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#48 - ayy lmao 04/04/2016 on whut +4
#12 - the only other Islamic Terror attack I can think beside that i…  [+] (6 replies) 04/03/2016 on America gets revenge for 9/11 +8
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#13 - snowvahkiin (04/03/2016) [-]
Was it terrorism or just a couple of dumbasses?
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#31 - lotengo (04/04/2016) [-]
Terrorism, ISIS inspired
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#25 - asotil (04/04/2016) [-]

But the media went from Far Right White people with guns, to Possible White Extremists, then the second it was found out they were Muslims, one of which was from Syria, and were on 3 Watchlists, and were good friends with a known ISIS supporter and recruiter, it became a standard typical case of Workplace Violence
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#32 - lotengo (04/04/2016) [-]
I think one was from Saudi not Syria
#17 - anon (04/04/2016) [-]
It was terrorism. One of the shooters was from Egypt and had connections to radical groups, and converted her husband then subsequently convinced him to go on a shooting spree. As a Californian, all I did was shake my head as it and the response by politicians shows perfectly that gun control doesn't work, as all of the guns used in the shooting were all illegal under California law anyway.
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#14 - jacodpwns (04/03/2016) [-]
that's why the FBI was trying to get Apple to give them the means to get into iPhones, there is evidence mostly suspicions from friends and family but they just wanted to be sure
#26 - exactly my point  [+] (1 reply) 04/01/2016 on Double Standard +23
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#27 - jettom (04/01/2016) [-]
#21 - the most underused of the flags  [+] (20 replies) 04/01/2016 on Double Standard +31
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#25 - jettom (04/01/2016) [-]
Wait we have that?
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#53 - imnotkickthecat (04/01/2016) [-]
youre such a noob mod
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#52 - brcstar (04/01/2016) [-]
It's only for admin's use if some big company complains about shit
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#33 - jewbob (04/01/2016) [-]
It makes it so much better that a mod asked that. Do you know if you guys have ever actually banned someone for it? gasthekikesracewarnow
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#34 - jettom (04/01/2016) [-]
You 100% sure addy didn't add it today for an Aprils fools joke or some shit?
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#36 - huntergriff (04/01/2016) [-]
it's been there since at least last year, I think.
#37 - jettom (04/01/2016) [-]
It's probably incase someone from BLM starts to say us white folks are bad.
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#43 - elcreepo (04/01/2016) [-]
I'm pretty sure it was during the age where neonazis would not step the fuck off their soapboxes but it could have been from the days when a picture of a bare male ass got you banned
#45 - jettom (04/01/2016) [-]
Oh, we've never had an issue with neo nazis. I'm a certified member of Soldiers of Odin and I'm a mod.

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#46 - elcreepo (04/01/2016) [-]
I thought there was a time when this place became like youtube and faggots were shouting kill the niggers on even the most unrelated posts?
#48 - jettom (04/01/2016) [-]
Nah. This is just an echo chamber of alt. Right. So sure we shout "KILL ALL BLACK PEOPLE" but we do it for the reactions, not the message. Admin is intelligent enough to understand that so it's never been an issue. Hell we were even seen as a safe haven akin to 8chan when 4chan blew up during that incident.
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#49 - elcreepo (04/01/2016) [-]
Hate speech on this site I've always taken to mean "constant commenting on nothing except a race you don't like" rather than the actual definition of it, so that's where I assumed it came from. There was a time when people would post nothing except unrelated racist comments and it got on everyone's nerves after awhile.

If big anime tiddies are all that's being talked about nobody wants to scroll down and see someone advocating for the reenslavement of blacks just as they'd get annoyed if that same person was talking about their cat.

Well now I'm confused as to why we have it at all when addy has always been in strong support of free speech
#69 - anon (04/02/2016) [-]
I got banned for posting a picture of Bin Laden with his head photoshopped to a penis-tip.
#70 - elcreepo (04/02/2016) [-]
I got banned for finding /k/
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#40 - yugiohkris (04/01/2016) [-]
>>#33, >>#36, I think it was added during the dark ages of FJ when even dickbutt got you banned, he's just too lazy to remove it.
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#47 - geothermal (04/01/2016) [-]
it was around long before that, i remember seeing it used ironically on the brony board in 2012/2013
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#41 - huntergriff (04/01/2016) [-]
that's what I figured, too.
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#35 - jewbob (04/01/2016) [-]
No idea at all.
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#26 - jacodpwns (04/01/2016) [-]
exactly my point
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#27 - jettom (04/01/2016) [-]
#9 - yes (**** obviously)  [+] (1 reply) 03/31/2016 on IMPORTANT QUESTION, PLEASE... +3
#15 - crixuz (03/31/2016) [-]
Thank you