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#39 - Picture 04/06/2016 on Dog with autism +14
#2 - Im both excited and skeptical of this game if it trul…  [+] (18 replies) 04/05/2016 on No Man's Sky is essentially... +142
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#127 - beardgasm (04/06/2016) [-]
Same. I'm thinking that the whole randomly generated worlds are just going to be bland and tedious. After you see so many you'll get tired. Hopefully there is enough to do besides exploring.
#125 - anon (04/06/2016) [-]
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"**
**anonymous rolled image** the bugs will be equally as interesting as the game
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#121 - trolljunkusa (04/06/2016) [-]
Or it could end up being skyrim and it's just the same god damn thing over and over again
#116 - anon (04/05/2016) [-]
It's so large that the developers created probes to scout the galaxy and help them find bugs.
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#69 - ratytang (04/05/2016) [-]
the game is not as big as it seems, it renders as you get near something and the other shit un renders i guess you could say, its essentially run on like a save file system so it only requires small files to remember where you were and what was there, kinda like a log so as for bugs being uncovered the longer you play it wont be an issue as you could encounter the same bugs at any time as the game is essentially the same thing over and over just different assets and values placed randomly, they actually explaine this in a video on youtube How No Mans Sky Infinite Universe Actually Works  IGN First
#44 - anythingoes (04/05/2016) [-]

Oh yeah! Almost forgot about that!

There's also the factor that the game is a glorified survival sandbox, a HUGE ASS sandbox, sure, but still.

You know, how everyone and their mother's have been developing green light sandboxes for years now, and 95% those are shit, for the reason that sandboxes are not that entertaining for long, except for a very small niche of gamers that select and hone on 1 game of that type
#43 - anythingoes (04/05/2016) [-]
Be skeptical, another overly ambitious game that tries to do everything instead of picking something, and polishing it until it becomes an exceptional mechanic. Gee, I wonder how many of those have been disapointments on the last few years.

And forgive me onlyheretoparty, if I don't trust bots that have been programmed to:
1- Finding bugs, interesting idea, shame that you need an incredible programing to find and properly detect those bugs, there's a reason why they usually use people to search for those

2- "Planets that are too boring", oh gee, and A.I. that's able to detect subjective things such as "fun", "entertaining" and "challenging", that's a fucking breakthrough in programing right there.
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#140 - onlyheretoparty (04/07/2016) [-]
well when i spoke about that i did not mean they look for things that are "unfun" i mean they search for planets that are all red, flora, fauna, sky color. Sure it's cool but it becomes really bland and may be hard to tell the difference between things because it's all just different shades of the same color. Another situation is if a planet somehow comes out to simply be flat (not in a flat world type of thing but in a lack of mountains, hills, oceans type thing) But it was my mistake if you believe otherwise since i should have been more specific on what i meant when i said that comment.
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#45 - robinwilliamson (04/05/2016) [-]
Why don't you reply to the person you're quoting
#46 - anythingoes (04/05/2016) [-]
Because I ain't really adressing what he's saying, merely pointing out what he said, which fits the topic of what I said here.
#4 - onlyheretoparty (04/05/2016) [-]
well like anything of this size there will probably be bugs upon release, but i don't see anything dangerous or any sort of major exploit going unnoticed, after all they have had bots fly through the game with the specific purpose of finding bugs and any planets that may be too boring thanks to the randomization of things. and these bots have been flying in this galaxy for several months maybe even longer.

If you have not noticed i am being riding that hype train like the polar express.
#76 - dirtydollar (04/05/2016) [-]
Jesus, that is interesting. I for some reason thought that wasn't possible, that you had to search for bugs manually. I wonder how they work.
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#138 - onlyheretoparty (04/06/2016) [-]
they have talked about it before and how it works is that they are programmed with how things should look or how thing should spawn, the moment something varies too greatly from this they take a picture and it is saved for the team to look into later.
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#27 - okamibanshu (04/05/2016) [-]
apparently they made IN GAME probes, to explore the universe looking for bugs lol
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#31 - ftk (04/05/2016) [-]
they did, alongside the developers looking. I heard they sent hundreds of thousands of in game drones all across the game universe just to look for bugs.
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#124 - gerno (04/06/2016) [-]
but even if they fix the bugs on random isolated planets, would anyone either care or notice? will their patch notes be like:

fixed sideways tree on alpha centurion-6
school of fish on omicron persei-8 no longer swim backwards
patched in missing texture on Gamma recluse-116
Long-Necked Drongloids of the planet Gangulon now have 5 legs
placed missing crater on random asteroid orbiting Betelgeuse-5
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#137 - onlyheretoparty (04/06/2016) [-]
well if they do go that route won't it be fun to read "fixed planet dank memes spawning rare pepe more often than it should."
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#12 - sexymobile (04/05/2016) [-]
Ever since The Division I got off all hype trains I can't handle that kind of disappointment. Still excited, but I can't open myself up like that again, only to be maliciously ravaged by the let down.
#25 - Picture 04/04/2016 on atwfoomn's profile 0
#48 - ayy lmao 04/04/2016 on whut +4
#12 - the only other Islamic Terror attack I can think beside that i…  [+] (6 replies) 04/03/2016 on America gets revenge for 9/11 +8
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#13 - snowvahkiin (04/03/2016) [-]
Was it terrorism or just a couple of dumbasses?
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#31 - lotengo (04/04/2016) [-]
Terrorism, ISIS inspired
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#25 - asotil (04/04/2016) [-]

But the media went from Far Right White people with guns, to Possible White Extremists, then the second it was found out they were Muslims, one of which was from Syria, and were on 3 Watchlists, and were good friends with a known ISIS supporter and recruiter, it became a standard typical case of Workplace Violence
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#32 - lotengo (04/04/2016) [-]
I think one was from Saudi not Syria
#17 - anon (04/04/2016) [-]
It was terrorism. One of the shooters was from Egypt and had connections to radical groups, and converted her husband then subsequently convinced him to go on a shooting spree. As a Californian, all I did was shake my head as it and the response by politicians shows perfectly that gun control doesn't work, as all of the guns used in the shooting were all illegal under California law anyway.
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#14 - jacodpwns (04/03/2016) [-]
that's why the FBI was trying to get Apple to give them the means to get into iPhones, there is evidence mostly suspicions from friends and family but they just wanted to be sure