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#206 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]
#207 to #251 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]
look I drew you in paint do you feel better now
#208 to #252 - jaakoko (05/26/2012) [-]
I am coloring it, which takes me ~4,000 years to do.... okay, maybe just a couple of hours....

LOL! that is totally me! I shall now take it and use it on my personal presentation cards
#209 to #253 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]

I'll get back to that comic I've been neglecting all day shall I
#210 to #254 - jaakoko (05/26/2012) [-]

I have like 3 unfinished ones I no longer love :(
#211 to #255 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]
Take the lazy way out and start doing everything in black and white. Call it 'artistic'.

My books are full of unfinished ideas
it's really sad
#212 to #256 - jaakoko (05/26/2012) [-]
lol my old comics are all in shades of gray, I was too lazy to color... so that's actually not a bad idea at all.

I also have a couple of unfinished books... my mother is dissapoint.
#213 to #257 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]
books, you say?

stories or comics?
#214 to #258 - jaakoko (05/26/2012) [-]
stories... I think my hand would fall off from so much drawing required for a comic book
#216 to #259 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]
but what happened to the stories?
#217 to #261 - jaakoko (05/26/2012) [-]
I got bored of writing, I mean, I still love the stories but I have found no motivation to go back into writing.
#218 to #262 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]
That's fair enough, get back to it when the muse hits you
#219 to #263 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]
how's that comic coming along
#221 to #264 - jaakoko (05/26/2012) [-]
We aren't in talking terms for now....

give me a minute
#222 to #266 - weissinator (05/27/2012) [-]
tsk tsk tsk
#224 to #267 - jaakoko (05/27/2012) [-]
I'm sorry, it's been a busy day.
#215 to #259 - weissinator (05/26/2012) [-]
I illustrated a comic for a friend once.
It took forever. It didn't get anywhere. And I realised I'm really bad at drawing consistent characters.

The worst bit was that I knew it wouldn't get anywhere but I didn't want to tell him
#220 to #260 - jaakoko (05/26/2012) [-]
tell me about it

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

haha I have started to just refuse to help people with projects like those, I just don;t feel them like my own and so tend to end up being horrible...
#223 to #265 - weissinator (05/27/2012) [-]
nice evolution there

I actually like collaborating. But of course that's different from actually drawing someone else's project, which is just horrible. And I haven't collaborated too much yet. I'll probably get sick of it quickly when that happens, I have enough trouble focusing on my own projects
#229 to #268 - jaakoko (05/28/2012) [-]
collaborating is fun, doing someone else's work gets on my nerves.
I am so bored I can't even finish drawing the comic..... am I a terrible person?
#231 to #274 - weissinator (05/28/2012) [-]
I hear you

nah man it's cool I get sick of mine sometimes
at least tell me you feel better now
#234 to #276 - jaakoko (05/30/2012) [-]
I am in a comic drawing mood so I have started working on a couple of comics I had written a while back.

All is well now! thanks!
BTW I finally uploaded the comic to my site, it will be on here tomorrow.
#237 to #279 - weissinator (05/30/2012) [-]
Good, good

Carry on then