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#134 - i think i'm gonna go insane if this pops up on frontpage again…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/08/2013 on Awesome dad is awesome 0
#143 - anon (03/08/2013) [-]
then...why not use the skip button? or left arrow key? it's really simple, i swear!
#6 - Picture 02/27/2013 on Swag +4
#4 - Picture 02/22/2013 on meth +4
#1391 - just because you are offended doesn't mean you are right 02/22/2013 on -Obama -1
#16 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 02/13/2013 on Parenting, you're doing it... +130
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#39 - philippinessucks (02/14/2013) [-]
whynotboth.jpg ?
#21 - Picture  [+] (3 new replies) 02/13/2013 on People won't understand... 0
#23 - jonnyfunk (02/13/2013) [-]
relax friends, i was just joking! i know how a wolverine looks like!
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#32 - Blargosnarf (02/13/2013) [-]
If you're trying to be funny then perhaps you should stop before you hurt yourself.
#39 - jonnyfunk (02/14/2013) [-]
This image has expired
sometimes a man has to go outside in the storm and embrace it.
#8 - Picture 02/11/2013 on Not Always +1
#56 - I hate it when people call themselfs "leftist" and s…  [+] (22 new replies) 02/10/2013 on Israel is peaceful +41
#184 - anon (02/11/2013) [-]
Palestine is muslim, and don't say "'Palestine'", they deserve to be their own country, they're muslim, they shouldn't have to be ruled by a jewish government.
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#95 - dafunkad (02/10/2013) [-]
Both side are not doing much to make things better,

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#117 - finni (02/10/2013) [-]
What do you for example think that Israel should do then to make the situation better?
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#155 - dafunkad (02/10/2013) [-]
stop building in palestinian territory for a start,

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#246 - finni (02/11/2013) [-]
Well the left parties in Israel are against that, and the right-wing parties are for that.

But Jews have lived in that part of the world since creation of Judaism. It contains one of the most holy places for Jews and is where Judaism was founded. The only time Jews were forbidden to live there was during Jordan's illegal occupation.
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#182 - dmagen (02/11/2013) [-]
you know what you are right.
Israel should give them a country and then take 4 more Jewish countries and invade Palestine the day after. ( if you dont know what im referring to, or need to search/guess in order to find out, you should just quit and support the side that defends western values and not the one that defends terrorists).
also Israel is trying to make peace, but it's hard to make peace with someone who says that your very existence is unacceptable and he should fight you in order to end you.

User avatar
#187 - dafunkad (02/11/2013) [-]
I don't defend palestinian terrorists, I don't know where did you get that idea, you asked me what "Israel should do then to make the situation better"

And yes ty I'm not an uneducated dude, I know what happenned to Isreal,

But Israel is far from being the good guy, both countries aren't trying shit to sort things out,
User avatar
#193 - dmagen (02/11/2013) [-]
what makes Israel not the good guy?
what can Israel possibly do to make things right?
stop building in so called Palestinian territories? well sorry but they had their chance to have a country, they chose to make it a military base, now it's Israels and they have full right to build in their country.
recognize a Palestinian state? if they want to create the biggest terrorist meet up place in the middle east right next to their country, they should definitely do it.
go into peace talks? well nobody ever tried this before!
its easy to talk high when you're not the one at risk, but sorry to brake it to you, Israel can not make peace with the Palestinians now. at least not in their terms.
User avatar
#234 - dafunkad (02/11/2013) [-]
you answered your own question :)

And don't worry you didn't brake anything to me,

If you want exemple on why Israel is not the good guy search israeli demolition on youtube, if you want to know why the palestinians aren't the good guys watch fox news, or look for anything concerning the Hamas
User avatar
#239 - dmagen (02/11/2013) [-]
you know you cant build a building without permission from the state, in order to enforce the law. if a Jewish person build unauthorized buildings they will be destroyed.
and no, the things I described showed that Israel is the good guy and nothing you can say would prove otherwise. so I answered your question, not my own.
and if destroying illegal buildings makes Israel the bad guy, then the Palestinians are satan himself.
User avatar
#276 - dafunkad (02/11/2013) [-]
I'd really like to know, are you jewish ? Is your father really pro-israeli ? Or is it your own made opinion ?

Also have you tried reading other newspaper than only pro-israeli newspaper, not necessarily pro-palestinian but more neutral ?

I think you can't even imagine how biased is your point of view, the israeli demolition are far from being the only thing that israel shouldn't be doing,

(I'm not an english speaker, I lack the correct vocabulary to give you as many exemple as I want to)
User avatar
#294 - finni (02/12/2013) [-]
A newspaper is rarely neutral though. I think what you are saying is wise, but most News papers take sides in these matters. Either they are highly supportive to one side or highly supportive to the other.

