.* Two Elements Of Harmony down, four to go.
Bastet: it's really nice of you to make a mends with all of the Elements.
Discord: If I make a good impression with them, I could get in the good books with the Princesses.
*Back at the party.* Buckshot: Rainbow! Where have you been I was starting to get worr,,,*Rainbow places a hoof over his mouth.*
Rainbow: Red I really enjoy your company, so just shut up and enjoy mine!
Buckshot ok but can I say just this one thing?
Rainbow laughs: Ok but make it quick.
Buckshot: Those Richy Richers offered a lot of coinage.... But I turn them down because I'll be loosing something that is worth more...... You.