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#87 - I kindo hate how term "Gnostic" is often (mis)used t…  [+] (1 reply) 02/05/2014 on - Clever Title - -1
#89 - ihateaccountnames (02/05/2014) [-]
Gnosticism (with a capital) is an entirely separate thing, but gnostic and agnostic are both correct terms. The distinction just needs to be made clear so it is known which 'gnostic' is meant
#18 - Hey guys, I'm really sorry for not being responsive, but I had…  [+] (9 replies) 02/03/2014 on A World gone Mad 0
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#28 - opu (02/05/2014) [-]
Hey thanks for the feedback and looking back im going ' woah what was I thinking, he's way too over the top' . I've changed quite a big portion of his story, to seem more understandable with your view of being a grunt. There's a simplified view which i'll put first then the main chunk which fleshes it out. Hope it's alright, thanks again.
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#29 - opu (02/05/2014) [-]
Name: Kasai ('Fire' in japanese) (Nobody knows his real name, or if he even had one)
Sex: Male
Age: 39
Ethnicity: Japanese
Appearance: Hair a natural dark red-auburn colour not far off maroon, of relatively short length, ruffled and spiked. His face was sharp with an almost permanant scowl, along with dark amber eyes. Just under average height and quite lean with wirey muscle. His usual attire consists of a faded black leather duster coat over a stained white t-shirt. Dark-grey cargo pants/trousers held up by a simple brown belt, and black shoes. He wears primarily silver jewelry such as a simple ring, a piercing in the top of his left ear, and a star-asterisk necklace.
Personality: Quiet and watchful, despite his near-dead demeanour. Complete loose-cannon when the inferno's rage consumes him.
Mental state: Near-uncontrollable pyromaniac when bloodush is high and serious callous and unemotional traits and general desensitization