If you ask people in Europe, most people will say that they think that the media is too left. If you ask people in America what they think of Fox News they'll say that it's too right wing. It's funny, because the most neutral media I've heard of (don't remember it's name, it was a classmate who talked about it) was an Israeli media station. (I doubt he was Pro-Israel)
User avatar
#296 - dafunkad (02/12/2013) [-]
You didn't answer my question :)

And yes a newspaper is rarely neutral, they can try to be neutral tho, a newspaper that I like, is called "courrier international" means news from the world, and this newspaper only quotes articles from other newspaper around the world, and often try to give articles from both side of a matter,
User avatar
#297 - dafunkad (02/12/2013) [-]
nvm you're not dmagen i'm retarded :)
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#65 - Crusader (02/10/2013) [-]
I'm going to explain that picture in reality.
Yes, both paintings are offensive.
But one is a person's opinion, their point of view, that is allowed by most freedom of speech laws.
But one of the basic rules of Islam is that you are not allowed to paint a picture of Allah or Muhammad, because they are holy and infinite at this point.
One is freedom of speech and portayal, the other is breaking a central tenet, it's like forcing a Jew to eat a cheeseburger.
#63 - byposted (02/10/2013) [-]
I hate it when people who call themselves "conservatives" support a rogue nuclear state who is making us do their dirty work for them.
#107 - anon (02/10/2013) [-]
How many soldiers actually are dying for Israel? If anything I would guess that more israelis have died for our causes in the Middle East than us for theirs.
#85 - mattymc (02/10/2013) [-]
Oh look another Nazi
#59 - Bloodgartham (02/10/2013) [-]
Actually, even the Taliban when sending their messages through to the public, rarely ever say Jews. They say Isrealies.
User avatar
#58 - konradkurze (02/10/2013) [-]
i dont support either side, both are religious zealot nutjobs, but im tired of the pro-jew policy the world has
#214 - anon (02/11/2013) [-]
>both are religious zealot nutjobs
no, israel is a secular republic, palestine isnt
User avatar
#254 - konradkurze (02/11/2013) [-]
is rael is a republic, filled with jewish zealots, palestine isnt a republic, but still filled with religious headjobs
#5 - hi! not much! :D where are you from?  [+] (2 new replies) 02/10/2013 on jasonthedragon's profile 0
#6 - blartonfairweather (02/11/2013) [-]
Ah, well that is good c:

And I'm from Connecticut, how bout you?
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#7 - jasonthedragon (08/04/2013) [-]
oh sorry! I'm from Germany
#7 - Picture 02/07/2013 on Just take him +1
#3 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 02/07/2013 on Ultimate Halloween Costume +24
#35 - fukkenname (02/07/2013) [-]
#7 - great parenting!  [+] (1 new reply) 02/07/2013 on you laugh +75
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#45 - dovahsix (02/07/2013) [-]
Is that Bindi Irwin?
#8 - which show is this?  [+] (10 new replies) 02/07/2013 on Brutal +3
User avatar
#24 - jdsalenger (02/07/2013) [-]
Everybody Hates Raymond.
User avatar
#22 - yiffsforlyfe (02/07/2013) [-]
16 and pregnant
User avatar
#20 - TarnRazor (02/07/2013) [-]
Game of Thrones
User avatar
#19 - somniumecstasi (02/07/2013) [-]
boku no pico
#16 - anon (02/07/2013) [-]
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#15 - sledmondson (02/07/2013) [-]
dragon ball z
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#14 - morningpanda (02/07/2013) [-]
My Little Pony: Friendship is Murder
#13 - anon (02/07/2013) [-]
my wife and kids
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#10 - festinas (02/07/2013) [-]
The walking dead
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#9 - samoaspider (02/07/2013) [-]
regular show
#39 - Picture 02/07/2013 on Art +14
#16 - Picture 02/06/2013 on Sharked up 0
#25 - i just lost it on the guy grabbing his own feet. the other one…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/06/2013 on Marginalia +2
#42 - psykobear (02/06/2013) [-]
#16 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 02/05/2013 on Do a barrel roll -36
#78 - anon (02/05/2013) [-]
Don't thumb this down, its 100% accurate!
#22 - spacehawk (02/05/2013) [-]
^Saves the thumbnail
#17 - Picture 02/04/2013 on why? you might ask +3
#12 - Picture 02/04/2013 on Fat People... 0
#29 - what. the. ****. I#m really not sure if i want to kn…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/04/2013 on Rosetta Stone +5
#43 - bluelightbebop (02/04/2013) [-]

And stuff.
#21 - love doom, love stoner, love whatever, don't care about the re…  [+] (3 new replies) 01/30/2013 on Metal +2
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#64 - uhidk (01/30/2013) [-]
someone else on FJ that likes stoner/doom?

#28 - schnofi (01/30/2013) [-]
Best band ever.
#22 - txsslg has deleted their comment.
#44 - Picture 01/27/2013 on CreepyPasta 0
#82 - so you gun them down with automatic rifles? seems like good sp…  [+] (2 new replies) 01/27/2013 on Deer hunting after the... +1
User avatar
#94 - klaes (01/27/2013) [-]
Automatic rifles have been banned since 1986....
#85 - anon (01/27/2013) [-]
The ban isn't about automatic rifles...
#29 - i bet it's japanese porn. 01/26/2013 on Men and Feminine Products +1
#266 - Mogadishu! 01/22/2013 on The Name Game +4
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#8 - anon (11/26/2013) [-]
#4 - blartonfairweather (02/09/2013) [-]
Hey, dude, what's up?
Hey, dude, what's up?
#5 to #4 - jasonthedragon (02/10/2013) [-]
hi! not much! :D where are you from?
#6 to #5 - blartonfairweather (02/11/2013) [-]
Ah, well that is good c:   
And I'm from Connecticut, how bout you?
Ah, well that is good c:

And I'm from Connecticut, how bout you?
#7 to #6 - jasonthedragon (08/04/2013) [-]
oh sorry! I'm from Germany