~The Burning Man~

>Boy lives with grandfather in rural japan.
>Boring life, but further grows his passion for fire
>Grandfather dies. Boy goes to the city.
>Learns fire-breathing as a festival act.
>Persuaded to join one of the many gangs.
>Becomes known for his expertise in fire and uncontrollability if let loose at someone.
>Gang absorbed into faction of Yakuza. (Who are actually quite common in cities like Tokyo than you might think)
>Feared for his unmanageable habits in combat. Posted as a cleaner. (Mop up, burn stuff in aftermath sort of role) Still a background player.
>Sees some shit due to Yakuza methods, put simply. Adds to unfeelingness.
>Rival war. Flees on boat to foreign land.
>Calamity strikes, ends up in foreign city when boat makes the mainland.
>Left with a dirk knife and a flare gun.
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#30 - opu (02/05/2014) [-]
Kasai loved fire, he'd liked for as long as he could remember.
Living as a child (since only a few years old) in rural Ueda, Nagano (Mid-land Japan) with his grandfather, he had a quiet but lonely and boring youth. What is one to do when rice fields stretch in every direction and the only day anything of interest happens was when the markets were held at the nearest village. Grandfather was hostile towards the boy, but then he had lost his wife in the same accident that had claimed the boy's parents. All he could remember of them was going to a fireworks festival one summer and witnessing the thunderous showerings of colours created by the pyrotechnics. Though it was the bonfire which really captivated him, sitting upon his father's shoulders staring at a blaze which seemed it could dwarf a giant. The flames roaring and the embers crackling, heat which cascaded with such warming intensity despite the distance they'd been standing away from it. It seems from this moment the fire's wildness blossomed within himself. When he wasn't under strict but minimal tutoring by his grandfather or running the chores of the small shack they inhibated, he found free-time aplenty. No friends of such and the fear of getting a whipping if he irritated the old man any further than his presence already did, the boy was alone to entertain himself. Creating fire seemed like second nature to him, mastering how to strike a flint or how to most efficiently rub sticks to provide friction heat. Untamed forest which bordered the farmland provided the perfect seclusion despite the already isolated lifestyle, but the boys fires never consumed more than what he fed them. The fear of his grandfather's wrath outweigh the flicker inside him. An uncontrolled fire would end up spreading to the rice fields and nobody would protect him from the consequences if such thing occured. Death was not something young boys desired for themselves.
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#31 - opu (02/05/2014) [-]
However that flicker craved to be more than the ideal dawdlings in twigs and dried leaves, it wanted more. And so throughout the eight years he spent in the region (now ten years) the boy had slowly accumulated his testing of materials in the process which they burned. Different grasses, shrubs, bark and tree stumps became patches of materials, rubber, plastics and metals. Each and every recorded within his memory, effects to the fire, duration during which they burned, the worthy of their contribution. This thirst led him to try foods, rice and vegtables were plenty and they burnt with such little ease it became quickly a waste. The rare occasions when meat were present were always the most enjoyable, singed flesh had that crisp to it which revolted but also awakened his senses. He began to crave it. The tiny pickings he could secretly acquire from the infrequent meals they were present made it almost worthless, he had to find sources elsewhere. Rats and rabbits were local pests and could be easily gotten a hold of if the traps hadnt already been sought to. Birds were a rarity as it wasn't common for them to fall into the crude traps the boy made, each one though was a delight, their meat smelling sweeter and their feathers helped construct a fan with which to waft the fire into greater life. None of this boring life was to last though, by his fifteenth summer, a fire raged the house, whether it was the boy's fault nobody knew, neither did he truly, but his grandfather perished in the event. The boy was forced to travel to the Tokyo city in search of a living.
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#32 - opu (02/05/2014) [-]
The streets were a dangerous business, girls had to join one business, the boys joined the gangs which ran them. Violence became a daily occurence. The boy drifted between small jobs but they never stuck, especially after a couple occurences where trashcan fires went rampant. The festival period provided a turn of fortune, an ex-circus performer mentored him in the art of fire-breathing, to help provide an act. To emit fire from the mouth creating a spectacular inferno vortex was to the boy as getting a beta key for a new hyped game was to a nerd. The skill captivated him long after the celebrations had passed, honing it to its greatest capability. The weight of gangs however became heavier as the years passed, with rivals trying to out-do the others in terms of size and man power, and the promise of food and shelter and the excitement of a rebelious life lured many including the boy in. Being just a grunt though meant they could be expendable, sent on small hit and run or looting missions. The boy kept a quiet appearance, tolerated by the higher-ups with his use in concocting the perfect solutions needed to burn things. Be them firebombs with the largets spread or how to most quickly set fire to a building. On the odd ocassion he was forced to be involved in the larger turf wars, many quickly learnt to stand behind or at least away from him. He could not hold back the beast within him, letting it loose in the onslaughts of flames he spewed from his mouth. Here was where they began to name him simply as the Fire - Kasai. The smell of burning human flesh felt enticingly unique to him but equally one which turned the stomach. Over time the band he was with became absorbed with one the minor factions of the local Yakusa, his talents were readily sought out but too many feared to allow him let loose knowing the rumours of destruction that his fires left in their wake.
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#33 - opu (02/05/2014) [-]
He became relied on less for the offensive, especially as firearms were more heavily used, and more for his expertise and reliabilty on getting things burned down. He became one of the cleaners, those who entered a scene after an event had taken place, dispatching any of the victims who had been unfortunate to not die straight off, and commence to purge the place of all evidence. The time was not been kind to him, working under the ruthless yakuza, Kasai had witnessed first hand the extent to which brutality could go, corpses flayed and dismantled from the duress of torture, screams which seemed to still echo the air hours after death. His senses were numbed, his mind made uncaring, eye's compassionless. His only personal comfort was his internal furnace. Eventually a rival faction felt their influence had grown too strong sought to disband it in a ruthless dismantle operation. Kasai, now nearing his 4th decade of life, was forced to flee finding himslef on a foreign shipping vessel destined for a foreign continent. Several weeks out at sea however, the calamity struck. A small handful of the crew survived the ordeal, luckily including one of the first men and only through sheer luck were able to get to a mainland relatively intact. A burning city awaited them and raiders quickly descended onto the vessel, slaughtering everyone. Kasai managed to evade detection, escaping armed only with a dirk knife and a flare gun scavenged from the ship's safe. Kasai wanders into the wateland of this new world, curious as to what had happened and why. His blazing thirst continued to rage inside of him, minutely but ever so gradually growing wilder as time passed.

Ta-da, sorry for the long write, hope i've not messed anything up.
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#22 - thewiseass (02/04/2014) [-]
Name: Frederick Kahn
Ethnicity: English/German
Sex: Male
Age: 43
Physical Condition: Non-fit average

The Seer

Born in Los Angeles, California on January 8th, 1976, he was born to a Protestant family of the upper middle-class. Through out his life he felt a calling to see the world. He did not know for what reason so he thought of becoming an adventurer. Not much happened in his life, he was a good child, had what could be considered a decent amount of friends, and did well in his classes. It wasn't till he was 16 that his fate would be decided. He managed to go on a trip to Japan in which he discovered the Shinto religion. He was amazed at how different it was from his own current religion of Protestantism. He felt he needed to learn more, not of the Shinto religion but, about all religions. He finished school and set off on the journey across the world to learn all about each religion. He made money by working odd jobs in each country he visited and helped the nearest religious establishment where ever he was. He visited and learned and soon he became practically a priest or monk of every religion. From 1994 to 1995 he traveled and stayed in Egypt. From late 1995 to early 1996 he traveled and stayed in Nepal. From 1996 to 1997 He stayed in Hong Kong. For the most of 1998 he traveled around the rest of China. For most of 1999 He stayed in Japan and at one point visited a town he felt very drawn to and that it gave off a weird feeling. He then visited the Vatican City in 2000. He took a extended rest here then in September 2000 he traveled Italy and ended his travel in December 2001. At the start of 2002 he traveled the rest of Europe for 9 years. In 2011 he went back to the U.S., Florida in particular and visited local Holy Men including one who worked at a prison who gave off a feeling of fate. He left in August of 2012 towards South America spending the rest of 2012 and a bit of 2013 in Mexico and the countries just above South America.
(Part 1/?)
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#23 - thewiseass (02/04/2014) [-]
(Part 2/?)
From 2014 to 2016 he traveled across South America. For the most of 2017 he visited Africa and traveled around. In 2018 he went back to Japan and settled in to that mysterious town he visited in 1999. He started a family with a Japanese women and became good friends with her American grandfather who visited from time to time. He worked as a priest at the closest Shinto shrine. On January 9th, 2019 he was told that his wife was pregnant. March 6th, 2019..... hell came to him. One minute was a joyful talk with his wife, the next, darkness. He awoke in the rubble of his home and found a large cross structure of his house had crushed his wife....

Skills: He is very good at most tasks, strong enough to carry two large boxes, picked up a couple of martial arts here and there, he is good with sports and would play with the local children occasionally, he has a great charisma with many hours spent talking to people and helping them.

Personality: He is a kind priest. He has a smile on his face when it is needed and a look of condolence when someone needs to have someone to listen to their problems. He is patient and thoughtful. The current events have shaken him but he doesn't let it show. He believes that some great evil has come to earth and it is his duty to defeat it. He doesn't really dislike much of anything. He is, by most standards, the nicest person alive, and he tries to be just that.

sorry for the long story. Can't wait for it to start.
#19 - jaguarjam (02/03/2014) [-]
UPDATE: I'm writing some tips directly to your characters, use them if you want.
#6 - Here's the character creation guidelines I promised: …  [+] (13 replies) 01/31/2014 on A World gone Mad 0
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#24 - zaiopeperse (02/04/2014) [-]
Class: (Kinetic)
Name: Lily "The chili" caucasian
R'ligon: Due to a misunderstanding as a child, she's regarded the lovecraftian creatures as deities.
Physical condition: Considering the apocalypse has seemingly happened, I assume she'll have some cuts and scrapes. Other than that, nothing too severe.

(Bio coming up as soon as I ninish it)
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#34 - zaiopeperse (02/11/2014) [-]
I realie that I put her race in the name, shit
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#27 - zaiopeperse (02/04/2014) [-]
(Note: Lily lived in Japan for the first eight years of her life. (She lived in Tono in the Iwate region and went to Tōnokita Elementary School) Her family then moved to England where she stayed until last year when she finished her stay at the university (University of east Anglia)
((Yes, I am fully aware that her having lived in Japan is really fucking cliché but she means a lot to me and that's how I set her up to be when I first made her back in the day))

Ever since she was a child, Lily was always average at everything. She was however really good at taking control if a situation occured where she was uncomfortable.

Well into her teens she would be average at everything until her best friend Nate had asked her to be his wingman to get a guy on the track team to go out with him. Lily, not wanting to half-arse it, joined the track team herself. She was a natural and decided to stay even after doing her wingman duties.

James (Kid was an NPC, I wasn't the GM) would eventually get too annoying with his asking her why Nate wouldn't talk to him any more so she decided to quit the team and do some matrial artsy things instead. Again, she never got any good. She did pick up a few tricks for fending off an attacker, though it's not like she'd ever need to.
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#26 - zaiopeperse (02/04/2014) [-]
I also noticed I made a mistake here, Lily would be 22 ( Born the 4th of April 1995)
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#25 - zaiopeperse (02/04/2014) [-]
finish* even
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#15 - opu (02/01/2014) [-]
Name: Kasai ('Fire' in japanese) (Nobody knows his real name, or if he even had one)
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Ethnicity: Japanese

~The Burning Man~

Okay first off the bat, or a torch seeing as it'll most likely be on be on fire, this guy is a nut...a flaming but pretty clever nut. (Being fluent in both Japanese and English)
A full blown gasoline-covered pyromaniac, or at least is when his blood is running, which is a fair deal of the time.
Fire certainly suits his complexity aswell. Hair a natural dark red-auburn colour not far off maroon, of relatively short length, ruffled and spiked. His face was sharp with an almost permanant scowl, along with dark amber eyes. Just over average height and quite lean with hard muscle. He also possesses a tribal flame tattoo over his left breast.
His usual attire consists of a black leather jacket with a fur colar and a white v-neck underneath. Dark-blue denim jeans held up by a simple brown belt, with silver chain attaching from his belt to his back pocket, and black shoes. He wears primarily silver jewelry such as a simple ring, a piercing in the top of his left ear, and a star-asterisk necklace.
Well known amongst many in the 'underworld', for an incredibly volatile temper, but he generally had a casually lazy attitude, spending a fair amount of time dozing. He still provides quite a strong aura, which easily identifies him as someone not to be messed with. Kasai is also an avid-smoker, but only ever uses his Zippo Ring of Fire Lighter.
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#16 - opu (02/01/2014) [-]
Kas, as he sometimes abreviates himself to, was an orphan who lived in the inner-city of Tokyo and founded a tight-knit gang known as the Ignus (Again which is fire in latin). Their streak of raids became high-profile with mass blazes being started. As a result they became the focus of many clients with many bounty-hunter/mercenary requests, be them hit and runs, taking hostages, seizure of certain goods or the destruction of property. Kasai saw to each assignment personally and all would end in things getting burnt.
Kasai needed fire as much as the body needs water, its beauty, its rage, its life all fueled his own will to live, but like with any addict's fix, it could cause temporary lose of control once administered, which is where his reputation for extreme violence flourishes.
However despite all this a lot of the the jobs he undertook required a less eruptive set of skills to be used, especially when one has to break into a facility, obtain an item before they can set alight the place. As a result, Kasai had developed an expertise in lock-picking and stealth, and the black market certainly provided an array of goodies .
Kas's personal retinue of weaponry lay in a silenced Beretta 93R and a Franchi SPAS-12 with dragon-breath rounds, but his speciality lay in a prized ornate Kukri knife obtained from a particular job which included an Nepalese drug baron.
Such prestige however brought Kasai and the Ignus a fair deal of enemies, one job turned sour and into an all out firefight with a rival gang. Due to disastorous fortune, Kas was forced to flee on a foreign cargo ship being able to pass off as a new crew member. Not knowing the destination where he was heading, nor if he could ever return seeing as too few of his gang had probably survived the ordeal.
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#17 - opu (02/01/2014) [-]
Several weeks out at sea however, the calamity struck. A small handful of the crew survived the ordeal, luckily including one of the first men and only through sheer luck were able to get to a mainland relatively intact. A burning city awaited them and raiders quickly descended onto the vessel, slaughtering everyone. Kasai managed to evade detection, escaping armed only with an M9 pistol with one magazine of ammo, scavenged from the ship's vault, and his Kukri knife and Zippo lighter which were the only possessions he'd originally fled with.
Kasai wanders into the wateland of this new world, curious as to what had happened and why. The vortex of firey thirst continued to rage inside of him, minutely but ever so gradually growing wilder as time passed.
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#11 - alienfish (01/31/2014) [-]
Alright lets see how I do:
Alex Whitston (22) - The Trickster
With one word to explain him, I'd say clever. Very clever. MIT graduate, programmer, the whole 9 yards, but he had quite the vice. Insanity. Poor Alex here, or "Whitty" as his friends call him (pun on last name and intelligence) was insane. Quite literally, he had more mental illnesses than he knew what to do with. Maniacal depression, schizophrenia, and psychopathy to name the three big ones. that afflicted him. An awful great hand-to-hand combatant, but crafty with improvised weaponry, and the crafting of it. Not to mention the fact that he is quite, resourceful, but yet still powerless to his mental malaise. Wavy brown hair, lanky, glasses, about average height, and frequent sadistic comments that you can't be sure whether they're sarcastic or sincere.

Whew that was a long one, sorry about the novel. regardless of whether or not you accept him, I'd love any improvements, character creation hasn't always been my strongpoint.
User avatar
#12 - alienfish (01/31/2014) [-]
Whoops, typo,. I tried to say a not great hand-to-hand combatant and an awful hand-to-hand combatant but it came out as an awful great hand-to-hand combatant, sorry abut that. Also that seemed a LOT longer when I wrote it.
User avatar
#13 - alienfish (01/31/2014) [-]
Yet another whoopsie, I didn't read the entire description, how silly of me, allow me to revise, Ill just stick him with the schizophrenia and the psychopathy, and I'll drop the depression, I'm starting to think 3 is too many.
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#8 - nustix (01/31/2014) [-]
David Morse (19) - The Demiurge

David lived in a sub-urban area in a small house, he lived together with his big sister and his dad. His parents were divorced at a young age and he barely saw his mother. He was quite a smart kid. Maybe a little bit too smart, and also quite the rationalist. He was full of himself thinking that he knew how the world worked. Ignoring people who he thought were inferior because they lived their live celebrating rather than focusing on (to him) important things.

When he finished highschool he tried to get into university but his dad barely made enough to live a normal life. His sister who he was really close with was able to come with a solution and paid for him. David who was insanely happy with this didn't question his sister at all. Who could suddenly pay for such a thing. A year after he went to university he heard from his dad that his sister got killed in an alley while she was doing work as a prostitute. As a result of hearing this David dropped out and got severe depression. He eventually got out of this, but a case of paranoia stuck. He always thinks people are doing things behind his back.

David is a smart and rationalist kid who loves strategic games and also is quite interested in the technical aspect of things electric wiring but also mechinical constructions. He is quite fit but really introverted and he doesn't like people in general.
User avatar
#9 - nustix (01/31/2014) [-]
Sorry I see I made some interpunction mistakes but I hope it's readable. Is it alright of a character or is he to skilled?